How to legally move ex's stuff out of house in Florida?

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I lived with my ex ( never married and no girlfriend ) in his apartment for a year and a year and a half ago bought a condo in my name just for her and I to move into. The agreement (verbal only ) was that we would share the costs (as in his apartment ) , but lost his job shortly after it closed in the condo. The new agreement (again verbal ) is that until he could find a new job or to start school , she would take care of the house , and I would pay the bills. With its unemployment if to cover his own car loan , car insurance , and smoking . Relationship problems are compounded by the fact that she did not keep up with their end of the bargain , and instead of looking for a job chose to sleep in day. Now a little over a month after the breakup of her furniture and boxes are still in my apartment . I am understanding that she did not have the funds or the ability now to move or store the items themselves. Legally though how I can get this stuff out so I can move on? ? I can pay a moving company to move in and pay for a couple of months of storage costs for her in her name ? Or I 'm opening to legal problems ? What I can do?

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