We own a retail food & catering co. & need to expand. What kind of plan do we present to the bank for a loan? related questions

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We own a retail food & catering co. & need to expand. What kind of plan do we present to the bank for a loan?0Lucy Pirkle2012-10-16 17:08:58
We are a family business that has a retail food operation and a catering division . We maxed out our space in the kitchen . The catering is the fastest growing sector of our business . We have signed a lease for a space for a larger kitchen and catering offices . Now we have to get a loan . What kind of documentation should submit to the bank about a business plan ? How deep do you have to go? We have a Metting on Wednesday .
I am about to go to my bank and apply for a small business loan. What's the best way to present my plan?0Tarkan2012-10-06 17:33:04
Should I make a PowerPoint presentation ? Should I go with all my information written and organized in a briefcase ? Or just bring my papers in hand ? I just want to know how I can be as professional as possible . Thanks in advance for helpful answers !
I want to do an small business plan on an small retail store, i need an sample of an retail business plan.?0Carla2012-10-10 06:54:07
I also need a pre approved loan bid of $ 5, ooo to start mine activity .
My present bank will not honor the work out agreement between myself & my former bank. What can I do?1Danny2012-09-19 15:49:03
I became seven months in arrears in payments to the Bank throughout the country . Training has been made ​​to me by the Bank throughout the country for refunds. Later , Bank of America bought Country Wide Bank and Bank of America will not accept work out between the Bank throughout the country and myself. This put my house in foreclosure for a few months . What I can do to fix this issue and get the loan modified ?
What kind of repayment plan is this?!!?0jennah2012-10-03 17:09:18
I have a loan with Toothfairy finance and Im unable to pay before the due date . We sent an email and explained that he could not make any payments yet ( because I was expecting a student loan that I was destined to come three months ago , but has not yet reached ) . MedlinePlus They said they would stop the charges and intrest are adding if I made a " goodwill payment " of
I do not qualify for a loan. Where can i apply for a grant to start a small catering business?2vulture2012-10-14 09:15:03
I do not qualify for a loan . Where I can apply for a grant to start a small catering business ?
To get any kind of bank or a personal loan...?0Sandale2012-09-17 06:18:02
for the bank is just the loan officer that is responsible for loan approval only if he decides to get a loan or not ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and a personal loan or a secured loan if I have a property worth 900,000 as collateral ... ? I can get a loan and pay $ 700,000 in 30 years? ? ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks for ur answers
What kind of credit score must you generally have to get a car loan at a bank?3rahul patel2012-08-13 14:50:36
I want to buy a car, but I'm in the process of re - building my credit. It was very bad, but I paid off my credit cards and getting better. I was wondering what an average score was getting a good car loan . Thank you !
What do i need to get house & car mortgage/loan from bank?(what kind of documents are neccessary)?2Russ2012-09-28 00:22:02
hi . MedlinePlus i ` m @ uni rookie Austin ( TX ) and my question is how I can get loans for buying house and car? MedlinePlus tnx
If I refinance my car loan before making my first payment. Can a dealership or bank charge any kind of fee?0katlin2012-10-08 13:30:36
My rate used car loan I got from the dealership I bought my car used is 8.77% . Looks like I will be able to refinance at a rate of 6.4 % . With the additional cost of an application fee and a $ 75 title transfer fee of $ 50. The loan amount is just over $ 11,000 . It seems worth doing .
15. As a bank loan officer looks over your business plan, which of the following statements is?0GIGI2012-10-06 13:32:49
15. As a bank loan officer looks over your business plan , which of the following statements is MedlinePlus more likely to get more attention when considering the progress of your MedlinePlus company will do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? Your cash flow projection MedlinePlus B. His latest balance sheet MedlinePlus C. Your personal financial statement MedlinePlus D. Its current income statement
My car title was sent to me signed by the bank, but I still owe (kind of).?1muthu2012-10-24 17:15:02
My question is: Bank # 1 merged with another bank , and then proceeds to call me and say thanks for paying my car loan , when in fact he had not paid off. So my title was mailed to me (instead of the procedures necessary to assume the loan ) Signed release the first-lien holder bank 1/bank # # 2. So my question is if I wanted to sell or trade the car is it possible ?

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