China fueling Sri Lanka ethnic war making it more bloody for monetary gain,India must stop China interference? related questions

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China fueling Sri Lanka ethnic war making it more bloody for monetary gain,India must stop China interference?0hardik2012-10-16 02:44:31
China , Sri Lanka war fuels MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sri Lanka , once the self - proclaimed " Paradise Island, " became the island of bloodshed more than a quarter century ago . But even by his long , bloody , bloodshed since last year is unprecedented . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The United Nations estimates that about 1,200 fighters are killed every month in a civil war that continues to evoke a weak international response even when hundreds of thousands of minority Tamils ​​have fled their homes or remain trapped behind the front line . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With the world preoccupied with urgent problems , President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother , Defense Minister Gotabhaya Rajapaksa , a naturalized U.S. citizen , go ahead with its brutal military campaign with impunity . The offense has a distinct family imprint , with another brother of the president's top advisers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chinese military and financial support
China paid for the Bush Tax cuts.They fronted us the Money now Republicans threatening to Default China LMFAO!?1Christin2012-10-08 06:11:04
No more Fox News is promoting it's all on the websites of the Tea Party , is all right , trying to pretend that this is a big spending spree left that has to be stopped by blocking the debt limit . . The problem with this , as the threat of a government shutdown . Is that many of the programs that we are still paying , and will pay for many years to come , programs were developed by the Bush administration .. So far, these programs vary sold in the country are threatening not to pay? Clearly this is just theater would otherwise not John Boehner and Mitch McConnell U.S. reassure investors as China , the people we float the funds for things like the Bush tax cuts , we are paying 50 % interest in peace ! ! Man how do you think China feels when you put the news and watch John Boehner standing with the Tea Party say they will block the payment ? Men do not think China feels good about Boehner lend money , and I mean that you are being ripped off , 50 % interest means that our credit is not so good with Chinese , least threatening not to pay ? And these are business people LMFAO ! John Boehner is crazy gotta love this theatrical act , I wonder how they will spin again blame Obama when Wall Street money back because every action hits 0.000000000001 per share after each extracts international investors , because we default on the LMFAO loans ! ! BOEHNER
(living in China)... a bubble in the making?0Dunca2012-10-12 15:10:01
The U.S is in debt to china and India for 3trillion what about the remaining $10 trillion who gave us the cash?0drcool 2012-10-11 11:24:12
What about the remaining debt who or partnerships that the U.S. owe the money , and if their is a link between these partnerships , and from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned , which means that the bailout is actually another credit for possessing co operations in the U.S. debt and most of the world (IMF < WORLD BANK) . Can anyone list these operations partners or countries having us and our debt in the future? to be passed to our children . thanx
Should we follow china's lead?6Ella Jackson2012-10-09 20:00:03
China are taking certain governments africian loans without " ties " in exchange for oil ... these African governments are then say "no thanks" to the west and therefore we are losing oil supplies and cheap at that ... Now is a competition to secure oil supplies and perhaps the West is taking the wrong path .. Why should we keep our standard of morality in Africa .. after all we were the only ones responsible for " enslaving " the African in America, etc. .. we should give them the money and let them spend it as they want and therefore get the precious oil supplies that we will need in the future ... OK I understand that most African governments are corrupt , but .. hey ... we tested before giving loans under certain conditions " moral " and that he had only a negligible effect / small ... so let's spend the money as they like and we will get what we want too .... What is the best route to take ?
Why America may not need to beat China?4Farina2012-11-03 15:36:02
I think many people are concerned that U.S. may be necessary to defeat " China militarily in a war to prove his status as a world power. I think the onus is on China to beat U.S. If I were China , I would worry , an aging population, the population grows slowly , changing values, the massive amount of related assets in other countries too dependent on foreign (U.S. and its allies) for investment. In the case of the war in China would face this: Business - Americans left China would be an immediate recession . - There would be no guarantee of repayment of a billion dollars of U.S. loans U.S. control of Iraq, and the influence on Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (over 600,000 soldiers in the region) basically means the U.S. could starve the Chinese oil in 90 % of the world's oil comes through the Persian Gulf , like Japan in world war 2. America receives less than 16% of its oil from the Middle East , China has no allies in North America or the troops in the region,
Can I get a loan to work in China?1Adolfo2012-10-13 14:32:02
I've been offered a job as a teacher in China , I have a letter of employment contract school . MedlinePlus I was looking into working in China , but my friend there actually asked around , and I got the job . MedlinePlus A bank lends me some
I need to find urgent loan in China?1Blish Jackson2012-10-08 22:25:02
I need to find 1.5 million RMB quick loan for a period of three to four weeks to pay . Anyone have any ideas please only seriouse comments
Why are we creating green jobs in China instead of the US?3Clive2012-10-27 09:41:03
It seems a missed opportunity . MedlinePlus The only good thing about ecology , but is supposed to create jobs. However, the 1.5 billion comes from Chinese banks , instead of our own banks , and our government is to secure the loan . In addition to paying interest to the banks , the turbines are from China . This would have been more or less established in the U.S. 1600 . U.S. makes wind turbines. So another missed opportunity . MedlinePlus The only work that installers receive will be a few , but there are no jobs , and other import mf . MedlinePlus
Help! Big trouble n Lil' China!!!! upside down in car loan?0cloris2012-10-02 11:07:02
My mom is moving out of state to help out my grandparents . She has a gentleman heritage ... idk ... I would not pay over $ 900 dollars for it . ( its falling apart !) He turned an upside down loan on it and came to like $ 17,000 . (yeah , tell me .... ) should still like $ 9000 on it . My brother and I are Try'n to figure out what to do to get her out . My brother is a co -signer for her and am financing my own truck ( not the other way in) . I suggested that perhaps the trade in both cars / trucks get a car / SUV / truck that holds its value ( Honda, Toyota ) and bite the bullet with that loan 1. I thought they still face down but would have a better chance of bring'n owed ​​to value much faster than just paying for your vehicle . And pymnt only have a car and car accessories . pymnt . Any suggestions ? by the way ... she has no insurance GAP ! : (
Did You Know USA Banks Will Not Loan $$$ to Small Biz, But China Will?1kailin2012-10-16 22:58:03
Why Bush and Obama rescue them if they will not help Americans ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus U.S. banks even though Bush and Obama Gace the billions of dollars of our tax $ $ - not make loans to 75 % of business sml .. However, China had MedlinePlus Walmart ? MedlinePlus Why we can not get help from our own banks rather than having to go to China once more for loans . Is not that crazy MedlinePlus ? MedlinePlus SOURCE : Sam
1What is the collateral for all this bail out money we are getting from China?1Moonshadow2012-09-30 08:13:03
2 What happens if China stops paying us money that our government is using because MedlinePlus rescue plan? MedlinePlus Third, how are refinancing mortgages a good thing when it lowers the market price of MedlinePlus pay there bills down.Than if these people can not pay their mortgages should take no staff MedlinePlus ETC items like cars .... And they'll be able to do this with all that goes into foreclosure after these new ways MedlinePlus of doing business is in its place .

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