Will financial advisers help a new grad with no assets to plan a way out of student loan debt? Who is best? related questions

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Will financial advisers help a new grad with no assets to plan a way out of student loan debt? Who is best?0dorie2012-10-16 02:16:24
I'm graduating from law school , and , contrary to what everyone says , most lawyers do not make a lot of money . I have about $ 150,000 in student loans , and they are all over the place . Some are subsidized government loans with low fixed interest rates . Some are private loans with high variable rates . I have to figure out which loans must be consolidated , how to get low monthly payments , and when should I start saving . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is: what are the top financial advisors to help get out of debt ? Is there someone who specializes in student loans ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The answers for Cleveland , Ohio would be nice, but not necessary if it is a big company , nationally .
Are there any financial advisers out there, who do I pay back first?0Marcelle2012-10-19 10:46:55
I'm about to start a new job in a week and a half . I'm behind on my bills and I do not know to start paying first. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a personal loan ( $ 8,700 ) , credit cards ( $ 5,500 ) , and a car payment ( $ 2,500 , which is $ 230 per month ) . I'm about 3-4 months behind on all of them and my bank account is $ 300 overdrawn ( ugh , I know , very bad ) I think Citi , that's what I have the personal loan , is trying to sue. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? ( I'll only be making $ 13/hr and work 32 to 40 hours a week , and I live in Maryland ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And those who are thinking smart comment ** Do not bother , do not judge people you do not know what struggles they have to deal with day to day, thanks .
Should I consolidate my student loans now although I plan to go to grad school next yr?0???E2012-10-17 03:58:07
My student loan payment is coming for you soon. Should I go ahead and consolidate . I have planned to go to graduate school next year and currently do not have a job. ? I can consolidate and then postponed ? Are all federal loans ?
Is is it a good idea to consolidate student loans stanford and perkins if i plan on going to grad school?1mine mine2012-10-27 09:05:02
I think I might lose my deferment options . Any idea ?
If you have assets of 200k in stocks and cash, can you qualify for a Perkins loan for grad school?1Tarkan2012-08-25 08:14:19
If you have assets of 200 thousand in cash and stock , you may qualify for a Perkins loan for graduate school ?
Should I pay off my current student loan debt before going to grad school?0ms.mitchken2012-10-01 13:49:02
I am married with a child 24 . Should I continue to work and create a plan to aggressively pay off my student loan now and then get an advanced degree ? Or should I go to graduate school ... accumulate more debt ... get a better paying job and then pay higher debt ? I really do not want to increase my debt , but I want and almost need a college degree to continue climbing the corporate ladder at a faster pace .
Should this single new grad with large student loan debt buy a house?1Yellow Bird2012-09-09 12:01:03
Relocating to a new job that is a sign offerring substantial advantage , and when combined with my new salary all mortgage calculators say I can spend $ 2200/mo on housing and can be approved for a mortgage of $ 150 - 250K . I pay $ 450/mo in student loans consolidated debt ( $ 80K ) and has two years more than a car payment $ 352/mo . I have excellent credit and no credit card debt . I will be moving to an area that I am familiar with what I grew up in a nearby town . Should I buy now or rent for a while before?
Tackling student loan debt, decisions about grad school, and other things?0t.williams2012-10-27 11:30:04
I am currently attending a major university , but I'm a little late at graduation , so I 'm going to graduate more likely after more 3 semesters ( Spring 2013) . All of my education was funded through grants, loans and unsubsidized Stafford subsidized Stafford loans . There is also a second class of loans called " Direct Stafford " unsub / subsidized loans - but do not know the difference between "Direct Stafford" and only " Stafford " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are my current loan principles : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus STAFFORD Total $ 3,000 unsubsidized MedlinePlus MedlinePlus DIRECT STAFFORD SUBSIDIZED $ 7,250 Total Unsubsidized Stafford $ 11,975 Total MedlinePlus Total MedlinePlus STAFFORD SUBSIDIZED $ 7,000 --------------------------------------
Recent grad seeks advice re student loan debt from attorneys?0MYSTERY!!2012-09-13 06:10:05
I graduated from law school in May, July took the CA bar, and passed. Now I am working in a small company as a partner. I know that a low wage ( $ 25/hour ) , but I am getting file hands of responsibility . I hope to find a job in a medium size company next year , once I have some experience . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I owe about 55K in federal loans consolidated , the interest rate is 4.5% . My mom paid my private loans totaling $ 100K using their home equity ( has a lower interest rate and you can deduct the interest ) , and I pay the home equity loan for her. Recently, also used to pay 30K credit card debt of my father in my name borrowed ( and I receive a check from him every month to reimburse me ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no savings or investment account or retirement . My company does not offer benefits . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I focus on the payment of these loans in the first place? Do I pay only the minimum , a little more , or aggressively pay as much as possible? Investing ? Both ? I can get a variety of responses , but I want advice from people who have been through this .
Is it okay to take out large loans during undergrad and grad- let's say 200,000+ if I plan on being a surgeon?1dedee2012-08-11 20:20:02
Is it okay to take large loans for undergraduate and graduate-say 200,000 + if I have thought about being a surgeon? I'm almost 100% sure the medicine is the field you want to go. Seriously I love! I know it's possible to change his mind (most students do), but now I am very set on it .. More particularly, I want to study and specialize and study nervous system / brain (neuroscience). I know that the medicine will be well paid a salary, but I really get into so much debt for my education? It would be a top-notch education (the top 10 college!) It hurts to think that I'll have to transfer because I can not pay / that 's too expensive. I do not want money to stop him from doing what I love college and I'm going to give me the best education. I value a good education, but also not to be in financial ruin for the rest of my life. I'm looking to borrow in dollars 29,000 in its first year (Perkins + stafford + private). (My parents are not willing to provide all EFC) I'm betting summers working and earning lots of cash, and get many scholarships and grants. Basically, I will be able to handle these loans once I get into my field? If I am to be able to, then I will be more tolerant of the loan amount, if not, then I'll see if I can attend my preferred school for the first 2 years of my college education and then transfer to a more cheap state school :/ 2 hours ago - 4 days left to answer . Additional details Oh, and I'm registered in the top 10 college and I meant I'm in the process of taking the loan now ... I can not go to a cheaper school now. I was thinking maybe my first year transfer. :/ Oh, and I'm betting on finding more money for graduate school. If my brother will be in college at the time I'm in graduate school that will help me get more help? What about grants scholarships, etc. I am a minority student. Oh, and $ 200,000 in accrued interest-free loans> _
Best Plan to Pay Off Student Debt?1Rhyannon2012-08-29 19:29:14
My government student loans increased from 60 to 70 kk in a few years . Now I have to start paying in August 2012 . What is the best plan for me to get in pay ? I have taught for 17 years and am currently in the " extended plan graduate " . My adjusted gross income is 60 k . Would it be better to switch to another plan of payment , such as payment plan based on income ? I'm about to turn 49 years old . I know there are special plans for teachers and government workers , but do not know if I will be teaching more than five years . And with the bad economy , could anticipate a lower wage in the future or job loss . In fact , my salary is 5 K lower than it was three years ago . In short , what I recommend payment plan for my student loans ?
Im looking a unsecured personal loan that can help me with my financial needs..but i dont have an assets..?2La Vonna2012-10-15 13:32:02
where I can find an unsecured loan can I borrow $ 20,000? .. I have no active .. I want my life back on track .. I do not want to go broke aswell ..

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