I am a 33 year old male who would very much like to start a small business. i have no funds, to start with. so related questions

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I am a 33 year old male who would very much like to start a small business. i have no funds, to start with. so0chaya2012-10-15 15:40:57
I recently lost my job and looking , but I use my skills that I learned from my previous job for some projects , it is not what I call a paid job , i bearly get by, but it's all I have to rely right now. I've been told I'm a great painter . my old boss furnished all materials for projects and configuration of all commercial contracts with prospective customers . He had a crew of 6men including me . We had a disagreement and let me go.Some their clients have come to me and told me I was a great painter ( the best team ) , and asked if he could do projects for them . materials are generally supplied by the client , whenever they decide to undertake a project , I think I could handle alone. i would love to own my own small business box . credit and student loan problems I have. How I can start a business without money , I found out the subsidies , but do not know where to start first, straighten credit , student loans or persue trying to get grant for busine
How do I get the start up funds to start a small business?0leanel2012-09-09 17:00:03
I know that a business plan is the start of a business , I've been in the banks , I'm pre -approved for grants, loans , leasing , and land. but I have to go up 10-25 % in payments. serving as collateral , I understand that, but do not know how you can raise the launch .
Trying to start a small business... How to get funds for startup?4Lyndzey2012-11-04 01:27:01
Looking to start a small 10 to 20 seat dining with my husband , but funding is the issue . MedlinePlus We have been working on our business plan , and have our menu, our topic .. We are both chefs , we estimate that can run all together, maybe hire an employee or two down the line if necessary . We numbers and arrived at a figure that require us to maintain our business and home afloat for four months . MedlinePlus But we have no boot. MedlinePlus We are looking for loans now ( looking for information on the loans as well) , but are there scholarships / sweepstakes / contests / etc for the launch of small businesses ? Finding funds for startup?
Where can I look for funds to start a small business with personal bad credit?0andyO2012-10-16 17:02:46
I am looking for a small loan to start a brokerage business design / printing, but has some negative credit . I'm looking for only $ 5 - 15k to be used for promotions. I have been in the printing industry since 1997 , so I have experience .
Individuals who lend funds to start small business?2Power2012-10-13 13:24:02
Seeking individual lender ( s ) that the loan of $ 5,000.00 to others to start their own business .
Funds for sole proprietor small business start-up...?0Salome2012-09-06 20:17:03
I want to get insurance , but the initial cost ... I wonder are there resources that are available , such as loans or grants Gov't can go to that expense / MedlinePlus Mainly I want to get my clients out of a situation of civil liability . I do not want to sue a person to work out of necessity , I know it sounds weird , what I can do?
18 year old living at home looking to start food vendor business. How can I start this.?0mom2012-08-21 05:38:28
I have 18 years and I live with my parents . I'm looking to start a food vendor business with my dad . We have a small trailer and go to fairs , sporting events such as football games , etc , etc. We had a home business , in fact, they made ​​a living out of it so we know how to run a . But we know that being a food vendor is very different . Therefore, as a young entrepreneur , where should I start? What permissions need , insurance , loans , etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? If it helps, in the role that I am technically Mexican . Although I did not see and did not speak a word of Spanish, my father is Mexican and my mom is white . My dad told me that sometimes it can help if your trying to get somthing like a scholarship . Do people do that with loans ? I think not, but my dad wanted me to ask . Thank you ! : ^ D
How can I get a small business loan to start my cleaning business? Im a 20 year old kid not wanting a 9-5 job?0ELENA ROMINA2012-10-10 23:52:44
Any help would be greatly appreciated , Thanks
How do I go about getting a small bus loan for a start up bakery business, with no start up money on my own?1lila2012-10-24 13:59:03
I'm a single mom , looking to start a bakery business . My personal credit is not the best, and not implementing cash availability. But great community needs a bakery . The benefit would be great in this business . Are there grants or loans that can help?
In need of Business matching funds for start up expenses?0Zac2012-10-03 10:14:19
Business investment of $ 60,000.00 is needed to start our lucritive telecommunications company in the country . We have $ 15,000.00 in cash and have self - written completely 100% automated software, etc MedlinePlus When would be the easiest / fastest Government or private loan company to start operations .
I am computer engg last 2006 i want to start my computer firm how can i start my small business can i get loan?0chithra2012-08-18 19:14:02
¿ I can get a loan from a bank or How I can get financial help from any other instution pl to find some solutions, thanks
How Can A 17 Year Old Start Their Own Business (UK)?1Joe Smith Bob2012-11-05 14:54:02
Is it possible to start my own business ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll make my own product - I have a company name and logo , and connections gained some factories in China who agreed to send me some product smaples MedlinePlus . I packagings designed - and shirts made so you can see in my professional travels - MedlinePlus However, it seems that it is illegal to start your own business at age 17 - which I think is TOTAL S ** T MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How young apprentice boys do ? - No 15-19 and have there own business ? - There were parents there ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can be used - but you can not use yourself ? Why? MedlinePlus - I've been looking to start my own business after 11 years MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Still I can sell my products ? - I will ask if the sample 100PCS okay. MedlinePlus There is a small product that is cheap to make - but I can get up to 300 % profit on them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have fear of breaking the law and being thrown in prison for life and can not be used forever and not be able to get a business loan anywhere - . Down the line from MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bearing in mind I will be selling at the same price Buns - almost - price is the same for a car wash - around

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