For those that want to end social welfare, what is your plan? related questions

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For those that want to end social welfare, what is your plan?5fairears2012-08-27 03:00:17
For the sake of "reasonable " solutions assume that ended the war. We are not killing people in the Middle East and volunteers do not need to subsidize the defense and oil industries Recall also that there are more poor whites often rural well-being of minorities Many of you are against abortion, and regardless , there are many poor children have no food to eat, and I do not care about listening to the crowd against abortion. So what do you think, and if you say , give them 2 years , then what happens next, rising crime and poverty, mass starvation ? What are the answers and a reasonable plan ? We are spending a fortune on corporate welfare , and war, but that's another story . So many of you think of welfare can be fixed, and I agree that we can do more, but we have to make loans to small businesses, which bailed out the banks , but stopped lending . Jobs are not a priority for our representatives. Could stimulate recruitment, and creating jobs, but many of you are against it , many of you want to close the public schools, so what is a realistic and humane social welfare?
Will they give me social welfare assistance? help me please.?0Jes2012-11-05 18:09:34
I was in school till a couple of months ago....I was doing some upgrading courses so that I can get into the after degree teaching program in the university of calgary....I live in calgary.....I was on student loans for my courses (still not paid).....and ever since I finished my courses, I have been looking for a job, any job but haven't had any luck....I was thinking of going to the social welfare services, and asking for financial assistance till I find a job....or go back to school...whichever happens first...but I don't know if I'm eligible for financial assistance or not, I live with my parents, but my dad's currently unemployed and applying for employment insurance and my mom's working a min wage job, also two months have passed since I finished school, so I'm not sure if it's 2 late 2 apply for assistance, I also don't know if I would be eligible for assistance given the fact that I was on student loans and the loans haven't been paid back yet cause I'm still going to school again in September.
The War In Iraq Has Cost More Than Any Obama Proposed Plan Why Do Republicans Fear Social Programs More?3tegan2012-09-15 18:38:04
Obama wants out of Iraq and shift those dollars lost to much needed social reforms . If Republicans are anti socialism means that it would be okay for McCain to leave Social Security and Medicaid ? Is socialism for the rich better than socialism for the middle class ? The Republicans support programs that provide billions for loans to small businesses and small businesses create most of the jobs in America?
Can I get on welfare and where do i go to get it?1mentee2012-09-01 05:40:04
I live in Atlanta and I 'm a college student who is just doing work . My job only covers my bills and it's hard for me to do other things like groceries and put gas in my car , etc. Is there any way a college student like me can get on welfare or getting some of their public housing is also difficult for me to pay the rent without taking out loans . HELP
What do you think about welfare in this situation?1Lilit2012-09-13 03:26:04
My cousin had a baby at 15. She is 18 years old now , and is 8 weeks pregnant . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She has had a hard life . And she has tried to do what she can to be a good mother , and to have a successful life . He got into a good school , graduated in nursing ( is still in its first half ) and she struck again . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus His father just died of cancer , and abused her , her mother went to be with a man she met online , and left here . And the drama just goes on and on . So , as I said - it has had a hard life so far. Oh, and I can not fail to mention that she just broke up with her ​​boyfriend who beat her once. One day he decided he wanted her back , and just moved inward Weird huh ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So here is where my question joins the sob story - MedlinePlus Did well to make it insensitive to the consequences of having another child ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I mean, she has it all . 1. Food stamps 2. TANF 3. Loans or scholarships and work BF . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , with that said , I am a young mother who was married to a good man , honest , Christian who cares for me by the sweat of his brow . We've had difficult times , eating rice for dinner for 2 weeks. We have never relied on the government for anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It has become very easy for her to remain poor and landfills . I mean , who would go out and get a job .. when I can pay for it , right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If people like her to be able to keep having children just because I owe much for his life , or should be done to get up, and get a job like the rest of us . (Americans honest ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please do not refer to this.
What do you think about my ideas on Welfare Reform?3Ms Brown2012-10-22 06:46:02
People on welfare should not give any money at all . MedlinePlus What good is giving money to people who are not responsible in the first place? The Government should set up a network of institutions covering housing , cafeteria , child care and education in a single building or campus , this should be funded in part by the Government together with private charity . This would give the welfare recipient the opportunity to obtain quality housing, quality of food , quality child care and quality education . Once they have completed their programs , and got into a race to establish , can go ahead and enjoy life as an educated and responsible . In addition , a payment must be made back to the institution as a kind of student loan, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I disagree with government intervention to help people . However, if we are going to throw money at the problem helps ensure that you are the right places and not in someones nose or in the form of a big screen TV .
Am I really not contributing to my family's welfare?0׷PsYcHo-PuNk�� 2012-10-09 04:03:56
I've been in and out of work, inside and outside the university, and I am currently in college. My girlfriend says that do nothing to help with the income. But here's the thing .... Since 2002, my girlfriend has been in and out of college as well. She is not so good with English, she is deaf, like me, anyway, I've been doing all humanities, science, English, literature, etc. all class assignments. She does her math classes (I hate numbers and you can not do much more than perhaps long division). For example, last summer took two online classes and do nothing. The I have a 3.2 GPA that term. I'm still doing their lessons, Humanities this term (online). I tell him I'm the reason he's still in college and financial aid to win and I'm the reason you will be getting her degree, she has only two terms left to go before getting his first title (as I said, we have been in and out of college, so it's been a while to get to this point). She keeps saying I'm useless because I like to relax and really has no friends. But I'm supporting our family. I give my money every month. I gave $ 900 last month when I got my financial aid. She got 2,000 for financial aid, and it still says I do not do **** for our family. Am I wrong to expect no equality in this relationship? We've been together since '99 and have children together ... each time you receive financial aid check that is my fault. When it gets to its degree and life, will be my fault. Maybe I'm not the most reliable person when it comes to making an income, but come on! There also contribute. Besides doing chores. Once I got so sick that lasted a week and never get sick. The last time I got sick was like ten years ago and lasted only one night. Well, this time when I was sick for a week, it was so bad that he was asking for help. She tells me she can walk to the market and get the medicine. She has a car, I do not. I left with our children and all his friends while I was just Stayin Alive for the day. Am I really not worth anything? Of course, I am a chronic pothead and I like to do nothing but sit and watch movies and just do nothing. But damn, I can not get a loan? I'm not even fat! Maybe halfway decent looking. But it is not the most responsible person, and certainly a loner. Really? Should I do anything more for her than she does for me? She says it gives me a roof over my head and food ... but I'm the one who gets the money for rent through financial aid and still give money from my pocket. She says she does more for me because it holds more than me. Bullsh * t, I say. So I'm wrong for thinking I can do more for our family what she does? She is a bit more complicated with our children than I am and does all the time, but that's only because she has a car, I do not know! Once I asked her if she can help pay some tickets to get my license back, it was $ 1,263 and I looked like I was crazy and snapped, "I just want my money!" WTF! I need to get jobs and most jobs require a driver's license! I wanted to keep our family! I would not even be able to enjoy the money, just had to pay the damn ticket! What I did when I finally returned to college after a year of payment of delinquent loans that she did not even help me with. Am I stupid to ask more in our relationship? I just want to be equal to ... Am I really worth????
Welfare for corporations, nothing for the people?6shantay2012-11-04 17:11:02
I'm sick of this. Now , AIG is receiving a loan of 85 billion dollars from me and you. I really do not want to lend money . Let the big boys lose their jobs and see how they like . If a man or woman working was losing his house , that same group shook his head and say : Yes, that's our system if you do not like , leave. Comments stupid of working people and the huge amount of cash for the good guys. MedlinePlus Want more of this? What can we do to stop this madness ? MedlinePlus How can we change the people who brought us this fiasco ?
Cash aid/Welfare question....?0Dawn Buckley2012-10-02 09:23:03
a student loan would stop or reduce my beneifits welfare cash assistance ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Other than welfare is there any other form of financial help for the unemployed?0Jenea2012-09-25 14:41:07
We live in Indiana . Even the temp agencies have job openings in our area and we can not move now . We can not receive help from the government because we share an apartment with another couple . We have two kids , no car , and they 're trying to improve ourselves ( my husband is enrolled in a welding class , and I am a full time student ) . We are not looking for handouts , just a kind of loan for the unemployed guy and a student loan where payments can be deferred . Although I am a full time student , we can not borrow from the school , because they have no work or not enough time in our residence . We are nearing the end of our lease and can not be renewed . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . But remember we 're not looking for handouts , just some temporary help .
Where can i find a site for texas welfare assistance?0Someone2012-10-19 12:12:08
I need to know of any place Bexar County / texas state financial assistance or sites / places to help me consolidate debt ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My situation : I am moving to Texas to plant roots , for help as I have a car payment of $ 400, insurance , loan w / o option reamoritize interest of $ 200 a month and three cards whos credit are minimum payments totaling $ 100 per month . No spending on the cards , having finances under control , but my car loan payment are killing me . I have a credit score of about 680 , but I'm only 25 y / o and I have no house or anything collatoral big for a loan for equity type . My mother told me that you can search for food stamps and housing assitance throughout the state , but I have no children or anything like that and have no idea where to look for assistance either for things not repoed or in collecting ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help, suggestions or sites to help most appreciated! Thank you ! =)
Can people on welfare get money loans? and what would be a good way to go about doing that?0giant salamander2012-08-26 15:05:17
My wife and I are on SSI disability and we're running into some problems of money ( long story short I spent a bit of money that should not have happened and I have a lot of money to people now ) and now we have about $ 3000. Will we affect the welfare of our situation when we apply for a loan? Not trying to troll here we are only in dire straits and need money fast .

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