My credit union has counter offered my loan....?

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For a little background , I have 26 years and filed Chapter 7 about 6 years ago . It has long since been discharged. Since then I have done a lot better with pay all my bills and do not miss a payment . I have a couple of credit cards, a car loan and school loans . At this point , my credit score has increased to about 620 I know it 's still not the best , but better than it was . MedlinePlus I've been with my credit union for about 5 years, and have applied for a loan for $ 3500. I had asked for an unsecured loan 36 months. Here is their response : MedlinePlus " We are in a position to approve the loan as required . 're Going to be able to help in the terms set forth below. MedlinePlus Counter Offer : MedlinePlus Main Reason ( s ) for Counter Offer : MedlinePlus - Bankruptcy schedules necessary to verify debts discharged MedlinePlus MedlinePlus fee levels apply - Requires proof of all income MedlinePlus - Be considered adequate collateral "
So I wonder what exactly staggered terms ? I really have no security unless you consider my car .

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