Can I get financial aid to an online program even though I owe $ on student loans? related questions

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Can I get financial aid to an online program even though I owe $ on student loans?0SadBob2012-10-15 10:27:53
I wonder if I can get financial aid for medical billing and coding online certificate even though I owe $ in student loans ? I need to know , so that I can quickly apply . And start the certification program .
Can you switch from an online masters program to an in class program?1Niomi2012-09-05 21:27:04
I have a problem . I am now in my third year of my degree program in psychology at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I'm dating someone and we are very serious . The problem is that it is a year behind in school , so I will graduate before him . To get a decent job in the field of psychology that I need to get a master's degree . They have master's programs in psychology at my university and has neither the UNL ... So , did any of my future employers despise me if I take a year online master's program and then switch to a program in class? The other problem is that I do not have to pay back my school loans I have to stay in school and I did not want him in Lincoln itself . Can you divide a master like that, when you transfer money from online classes ?
What's the best program to use for consolidating student loans?0di2012-09-08 07:17:02
What is the best bank , government agency , etc. used to consolidate student loans with low interest rates and payments ? ? ? I will be investigating after Christmas , but I would like some good suggestions . thanks
Do you have to have a program of study to receive student loans?0Firefly2012-10-26 15:19:48
I want to get loans for students to take courses at a community college to transfer to a 4-year university . The problem is that I do not meet the requirements for college yet, so I would have to go to a community college to take classes , but I can not really declare a program of study , and I do not need courses in any field certain degree associated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Applying to college in a given program of study should take these specific courses for financial aid ?
Could you add loans to Student Loan Repayment Program?4Arlene2012-11-02 19:40:03
I recently joined the Army (reserve) and not eligible for the GI Bill or kicker , but I do say that I have the SLRP ( Student Loan Repayment Program ) . I currently do not have any student loan, but I have to use a little when I start college again . Will I be able to add the loans through my enlistment or is it only before military loans ?
Is it possible to get enough money in Student Loans to support myself while in the RN Program?0sharr2012-09-06 11:15:06
I am single, my daughter and granddaughter live with me , I have worked in the medical field for 8 years , and now , and I was fired one year ago , I broke my ass to find work , the area we live in has a very high unemployment . I want to go back to school . However, I am required to take 12 -16 long-term loans , so I wonder how much money you can get student loans to support myself / my house . Is there a limit to how much you can borrow ? Can you really get enough to live ? MedlinePlus I have no extravagant lifestyle , simply cover rent, utilities , car ins , etc ... is about 15,000 per year of life simply ... So I'm looking to pay for school, grants (but not yet enough to live , only cover the costs of school ) and the need to find a way to do this as quickly as possible . The first year of prerequisites , I discovered , are the next two years to go to school full time, I have to find out ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help in MedlinePlus goldyzyo
Should I consolidate my student loans under the government program?0Shreya2012-10-13 00:18:26
The government has a program to consolidate my student loans . It will lower the interest rate by 0.25 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know anything about this program ? And what are the disadvantages and benefits ? I have 6 loans totaling 25k .
Can student loans be consolidated into a DEBT SETTLEMENT program!?1khalif2012-09-30 21:44:02
I know you can do it with any type of loan only if it is a loan UNSECURE ~ ~
Though I am in a repayment program for defaulted student loans, will my federal refund still be taken?3Katelynn Renee2012-11-02 17:13:02
I default about a year ago , but has just entered into a settlement agreement and will start automatic payments through my checking account this week . I just file taxes . Therefore, a collection agency (Higher Education Services Corporation ) is involved , but we decided on a payment plan . TurboTax says my repayments were accepted by the federal reimbursement and should expect next week could still intercept ? Thank you.
Does the army student loan repayment program cover private loans1zakir2012-08-09 08:48:42
Or just pay for federal loans ? I have about $ 21,000 in student loans SallieMae (a credible lender . )
All of my current student loans are at fixed rate, is consolidating with the MedLoans program my best bet?1dmj2012-10-06 06:24:02
My Sub / Unsub [email protected] Staffords (fixed ) MedlinePlus My Grad Plus MedlinePlus [email protected] My consolidated [email protected] MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm graduating from medical school in the spring and my understanding there is no benefit to consolidate hold and then , as all my rates are frozen . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 0.375% MedLoan give me my weighted average of these loans ( from 6.25 to 0.375 % ) and a 0.25% discount if you use a direct withdrawl option for payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anything better out there for me?
Is there a student loan program for people who have defaulted loans im currently making payments on it now?1Shila2012-11-03 02:09:02
I had a loan of about 3 years ago and only about 2 months ago im overdue payments on it now and I'm trying to go back to school is there any way i can get a

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