She owes me money do i still buy her a gift... bridal shower is in 3 hours need answers fast plz!!? related questions

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She owes me money do i still buy her a gift... bridal shower is in 3 hours need answers fast plz!!?0Paige2012-10-15 09:05:16
my friend needed money for a security deposit when she and another friend of mine moved into a new house . i paid him $ 125 five months ago had paid 50 then started talking about how she should resoponsibility roomates to pay the rest . has since left the house and got the tank . she talks about other ppl pay again then she calls and asks about 200.00 to go to a concert ! I said no, of course , but now she 's getting married . the shower is today! I write only a note saying she did not have to pay me the 75 and I do not think they ever bad back .. Is this right?
Do I have to get a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift?0kieron2012-10-10 09:22:10
I'm tight on cash . My roommate is getting married , we're friends , but not great friends , I am actually closer to her boyfriend who is also my ex . ( Friends , but not great friends or anything. ) She does not have a lot of friends and invited me to her bridal shower. I'll go with a gift , but I need a wedding too? It lent a lot of decorations for your wedding ( plants, lights , etc of my own home )
Bridal Gift?3Ms. Lisa2012-09-24 22:04:02
My friend has a wedding party , and I want to get a gift. I am a student , and with virtually no income , in addition to what my parents give me and school loans . This week I have to buy a suit for the occasion as well . But most importantly I have to buy my friend a gift. I have no income (and I'm out of work ) and a kind of guilt to ask my parents, as they were in a strong position at this time. What I can buy for 20dollars ? That's all I have left in my bank, after payment of school fees , textbooks, summer school fees extra . But my last $ 20 , I need to buy a wedding gift . Any ideas ? and please post a link to the stores selling these items ( must be a Canadian store ). oh yea no online order of things, which are often too expensive! Or just give me some ideas: -P, a lot , thanks!
Are fast approval loans and can get the money into your bank acc within hours is it possible? loans frm online?1keyona2012-08-25 19:00:19
They are quick loans approval and can get the money in your bank within hours as possible ? frm loans online ?
Is it OK to gift money as Christmas gift?0Cristal perez2012-08-27 22:03:02
I have the intention of giving my BF $ 2,000 to clean your car loan as a Christmas gift . I am also giving other small gifts . We are in a ratio of 3 years and we have engagement rings. What do u think ?
Need a good Thank you gift for small town Realtor FAST!!?0madad2012-08-08 18:38:43
This real estate agent has helped us to look at many houses , and finally find the one I loved . However, when the bank turned us down on a loan. She and her husband took care of buying the house and help us build credit by selling us on the contract. Now we are able to get a loan through the bank and wants to give a good gift of thanks, along with a check for the balance. This woman was a neighbor of my husband for most of his life. she is a very nice person. She is a realtor in a VERY small office property real city and not believe that a recommendation would be a good idea. Not true what they like or something. she is older and in 70. her husband is a farmer. Please, I need quick ideas . Thanks for any help you can give.
FHA mortgage, gift letter and paying the gift back?0Chatwin2012-11-04 01:47:07
I have applied for an FHA mortgage; the lender just called me to ask if I ommitted any accounts on the application because I don't have any reserves. The only reserve I would have had - the ability to borrow from the vested bal of my 401K plan - is going to be gone because I need to borrow the down payment and a portion of the closing costs from it. If I had a relative give me a gift of the down payment, and then sign a gift letter - I am completely prohibited from ever paying that person back? As in I don't take the 401K loan, I get the gift and gift letter, and then I take the 401K loan at some time in the future to repay her???
Car help!! please i need answers fast!:)?0Exhausted2012-10-05 02:30:54
I want a loan for a lifted truck . The truck has 178K throughout the car and 60k on a new engine . KBB is $ 5400 178k when I put in the mileage section and $ 6,900 when I put 60k on the truck is ready engine.The $ 6900 and the lowest I go is 6500. The truck is in good cond . works well . and has an elevation of 4 " w / 3 " body and 36 "tires . A credit union pays only the amount appears kbb car , does anyone know if they will accept the kbb price has 60k on the engine ? or they will go with the number of miles that are in the same car ? also know it's hard without pictures but think this is a legit price ?
Is this possible to do with my car please help need answers FAST !!!?0Aaliya2012-10-05 12:25:42
Ok , so having a car is paid off , but it was ab i got one of those title loans and now I have a lein on my car until we paid , but I was thinking of trading it in and get another vehicle a dealer i used as a car I had before I caused by the dealer and only turns on the loan you think would pay off and just tack lein iinto the loan ? im not sure what the rules for all this if it helps I live in VA
Asking for money - loan or gift?4Angellove2012-10-21 11:54:03
well my car broke ... I could fix it. Their pay free and clear ... but its growing and I see this become a pattern of bad spending money to fix it. My buget is real tight. I can not afford a car payment right now . or higher insurance for a new car that is financed . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my grandparents are quite rich . I have never been asked for money before. I was thinking of asking you to lend me the money to get a good used car would be more reliable than the one I have now . I know a couple of years ago that "gave" my brother $ 10 , 000 when he was only " thinking " about buying a house to have a good down payment ... spent the money and did not buy the house ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I ask for the money ... If so , I can write a payment plan or just ask for a gift as they gave my brother ... How I can do this with the best hopes of getting at least half of what they gave my brother ?
Is money from a gift included as income?1Aubree2012-10-08 04:00:03
I am a graduate student over the age of 24 ( so I can not be claimed as a dependent under my parents ) . They give me 2000-3000 per month for living expenses and school. I also occasionally work in a bakery (sometimes just to help his friend casue free faimly and sometimes gettign paid . Bought a car last year and left me my expected income was money I was getting . Believe that is reviewed to see if I was an employee of the compnay but not the amount I did. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since the gift is not taxable income I was wrong to put that as my income ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I figured when I said " revenue" environment the amount of money that was comming in MedlinePlus The loan was approved and I have not missed payments a few months yet.
Gift money for a conventional loan?0Jason (please help)2012-11-02 17:57:40
Can my 10% down payment be a gift? The 10% on our home purchase is 13,500.oo. We have saved "Mattress money." So when our bid was excepted our 8,000.00 was turned into a gift from our mom and dad. I read that with conventional you have to have the first 5%, well we don't we have 5,500.00 So will we not get the conventional loan? The banker said as long as we had a paper trail their should not be a problem with the mattress money, but then she said it had to be a gift. Well closing cost are $10000, we have to use our cash for this, so do we deposit the cash, and prove with bank statements, we are able to have $1000.00 in cash at home, or will that have to be a gift too.? My banker is so incompetent, I think I need to tell her to deny my loan, and then the house will relist, and we can go with another banker.

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