How was my sister able to get a signature loan with bad credit, but I can't get unsecured with fair? related questions

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How was my sister able to get a signature loan with bad credit, but I can't get unsecured with fair?1*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-11-03 17:10:02
I'm a little confused . I refused a small unsecured personal loan ( even with a co -signer ) , since my income is a little low . My credit is fair , I never pay anything , and do not have a lot of debt . However, my sister was able to get a signature loan with bad credit no problem . Do you have everything to do with my income , or am I missing something ?
Need signature loan of 3000.00 credit is fair. can afford 300.00 mo. payback?0darmisha2012-10-09 10:16:36
need to consolidate some bills , credit is fair , I can pay 300 a month. please help .
Im looking for a unsecured personal or signature loan by the 20th of this month with bad credit anyone know?3rock a by zombie2012-10-20 22:42:03
please give me legitimate answers for us only because
My sister paid $700 in taxes and got 2k back- how is this fair?1jagadheeswar2012-09-22 08:40:03
Just as the title says . I make my living very modest , ~ 40k per year , and paid a total of 12k in California in 2010 . My tax return was $ 400. My sister was much less , but still, she only paid $ 700 for 2010. I helped with your tax return online and will come out to $ 2,000 total! Of course, she is still a student , so I realize what makes the difference , but for back more than you put in? How is this fair? I live paycheck to paycheck and do not have the luxury of financial aid and student loans. How is this justified?
Does any one know how to get an unsecured loan when I have a fair credit score?0demetrios2012-11-05 03:21:01
I would like to get an unsecured loan to consolidate my bills because I have a baby on the way . My credit score is right around 600, and I make about 350 a week on my own.
Where can I get a personal unsecured loan with fair credit with a low income?2Sung2012-11-02 01:04:01
I just want a loan where I can mke monthly payments , but creditors do not say enough , is there a company out there ?
Where can I go to get an unsecured loan for people with poor to fair credit?1nat2012-10-25 00:44:02
Where I can go for an unsecured loan for people with poor credit right ?
I need to borrow $25,000 on an unsecured low interest loan. My credit is fair. My score is 651.?1ceema2012-10-27 20:17:48
No intelligent answers . I really need this loan .
Does anyone know where you can get financial help, unsecured with fair credit?3Omr2012-10-16 06:27:03
I am overloaded with debt bonds. i have a fair credit , but no guarantee. There is a loan company that will help when you have more going out than coming in? I live in Tennessee. I am a widow and trying to help my son and his family has put me in a bind. any advice is appreciated .
Looking for unsecured loan/ no collateral credit is good/fair. if someone knows a private lender?0Miss Strawberry2012-10-08 17:40:30
Looking unsecured loan / loan guarantee is not good / fair . if anyone knows of a private lender ?
Companies that give Unsecured Personal Loan to people with fair credit?0vns2012-09-21 00:00:05
I'm trying to get an unsecured personal loan due to a family emergency . I have two credit cards that I have not missed payments . I need a loan for about $ 9,000. I have a credit score of 660 and I make 1500.00 a month (I have to pay rent ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I applied and was denied Wells Fargo
Does any body know where i can get a unsecured personal loan with poor to fair credit no payday loans please?0lamoura2012-10-02 10:39:03
Does any body know where I can get an unsecured personal loan with bad credit just no payday loan , please ?

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