Where can I find a legit online loan for 1000? Needed for car repairs!!? related questions

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Where can I find a legit online loan for 1000? Needed for car repairs!!?1Bretagne2012-10-24 06:08:59
Where I can find a reliable online loan for 1000 ? Necessary for Auto Repair ! ?
Where can i find a fast loan for about 1000 dollars? I am a student and can find a co signer if needed?0Tasty2012-10-16 07:29:15
I owe the 1200 school and can not pay for what is a stop on my account . I can make money can be paid weekly and on time, but as of now I have no money . Reliable companies that give small loans quickly ( within a week or so ) ?
I was verbally quoted $402 for repairs to my car. Now they say it over $1000. what can i do?1tara lee2012-11-05 04:51:02
We replaced the steering column in my daughters car and could not get it scheduled so we took it to a mechanic who said he would set for $ 140. He called a week later and said he was wrong the steering column , but the place where I bought the steering column change it for no extra charge , and he asked if I wanted him to put the new steering column or wanted to do it ourselves . I explained that I do not have credit cards and my husband was in an accident a couple of years ago and broke his neck and ruined our credit so we could not borrow money , but I told him I had $ 260 and if I could go back do everything for less than they wanted me . He said I could do it all by $ 240.75 . He called a couple of weeks later and said that the steering column replacement was also bad , so I was going to get one from another company for $ 150 and he spoke with the first company and could turn the other for a full credit . I also said that means the difference owed ​​$ 240.75 + $ 50 ? I said I did not owe the $ 240.75 + $ 150 and I would be responsible for returning the other. He told me to go ahead. He called me today and said he had good news and bad news . The good news is that the car is fixed, the bad news is that it's a bit more than what I got . I asked how much and he said $ 1006. I told him I did not have $ 1000 and said well , we had invested so much in it , so we had to fix it so I had to order two more parties that were $ 200 each. What I can do? I feel like he knew I had no money so I ran the price enough that I would not be able to pay and eventually be able to sell my car . All suggestions are appreciated ! !
Where Can I get a $1000 cash advance loan with no or bad credit 100% legit ONLY?0Felipe2012-11-06 01:04:02
Anyone know any cash advance loan places that will lend you 100% of the money I need a loan , but I have no creidt and I have a paid job
Are there any legit cash advance loans? I'm stuck in an emergency situation and I could really use $1000 and1gibbon2012-08-18 06:02:03
and upwards. I live in San Diego , California. Legit only please. Do not spam. I will mark it as spam.
If you needed to come up with $500 in less than 36 hours, in a "legit" manner, how would you do it?1Ethel2012-10-04 18:15:02
The restrictions are : We are assuming that they are dead broke , you can not borrow funds from family or friends, there are credit card advances or payday loans . What is an "above -board " way to get a quick $ 500, given these limitations .....
Where can I go online to get a small personal loan for car repairs without having good credit?1filsan2012-10-06 06:16:02
I am in desperate need of some money to fix my car, but have good credit .... tired of all turn downs because of my credit history .
Where can I find a loan for 1000.00 With the bad credit I have and get approved?4merlye2012-11-04 00:06:02
Where I can find a loan with bad credit 1000.00 I have and get approved ?
Where can i find cars for really cheap for sale. that are $1000 or less to buy and RUN.?4Summit Drive2012-10-14 11:42:01
or more ... MedlinePlus Where I can get a loan for about 1500 without a down payment. MedlinePlus I get paid minimum wage and part-time work ! !
Where can i find a legit bad credit loan?0shortee2012-10-10 16:32:24
weve hit a bump small , not like typical people ask these questions , we actually do pay our stuff , but just hit a pothole and this month the bills are behind Lil . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have bad credit due to a past relationship and no bank account because of it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I learned that there are still places that can help me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have problems to borrow 1000 get caught again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, my daughters birthday is this month , waiting for your check to be higher to afford more and pay their bills . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not care about high interest rates , we just want a legitimate place that can help you quickly , so you can get caught and get our daughter a few things , this month has been hard . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We can afford to make the loan payment on top of bills once all is said and done , just this month was completely unexpected about job changes and such. MedlinePlus Please someone help me , I know there are places but im lost
How can I find a legit loan fast?0Firefly2012-10-13 10:49:42
need to get a quick loan (Friday if I can ) so I can pay my bills . I need my payments to be established for every two weeks.
I need to find a legit short term loan in Los Angeles..Anyone??0nevaeh.2012-09-15 04:17:04
I can make good money , but I need $ 700 for a month immediately. I know the interest is high, but you really need .

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