Inquiries on Credit report?

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I did not know before that even if I have no credit history / credit score , research ( when lenders / creditors take a credit check on you ) may appear in the report . People say this could damage future approvals for loans / credit cards ... How long the investigations remain there ? I'm trying to build credit .. so this " guessing penalty " sucks , because I try to be approved , but do not want to hurt my report. Currently I have a secured credit card .. but that's my only line of credit I have for now , as I refused personal loans and unsecured credit cards , because I have no credit history and I am a college student again. I have not tried to apply for department store cards .. but .. Why bother ? I 'll probably get denied anyway (though I pay in full each month ... ) So I just stick with a credit line for now , because research in suck my report if I refused ? Thank you = )

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