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How does trading in your car work?1Chessy2012-11-05 08:29:01
I want to change my car for a car of my truck has a market value of $ 14k - $ 17k in value and the seller wants $ 27k for the new car . How does it work ? My credit is not the best , but I've never made ​​a payment in two years wrong with my truck . im just nervous sell my truck and I will not qualify for a new loan or trade my truck will give me better odds ? .. I really do not know much about the auto trade for any other advice would be great! thanks
How does trading in a car work?0short attention span2012-09-18 05:16:05
When you make a trade-in , you have to actually own the car ? I'm still making payments on my car and I'm looking different newer models . Do they just add to what the vehicle must still before his new car loan so that your monthly payments are higher ? I'm just sure how all this works . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any help !
Trading in my car I have a loan on. How does it work?1chaya2012-09-23 05:39:03
Let's say I have a car loan for $ 10,000. I want to exchange it for a car that only costs $ 5,000 . Does the car dealer to pay the loan which was $ 10,000 , and then only have to pay $ 5,000 ?
How dose trading in vehicles work?2 give ã‚ž "This forging love" ã„Ÿ2012-09-20 17:15:02
I would change my car to something else. I've had my car for 6 months. I took out a loan for it.So if you want to change it for something of equal value or less how would that work? I break but I found a cheaper car ?
Can I use algo trading for options trading22022-06-29 04:47:38
Trading a car in for another...???0shaquana2012-09-01 02:18:02
I own a 2007 car worth $ 20K . I owe $ 19K . What if you wanted to change it for a cheaper car ? What happens to the loan ?
Trading in my car?0Myro2012-10-16 19:04:03
I hate my car. I
Trading in my car.?0Ande2012-09-11 23:11:08
This is kind of a long story. I have 17 years and I'm paying for a car in the name of my father . He has credit shit. So im making $ 400 a month car payments for a maximum 97. And that is through self actuall place , not a loan through a bank , the lot is self funded by us . Is there any way I can trade this car in a cheaper monthly payment ? I mean ill still pay the balance , i just need to get this 400 a month at least 200 or something .. im pretty sure I can not do anything until im 18 , but I still want to know if something is possible , because I know I 'm doing is building credit not mine my father ..
Taxes from trading ..can someone help?0duckbill, platypus2012-09-21 11:20:03
How much tax I have to pay for the gains from trade ... or add to my total income and then see what falls in the bracket .... can anyone clarify.For AC status .... What is the policy of taxes on business profits . I'm talking about short-term trading and day trading . MedlinePlus Now comes the IMP .. How I can reduce my tax debt LEGALLY eg .. loans ? MedlinePlus I do not want to be on the wrong side of the law , but I want to know the methods by which I legally can reduce my tax debt .. Is there any govt owned financial instruments that I can put my earnings to avoid paying taxes .. ? What are the other approaches ... MedlinePlus How does the calculation work.
I was thinking about trading in my car...?4ann -- how to evaluate a poem2012-10-03 13:10:03
I was thinking of trading my car for a Jeep Wrangler , I always wanted one, but still has 4,000 on my car loan . How does a trade in the works ? Do I just keep paying my bank , then get another loan and start paying ? Or Jeep transfer my loan ?
Trading in a vehicle?1Moncha2012-10-01 23:59:04
How does a trade in work when you finance a car ? not the car depreciates faster than im paying ? and if so , I wont end up having to pay some of my loan ? Im a little confused ?
Whats better for trading a car....? HELp!?0Ncole2012-09-09 04:31:02
Ok , I have a car loan is about 20 k 09 I want to change my car , but what is more worthy / valuable .. Getting a car that is about 20k or something less .. I dnt know how the auto trade .... Thank you ! ! !

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