What if i stop paying my insurance when i have a car loan? related questions

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What if i stop paying my insurance when i have a car loan?3:(plz help2012-09-03 03:30:03
I am leasing a new car , been paying for 3 years and this month I could not afford the insurance , so I stopped driving and started cycling. and the insurance was canceled as 2 weeks and my registration was suspended (you reinstalled, but could not get my registration online) and says he has to fill out a form and pay 50.00 SR22 and maintain insurance for 3 years! what 's up with that ? beyond that , I completely forgot when I got my car, I was told to keep insurance on my car all the time, but I was not using! so I'm really scared and I have to know what happens after making the SR22 form ( unless you know how to get around this) and pay off my loan. Why do I have to have insurance on it. oh, I do not know if this is important , but I have the coverage gap. to report my car bec i did not have insurance for 2 weeks? ? please help, does not mean that the answers that terrifies me. Thank you.
If we were paying PMI insurance and we decide to quit paying and walk away.;?5samtha2012-11-06 00:17:02
Will keep the lender to come after us ? We refinanced seven months ago and now do not want the house and is an FHA insured loan .
Can I stop paying for my loan on my car?2BESTY : )2012-10-15 16:04:03
This is the situation . I have a car that I co-signed with my ex wife. She had most of the time , but was delivered to me in the divorce . Is there any way that I can give the car company and not to the rest of the balance on the car ?
What happens if i stop paying my car loan?2tt2012-10-09 16:51:03
I have a car loan and no longer want to pay for it. My credit is already ruined and not have to worry about repossesion because I now live in Mexico , my real question is what happens legally? My label is current for another year. if I have not paid and are in repository mode , but I can not, I have to worry if I stop for a traffic violation ? Of course , I'm talking about if I cross the border and drive in the U.S. . or it is a credit card that is only going to collections and endless debt collectors ?
Paying for the loan and insurance but no car!?1Teniel2012-10-13 19:01:02
3 weeks ago I bid on a car . my offer was taken but it is a private sale ! I've done all the insurance contract with a total loan from my bank check sent to their financing and the remaining amount by check in hand . he used to deliver the car until he says that the check in your company has financial and clear. Is this normal ? Also I have a letter from the bank to say , the pay figure wil be lifted and sent checks .
If i stop paying my car loan due to financial problems.?5hanz2012-10-27 14:39:46
can I just give the car back to the bank? if the bank take the car back and sell at auction for less money , do I have to pay even balence due to financial problems ?
What wil payday loan companies do now that I will stop paying.?0TL2012-11-03 23:31:21
I took out 4 payday loans without first seeing how they really work, one was cashjar and I have paid back well over a thousand dollars on just a 400 loan, I live in ny I believe all states have different laws, I am giving them no more money, I learned my lesson!
How can I get a car loan without paying comprehensive insurance?1Amaya2012-10-19 11:31:02
I would buy an eclipse of $ 6,500 and currently only has $ 2,000 in cash. I'd like to be able to build some credit and could easily afford the car in less than 6 months. The most important thing is that I do not want to have to have comprehensive insurance on my vehicle while your loan in which the price of my insurance will go up $ 250 doing outrageous in my mind . All help welcome thanks !
Need time off from paying car loan about to stop working for about 3 months?1Otto2012-08-26 21:07:17
I had a car that could not afford , so I returned to the lending company voluntarly course they found a way to owe an additional 6,000. Well, I've been paying for about 10 months time and I'm about to go on leave maturnity , asked them to work with me Unitil back to work , I will give only 30 days , my short term disability will not be enough for my expenses let alone pay them and I have been paid correctly and on time , went so far as to say that you are a good customer, but 30 days is all that I will give, any suggestions out there. I'll be honest , this was a car loan scam from the beginning but like a fool I signed the papers and my life has been upside down since all , please someone give me some advice.
If i stop paying on a car loan, how long before the bank re posses my car?0rayne2012-09-26 17:53:04
My ex husband and I just got divorced and have both our names on the title and I have only my name on the record , and the court will have as its owner . I can make payments and have always and will continue . He wants to repay the loan , which I know is impossible. I want to bear fruit , but how long the bank allows someone has the car before I report it , " IF " , not paid at all? so you can actually cancel a loan that is easy and if so , how long befor the bank takes measures payement Repossesion if not made?
I want to stop paying for my car?2gaga 100002012-10-20 17:23:01
In September last year I put a down payment on a 1999 Nissan Altima that seemed to be in perfect condition. He had good miles and was, as far as I could see, in very good condition. This past Mother's Day was driving uphill on the highway when the car began to slow in progress on 45 in the fast lane when he went past at about 70 mph. The car stopped a few moments later and reheated. I took the car to the dealer where you bought it and the man said he needed a new engine. It's been two months and he just gets away with excuses as to why my car has not been fixed yet. First he said he was waiting for an agent of the security company to come out to inspect the engine to see if they cover the piece. After that, it took about a month, for some reason known only to God, he said he was sent a defective motor and had to get another it would take about two weeks. Three weeks later he called and said that the man who originally received the engine was no longer honoring the agreement and refused to replace the engine is bad for another. Now he says he has been struggling with this type of part and does not know when the car will be fixed. He is not going to provide another vehicle for his shop and apparently, according to my friend who looked around his dealership, the car is not there. I can understand not having the right equipment to fix my car and move it to another store, but this is information that does not tell me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to stop paying for this car. I live in California and still has a year and a half until it is paid off, but I'm at my wit's end, and can not cope with this any longer. Is there any way out of it? In my contract I agree that I would not be able to return the car or get a refund. Could I just give it back and suspend my payments?
What could possibly happen if I stop paying my capital one unsecured loan?3BrittA2012-10-09 23:42:04
I have an unsecured capital one last year to consolidate 17,500 now.Even debts.Loan amount for a time is harder , what I can do? ? I can refinance and get a reduced payment or risk ruining my credit.

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