Army Dental Specialist Assistant 68E?

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Anyone know how long is AIT for this MOS ? Website AIT sets its 30 weeks but my recruiter gave me an impression of pre - booking demonstrating my basic training is 9 weeks and AIT is 7 weeks , 6 days ? ! Labour and Title are correct . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is that correct ? In addition , the computer system on my laptop recruiters showed no bonus for this MOS and enlistment term is 6 years ? I am a college graduate who managed a 98 ASVAB GT : 138 ST : 136. I know my grades are not the reason why not display on your computer . Is it possible that in MEPS , bonuses ( such as hi -grad bonus and loan repayment plan ) and the length "correct " AIT is shown?
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Maybe email is actually the Army and ask them about the discrepancy .
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