What is so much better about online for profit colleges than a state run non profit? related questions

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What is so much better about online for profit colleges than a state run non profit?0Mark Russel2012-10-14 12:49:56
The cost is much much much higher to attend an online university for-profit as advertised on TV ... compared to my local run community college / state also offers most of it is online courses as an option . MedlinePlus What justifies the additional expense of 10x for college student gain online ? Why go there instead of the local public school or community college debt for much, much less student loans ? thank you
Why do people think that online for profit 'colleges' are actually substitutes for a real college education?2Tweety2012-11-05 07:42:03
I can not help but feel sorry for people who go into debt for a false education . The job market is horrible, and can not declare bankruptcy on student loans ... not to mention half of the titles are for jobs that do not even exist .
Are for profit colleges preying on students?0Vanna2012-10-26 11:22:45
and making student loan crisis worse? I have always been critical of profit universities because I have witnessed friends of mine waste time and money just to be in the same situation as before , but this time with a lot of debt . I am not criticizing private industry , but realize that many students know by default , and these loans can not be eliminated . They are based on financial aid - ie taxpayer dollars to fund their programs mediocre , and taxpayers end up moving the bill . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.star-telegram .com/2011/06/10 /
Why are state-funded schools allowed to operate in a for-profit fashion?2sarah A2012-09-17 03:16:04
I'm trying to get a better understanding of how things work between the state and federal government funds schools and public universities, collecting student loan debt, and ever increasing tuition costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not deny that the U.S. has the most expensive education system in the world (I can be wrong, but I have serious doubts). There is a chart here ( http://i.imgur.com/vJm22.jpg) describing how student loans do nothing to encourage the government to do something about rising tuition costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My biggest beef of all, however, is the fact that I have seen many of these state and federally-funded state schools close emininent, or the need to make deep cuts as an excuse to hike tuition year after year - without But these same schools spend millions on bullcrap topic (sorry, I know everyone loves the sport, but if you really are bleeding money, do you really need a new football stadium remodeled or do a new gym leisure?) and stuff tremendously overpaid speakers - some of which are paid for 30 minutes of talk about the cost of the annual student enrollment number, plus fringe. I am convinced that just education costs are really that high, seeing as schools all over the world has been achieved not only do it for a fraction of the cost, but the best in some cases (they just do not hear good things about of American scientists and engineers unless some type of writers and social activist). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not my taxes go to these schools in one way or another? Why is it considered acceptable to take taxes from my paycheck, but the only way I can get an education and receive the benefit of these institutions is highly predatory take private student loans (and only if you have good credit to qualify)? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ((For people who are about to shout about and Pell grants, the Pell does not cover the costs of education in most schools, not by a long shot, and some CC is even higher than the benefits of Pell of the full-time assistance. And scholarships tend to be almost completely inclined for high school students, of which I am not - and often are a group **** sure)).
Online non-profit college?0Amedus2012-10-19 16:29:43
because of my schedule to care for a sick family member , need to find a college that will allow me to take classes strictly online . you told me that P UOF not really a smart choice . My local community college is pretty full to the brim and I am on the waiting list . I live in Wa state and need financial aid and student loans. And the information you can provide would be greatly appreciated .
Non-profit organizations..online sites?1Nelisiwe jili2012-09-09 04:33:02
We are having a difficult time as they come and perhaps are running out of time and money to pay some of our utillitys / rent payment at the time . we have 3 small children and the need to keep everything for them , if it was just for us , then it would be different. We're getting a little help from the governor , but not cash assistance for food only , Is there anywhere I can go to that I can sign up for a loan ? That way we can pay in installments and not have to worry about interest rate .. < Those things and kill ! very expensive ! Any information would be helpful Thanks !
Are there any non profit debt consolidation groups online?1itty2012-11-02 21:58:02
I'm in serious need of help, but every time I think I've found something , the only company that helps credit card or mortgage debt . i have student loans and medical bills that need help. Thanks for any advice .
Does anyone know any non profit online schools that offer perkins loans and fesg ?? And open enrollment?0Huber2012-10-06 06:40:30
Looking online schools that offer all assistance including loans and Perkins fsegrant ? And that has open enrollment ?
HELP!!!!!! Profit and Loss!?0yaneira2012-09-09 15:30:02
PLEASE HELP ! Are you well and is a profit or a loss? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
How do I sue a For Profit school?1Kels..x2012-10-08 10:33:07
I graduated from ITT Technical Institute in September with a high degree with honors in Computer Drafting and Design (GPA 3.8 +) mine was a 3.94, I'm in a community college, so now you can transfer to UGA . Before enrolling in another school, my friends and I laughed when we went to job interviews because of our rudeness. In fact, a businessman said he "would prefer that you have some kind of certification of this" title "". It was very embarrassing. My friends and I were the only ones who did extra work all the time, those without "do not know" in response to an instructor and we just worked out hard. Most of the times I had to explain how to do something, because the instructor did not know how to do it, we worked hard and our handwork to avoid being recognized by many employers, it's just painful, but I understand why, and ITT acts as if all is well. I have a twenty, so I decided to continue school elsewhere, so I start repayment of 1 (Eli Lilly) loan next month, everyone else is in the postponement of the school, and when I learned that my only loan wouldn 't delay because ITT Technical Institute continued in I was disgusted. I started focusing on how to pay for it, since I'm a full time student in college. Sometimes stress tells me to leave school now or evil being in debt 200,000 (ITT Tech + Community + Colllege UGA), but I can not, I have a career yet. Basically my friends and I want to sue ITT Technical Institute horrible for lying, education and the fact that I do not think I owe 30k worth what I had to learn, according to employeers. I do not want money, I just want to return to their "diploma" and for them to give money to my creditors. It's not fair that I have to pay for something that never came, it was a good education. Any advice? Please, I'm desperate and scared, and I really do not have a support team at home.
Profit and loss write off??3Ni'Jemah2012-08-24 18:00:01
What does this mean you are on a credit report for a secured loan ? Does this mean you just forget about the debt, or will continue collection efforts ? Can you remove the security, as a house or a car that secures the loan ?
How does a non-profit set up a loan brokerage?0Calisto2012-08-23 20:26:03
The nonprofit intern who is currently a small business lender but I was asked to research how they can become a loan broker . Google searches are not coming up with anything . I have to find out about: MedlinePlus - Legal issues : licensing requirements , etc. - How to set up a brokerage MedlinePlus - Any special software might need MedlinePlus - How would find financial insititutes interested ?

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