In regards to my hefty student loan?

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Ok I'm at a loss , because I have a lot of balance on my federal MedlinePlus stafford loan I owe about $ 28,000 I know that much. I consolidated my loan , so just pay interest and amortization . I have been paying well over the last four years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The balance of $ 28,000 that was four years ago remains the same today exact balance , after paying the monthly payment for 4 years! MedlinePlus Imagine that! And graudated school since I took all my money on tuition not employ me or find me one . Now I lost my job and I can not pay this loan ridiculous. If I were to stop paying , do these guys try to sue me for this? I mean it was a student loan and a car loan or anything likely only destroy my credit score and that's it ? My question is : What if a student who is behind on their student loans as people who are behind on their mortgages stopped paying your student loan for more than 4 months? What kind of measures are taken against them? MedlinePlus Thanks a lot !
Answer1Sushi!Answered at 2012-11-03 07:29:50
It would definitely kill your credit score. Not only would they charge you extra interest to make the bill even bigger, but yea they would eventually take you to court.
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