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Buying my first home quick question?1pretty2012-10-14 21:38:02
I want to buy a house ive googled a bit between 150,000 and 250,000 Currently I am paying my debt to all 20,000 i will not get a bank loan , how it works if you want to buy only cash only im 23 live in apartments on my own, so I'm confused how it works
Buying a home question...?0Alvi2012-09-20 16:16:03
Student loans . ----- 100k will be discharged from military disability service connection , unempolyability . MedlinePlus VA / SSD 4600.00 monthly income guaranteed forever .... MedlinePlus FICO score - 722 MedlinePlus CC -0 MedlinePlus Car payment -6700 left ... month 300. MedlinePlus 4 MedlinePlus Family I pre -qualify for 180- 200k MedlinePlus Put on offer in a home filled MedlinePlus - 2k asking price was 177K below asking closing costs . Selling agent says that so far everything looks good , it's been two weeks , bank marketers are asking about our MedlinePlus side . Is it a sign SELLER GOOD APPROVING BANK ?
Home buying question?1SWETA2012-09-19 00:46:05
So my husband and I are in a house that is 3 bedrooms , 2.5 baths , beautiful house, with a cottage / apartment in the back we could rent my best friend and her boyfriend . My brother and his wife - used to rent the house , so I know how it looks inside and such, but not available to rent as landlords over foreclosed on it . It is in the market for 129K 92K marked down . Using a mortgage calculator I found online with a 30 year mortgage , an interest rate of 6.5 % , and $ 0 down payment we could do . The problem I foresee is that getting a loan which I am working , so I'm in, but I have a credit score of 0. I've never had a credit card or take out a loan or anything . I have no credit at all . My husband has a good credit score , but not income . This could be a problem ? Or if both our names are on the mortgage , you have to be right? Actually I have no idea, but I have a general idea before going to the bank for a loan deal . Not to sound a complete idiot .
The ULTIMATE home buying question....?4Tityana2012-09-06 10:15:04
I'm about to graduate from college , and I have about 15,000 saved. I am thinking of buying a condo of about 85,000. I have two choices when it comes to mortgage .... 100% of the loan, the payment of 6.75 % to about 550 a month (not required PMI ) 95% of the loan , payments of 6.375% over 540 per month ( including PMI) (4,250 cash down payment ) My qestion is this .... ? Does it make any sense to make a down payment when only lower the payments for about $ 10 a month? I wish I had equity in the property , but could use the money to pay off my car completely , which would free up $ 115 a month. Market is Tulsa , OK ..... appreciation rate of around 3-5% a year, really is not affected by the market, so there is never any downturrns really important. I'm looking to be home for about 5 years.
Home buying question...please help? FHA loan?3Wood2012-08-16 22:24:31
Ok ... so I have my pre -approved FHA loan . We found a home at last . But the bank that owns the property that is the entire country is with me all confused. We put in an offer with our agent. She calls me to tell me that the bank wants prior approval through them . ( I say in case I fall through the funding , and have a backup so the bank is not wasting time ) Obviouslly So we are getting a better price through the FHA loan with a lower PAYMENTS . So NOT going to use the loan Counrty wide . I'm waiting for the entire country to get back to me in the state of our loan application . Is this normal for a bank that you have 2 pre-approval before you sell a home or across the country is trying to pull a fast one and say you have to finance them. My agent said it's just for backup to make the bank happy that we have a backup option if necessary. And I can go with the loan that is giving us the best rate . Anyone ever experience this? ?
First time home buying question?3Remi2012-10-20 23:49:02
I am a first time home buyer and have been launched prequalification and pre-approval for a mortgage loan Wellsfargo so now I'm starting to look at houses online and such so my question is .. if I make an offer on a house there a period of time when I have to move in by ? My contract expires in three months and I have informed them ( I can go month to month if I have not found anything by then ) so I'm thinking if I can make offers of housing but now it will not happen to them for 2 months? or whatever it is unusual to have a delay of 2 months, if an offer is accepted ?
Buying a quick sale preforeclosure..?0jk11152012-10-13 10:02:56
My husband and I just got pre-approved for a home loan two months ago and have been searching frantically since. A couple of weeks ago I caught word that a house in the city we are looking at going into foreclosure in the near future. So I searched some stuff online and it turns out the homeowner had just lost her court case against her mortgage company in 7/27/09. So thinking it might accept offers for a quick sale before foreclosure, approached and asked about it personally. They said they had some things to mow during the next two weeks, but we were the first people to contact. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I checked some public records on the house and it seems that he had bought the house for $ 89,000 in '99, when it was assessed for $ 112,000, and currently has $ 70,000 left on the mortgage. However, since I bought it, she admitted that she had tried to start projects like redoing the kitchen floor, and then stopped halfway through and on numerous occasions, called it a "fixer upper ". So it sounds as if she has not made any improvements, and in any case, only brought the value down. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know there are many factors involved in this, but since it is not going through realtors if we do get the call back, what would be a rough estimate of the offer. I am currently a nursing student and my husband is still working his way up in your company and therefore as I would like to offer high given their unfortunate situation, you really are not in the position at this point, especially if you need some repairs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We're new to all this, and I would like some information from someone who has had experience with short sale foreclosures. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you!
Buying vs. Renting Round 2: Question about Buying?2Pedro2012-08-20 10:24:28
We have an income not so surprising (43,000 for family of 3 , but may increase a little) , but recently got a stroke of luck bringing my savings of $ 250,000 - after taxes and everything. Will move to Bozeman Montana soon and probably stay long term but could move after 2 years. To find out whether to buy or rent, first I have to know more about the option. Given my situation , the amount of down payment should I put down a $ 240,000 house , and how should I handle the rest? I think any amount not to put down (ie , hold) will have to make more investments than the interest on the loan to be profitable , right? If I can be sure to do more than the loan interest rate (with the money not spent at home) , is not it best to put as much down as possible? Are there other factors I'm not considering? Thanks in advance ....
Quick Question????0sayd2012-10-08 02:48:22
Please no stupid answers ! ie people with experiece anytime 19 and choosing what to do next . I am a licensed physician assistant and a limited number of X -ray technology also 'm about three semesters away from getting my AA in biology. I love the medical field and I like what I hear about becoming a medical assistant , as everyone knows that the school is not cheap and do not really want to get more student loans . I did research online and found the coast guard and saw technology offering health services . My question is is ther and similarities between a health services technician and a medical asst ? What are the chances I get that job ? AMS and the type of work asside from functions described on the website you preform ? Any advice would be greatly appreiciated especially those who have a job. How coastguard lifestyle in general?
Will buying a new car before buying a home hurt my credit?07582012-10-12 01:21:36
Hi , Does anyone know if buying a car ( with trade ) before buying a new home would be my chances of getting approval for a mortgage if my car payment went from $ 100 per month? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Quick question about credit?256782012-10-13 06:54:02
Well I'm still trying to learn about credit. MedlinePlus So I have a Visa with a limit of $ 1,000 . Then I have a co - signed account furniture Leon with my mom so I could buy a car . That account is fully paid (it was late, not due until the end of February ) . No student loans or anything ( paid with cash and worked in college ) . I have a rented apartment , never been late / NSF . Now, does it look bad to have a credit card and I have averaged between $ 150-500 . ( depending on what was happening in that month ) . Always paid off at the end of the month ( if not, it's only something like $ 20) . Still a company look bad credit ? MedlinePlus I'm just trying to keep my credit as clean as I can because I 'm aiming to finance a car in the next year or so .
Question about quick cash loan....?0study song2012-10-06 11:20:53
I know I know , I should not do this , but I really need the money and I went through . I am in the second step of the application and that seem to be paying me $ 1000.00. My question is , the application seems simple enough, but the address on the form loan is in Panama ..... What does that mean ? Any help will be appreciated especially !

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