Online gambling problem...debt issue....?

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Ok , I'm pretty game about 3 months , but only recently has had a relapse , and drained my bank account, I also got my Wells Fargo line of credit , thinking I would use it to pay some bills until I paid .. . but I ended up draining most of that too. I'm in college right now ( taking summer classes ) ... Besides my student loans , I have $ 3400 in credit card , and $ 2,200 in another , and is now $ 950 line of credit. This site game a return said $ 1,000 of the money I used, because it was forbidden in place by a gambling problem for months , but now they are saying they will not give a refund . So I will dispute the charges. I recorded the conversation where they said they had returned the money ( put my cell phone on speaker phone and use the Windows burning program ) , so I'll use that as leverage against them . I'm thinking of using my Stafford Loans in the fall to pay a credit card and a loan from Wells Fargo . Any advice ?

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