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I need dating advice???? Please!!!!!?0Leagh2012-10-13 20:26:23
I'm dating a guy who is very sweet . Everything is fine , but I have my reservations about him . It's right out of college for the money is tight for him . It often seems as if he tries to take me to places that are free or selection of food is at a restaurant based on what I'm doing . They often end up paying . I'm out of school . I have a job , house, car , no debts or student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not stop worrying about the future with him . ) . I've never dated anyone that had to offer both me and my wallet . In the back of my mind , I think of being the breadwinner and does not set well with me . I've even seen and frivolous shopping later in the day , I have no money for a planned activity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ?
Driving important in dating...Advice PLEASE?0rose - Ms. Sue2012-09-26 03:01:05
Unfortunately I could not afford to keep my car because I graduated from college nad now have to pay for things like health insurance which covers me and always plan my mother when I was in school ... I am also paying off my student loans , so I had to sell my car ... how important it is to have a car when you ask a girl ? That's a big turn off ? How can you get around having a car ? What are some ideas of how to address this and hat are some good places that you can go w / oa car? I'd appreciate any and all responses . Thank you !
How important is a car when you are dating...prefer to hear from women but will take all the advice I can get!2quinton2012-08-10 05:34:03
I do not feel right to ask a girl stole I have no car. I did not do anything stupid like a DUI or anything, just I can not afford it, becasue now that I graduated from college , I'm out of my mothers medical plan , so I have to pay for medical coverage and I'm paying my student loans , so it could pay for maintenance Mas , gas, to maintain care , insurance, etc. .. That's a big turn off for me a woman unable to offer a ride? Also, how I can ask out a girl without a car and what are some good places I can go ? I appreciate all the tips and if you could star this question I would appreciate further as more people may be willing to answer this question too. Thank you !
Advice needed urgently - about maintaining contact with a guy you're dating?0SHAREEN2012-10-05 16:48:29
I met this guy online who lives in a different European city (2 hours away). We really hit it off online, so I decided to meet to fly to their city - and we liked each other even more. They took the dating website, because we are trying to see where things would go between us. Its been about 5 months since we've seen each other. We chatted every day (without fail!) Per hour, literally, and I know and trust that he's not dating someone else - and I'm not dating anyone or MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus My problem is this: I'm the one who always calls him, because he knows that in my cell plan I can call you for free. Whenever he wanted to talk about was going to lose call me - and I call. And even when I have spent my free minutes, still call it (which means you end up paying for those calls). Hes working (and I am not at this time), so I told him to lose call me so that I know when to call for a chat, as I will not bother you at work. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I confronted him recently to ask why he can not call me from time to time on my cell phone for a change - and he says it's because he has no "free minutes" to call another mobile phone in Europe. But he explains that he can call me at my home phone for free. I basically explained that doenst even have free minutes, he could at least call me a couple of times - I mean I can not rip a hole in your wallet, I'm considering doing the same to call my cell phone even when "free minutes have been depleted." And I stress that I am even make calls paid to him, even though I'm not working at the moment. He then explains that unlike me, he has to pay loans, payment appropriations, bills etc. and has no money to pay for such calls. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question is this: I have the impression that I'm not even worth spending a little money for a phone call - I'm being silly or what? If as an unemployed, I can call him why can not he call me? To be honest - I feel like I'm not worth the extra money you have to pay for calls to me. Am I exaggerating? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hes a great guy -. I could not ask for a better man, and I really like it, but I think he feels the same for me, because he can not even do those simple phone calls MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As for ourselves, it keeps saying that I should come visit (however, seems reluctant to come see me here, I guess because I still live at home with my parents). But now I'm starting to think it's because the money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Guys - please help - your opinion is needed on this. Cheers
Should I keep dating this guy?0JM2012-09-16 06:53:04
I met my boyfriend on a dating website online a little more than four months . back . At first spent time with me and we both visited . We live an hour apart . Also at the beginning we had a lot in common and have fun . We both said to each other was perfect for another . He then obtained a loan that had been waiting to do a lot of work at home . Since then he has spent much time with me . Also in the beginning we texted each evening long . Now we text , but only if it is free or want . Never just talk on the phone , but I do not really want . I have a son that he is good with . Should I wait to see how things go ? I'm really annoyed by all the time that has been going on with me . He says he really likes me . he says he wants me to move closer, but I'm not willing to do that yet . tell me your honest opinion. I am also unsure , so I think I put too much pressure on him to get what he wants it to feel safe . not very affectionate . he says it's not fair , but he does like me a lot. What should I do ?
Dating on a budget?7latrice2012-10-13 01:35:03
Im 23 and I just finished my 1st semester of graduate school . Money is very tight because they work only part -time and the pay is average. I am a full time student and take classes this summer too. Registration Juice my money pretty quickly as does income. I try to have a minimum of financial aid each semester to reduce future payments on loans. I have no car either from my work and school are both very close to my apartment and save money on gas. I have really wanted to date and start somthing seriouse with some women I know from work or class, but I do not feel I have enough financial backing to make anything, even a week of events would be difficult for me at the moment . The state does not drive even harder when I can not drive to pick it up or take it out , obviously. What are some of you recommend I do? I can not seem to take time just do not get to my age, when all my friends are getting hooked!
Help! Our son is dating a loser!?1Saadiq2012-08-24 05:57:04
Our son is dating a girl who treats him badly. She picks fights with him constantly. She is very insecure and jealous when we go to family dinners (which will be called every five minutes). She was angry with our son when he bought a car ( why bother any of us is safe). She is angry with him constantly. She and her mother spend tons of money on it and you can not even fix the broken toilet at home. She has significant debt and not even graduated college (with student loan money to vacation) , and is generally a bad influence on our son. She is his first serious girlfriend and is already talking about marrying her. Wow ! What can we say to convince him he is making a bad choice of partners ?
Dating ettiquette? Who should pay?3moises2012-10-19 05:04:03
I've always been brought up to believe that it is man who must provide / pay for everything and , of course , I have met a lot of people along the way who opposed . I can understand their point of view of it and have been in relationships where they offer to pay for things here and there , but my question is what if the man makes more money ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My personal situation is that I am a college student who works and has bills to pay . Mechanical Engineer with a Master 's , paid loans , car paid off , and rents a room in someone's house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Am I wrong for thinking he should pay most of the costs ? Once again , here and there mind paying (drinks , movie tickets , other small expenses ) and I never asked him to take me to places ridiculously expensive .
DATING HOW SEE SHOULD you go all the way when both at home???1Ian2012-10-02 01:17:03
I started going out with him well , think he likes me he is just to pay for food is every second time , saying he has a big loan to pay . I have to say that it is very humid in your car that takes all day to put my hand on it so to speak , even in this night of the film put her coat on himself , I thought this a bit odd , what if the layer fell or got worse every day he does in his or my car just kiss is saying I can not be in contact with a girl in a car that is inappropriate is this bad , as it seems that he is the only one getting all the fun and I like the way I feel when I'm kissing you, but I know I am a virgin and when she asked me directly to say I was a bit closed when he took me for a ride in your car fast and stopped at a late stage of the culture I was trying to act confidently so how did he know that I am one ? I will go all the way with him please i will like you to marry him , but he talks a lot about his ex alp 'm paying a lot of the time it would be cheaper to just help out please? ? ?
Our son is dating a loser. What should we do?3Ashyleah2012-10-24 13:16:04
Our son is dating a girl who treats him badly . She picks fights with him constantly . She is very insecure and gets jealous when we go out to dinner with the family (she will call every five minutes) . She was angry with our son when he bought a car ( why bother any of us are unsure ) . She is angry with him constantly . She and her mother spend tons of money on it and can not even fix the broken toilet at home . She has significant debt and not even graduated college ( with student loan money to vacation) , and in general is a bad influence on our son . She is his first serious girlfriend and you're talking about marrying her . Caramba ! What can we say to him to convince him that he is doing a poor choice of partners ?
Dating a Turkish man?2Moon2012-10-22 11:35:02
Ok , so I've been dating a man I met in Istanbul Turkish about 9 months. He worked for his uncle in Sultanahmet . I went to visit him several times and then was called for military service , so I have not seen him for several months . We decided to continue communicating so call me , text me or vice versa , and I feel like if I really want . It also does not hide personal information about his family background , or any questions to be asked about politics or life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, everything I've heard about Turkish love rats , sometimes I can not help feeling that maybe this guy is touching me . I feel as if it was playing a game , he was not going to continue this for nine months , or in the military . However, sometimes I wonder ... Last month borrowed YTL 1800 because he said he had to make a car payment , and it is not working , and no longer have the money as a soldier . His family is from a small town , so I do not have much money either. I would have given it to him , but I'm a student and have no income expendable. But she needed money for a loan anyway , so I promised I would give a little . Long story short , my credit is shot bc of medical bills and could not get the loan . Today I told him that I would not be able to give you the money , and went crazy . He said, ' This is what we mean your promises ? and also said he could not trust me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are you angry because I broke a promise , or because I would not give him the money and that's all you want from me ? I know its hard for you to answer because I do not know personally , and generally consider myself a smart girl , of course, but I can not say completely.
Is this guy worth dating? ?5Amaris2012-10-02 06:10:04
- Below average looks MedlinePlus - Excessive body hair ( back, chest , etc ) MedlinePlus - Outbound ( has a lot of friends) MedlinePlus - Fun MedlinePlus - really smart ( has several advanced degrees , including a master of Brown ) MedlinePlus - Have a successful career with a bright future MedlinePlus - No medical problems MedlinePlus - Have good credit and your own apartment and car ( no debt other than a couple of thousands of student loans )

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