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Accounting treatment : Bad Loans : wether deductible expense?0Seymour2012-10-13 19:20:57
Ours is a limited liability company mainly business advertising and have advanced unsecured loan for a business worth Rs . 10,00,000 / - MedlinePlus This loan has become bad and there is no chance of recovery. MedlinePlus What is the accounting treatment of loan repayment is wrong ? MedlinePlus Is this expenditure of Rs . 10 lakh tax deductible expense income standpoint . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please guide me in this issue
Why Is The Repayment Of A Business Loan Not A Tax Deductible Expense?4Angie2012-10-09 08:42:05
Why is the repayment of a business loan is not a tax deductible expense ?
Does a loan for a car used in a taxi service job count as a deductible business expense?1Corina2012-11-06 08:19:02
If you receive a loan in one of Lincoln to work in a car service , you can make the loan as a deductible business expense ? My mother works in the black car service and your income has increased significantly and will affect my school financial aid. However, while she is not doing enough to comfortably cover my studies because the loan is in the car used in their work .
Partnership firm accounting treatment?0any2012-08-19 04:40:28
Dear Sir : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus a company can pay the liability of a term loan taken in the name of individual partner as loan taken out to buy a building, and this piece of land and building assets is presented as firm partners .. the loan is taken one year before the start of production and commercial hotel . The hotel building is in the name of 4 partners and loan repayment is two separate savings account idividual couple .. What is the accounting treatment of depreciation and intrest paid on the loan ...
What is the name of the loan company that you can get loans from for medical treatment?2txkid2012-11-03 07:43:02
want to get some cosmetic surgery and do not want to wait until I've saved all the money to do
Are unsecured loans such as signature loans deductible on tax return?0emily gibbs2012-09-28 01:45:02
They are unsecured loans , such as signature loans deductible in the tax return ?
Tax deductible? Cash-out refi vs. HELOC vs. Equity loans?0VICTOR2012-08-31 19:07:03
My wife and I are planning a major remodel starting in about 2 1/2 months ... We are having trouble finding information on the differences between cash out refi loans against home equity vs HELOC vs Home "typical refi " as to what are the differences in how tax deductible they are all ( interest paid , etc. ) ... any information or links to information to help us ?
Is it true that interest owed on unsubsidized federal loans is tax deductible?1Tilly2012-08-29 16:23:05
As a veterinary student , I'm basically screwed no matter what when it comes to loan repayment. Total cost of tuition ? Over 180k in tuition alone. Not even begin to cover living expenses that I have to take out loans for the cause at 24 credit hours per semester , there is literally no time for a job. After this latest decision by Congress to eliminate subsidized Stafford loans , I'm in a panic . Will I even be able to pay everything off the power to create a family and contribute to a pension fund and social security has a good chance of being dried by the time I have 35 years? I was reading on a forum, but I can not find anything to back it up , that payments of interest on unsubsidized Stafford loans are tax deductible . Has anyone seen anything to support this?
Should I consolidate my loans ,and would this be a savings or an added expense.?3lak12322012-10-24 11:21:02
Should I consolidate my loans , and this would be a cost savings or added . ?
Is interest paid for home equity loans and used for investment property deductible?0Nihl2012-11-02 16:31:11
Student loans not in repayment or in deferral included in a mortgage loan application as an expense?1Mickaela HELP ME PLEASEEEE2012-10-23 03:58:02
I am applying for a mortgage and have two school loans already on my credit report , but it is not specified in the payment and the second is deferred . However, the loan application requesting all expenses listed on my credit report . Are not these loans with repayment included in my list of expenses?
Treatment of bad business debt?0Anissa2012-09-07 23:29:02
What would be the tax treatment in the following situations ? MedlinePlus A business loan is made for $ 16,000 , interest accrues $ 20,000 . MedlinePlus The borrower can not make payments and attempts to secure payment have not MedlinePlus Can the $ 16,000 or $ 20,000 deduction and how? MedlinePlus How that $ 4,000 has been spent on legal fees trying . MedlinePlus What are the references , standards, publications , newsletters ?

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