HELP !!! lost my ITR reciept and Form 16 of last tolast year ,I need that for home loan,what to do ? related questions

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HELP !!! lost my ITR reciept and Form 16 of last tolast year ,I need that for home loan,what to do ?0Nyasha2012-10-13 16:29:43
I lost my form 16 income tax return and acknowledgment from 2007 to 2008 , I need to apply ofr home , Will income tax issue duplicate tax office reurn PS i did not file online statement I made iti person .
I have lost my Income tax Return Form & form 16 for last 2 years.I have not filled this forms Gipson2012-10-15 14:33:02
Do I need it urgently for my processing loans . He had filled this form by the conventional method . Does anyone know how to get duplicate forms and forms ITR 16.
Form 982 and filing taxes- I am lost and confused.?2evelynn2012-11-04 19:21:02
I filed Chapter 7 BK in August and should be discharged soon. I have always used Form 1040 - EZ , but realize now I have to file my tax return using 1040. Here's the problem ... I have no idea how the Form 982 is supposed to help me , and how to fill it . I have read the instructions , but it confuses me even more . MedlinePlus My lawyer says that in mind when I e -file this year ( luckily , the website I use to e -file have access to this form ) . Can someone please explain this form for me ? MedlinePlus Part I I think I have to dial 1a ( discharge of indebtedness in the title 11 cases ) . I do not know what I put for 2 ... Is the total amount that was discharged ? Is the total amount presented in my BK including student loans , or is it something else? MedlinePlus The number 3 does not make sense to me either ( I swear , they use a language other than English just to fuck with people to be audited ! ) MedlinePlus Part II MedlinePlus What parts do I have to fill ? My BK was very cut and dry ( car loans , credit card debt , ect . ) . MedlinePlus Part III MedlinePlus This makes no sense to me either . Does it even apply ?
I owe $5,000 for my five year old car. Lost my job in 2008 and can't pay anymore.?0Ivan2012-11-03 21:19:33
Between the car payments and high car insurance rates I just can't make it anymore. It was a $19,000 loan in 2005 but with a high interest rate. By now the principle has been covered so its all interest. I just don't see any job of substance in the future. Should I borrow from family to keep the car or let it go into repossession and hope to be able to buy a little used car for cash in a few months. With no lender my car insurance would be much lower. I'm not sure I have much of a choice but what should I do?
Are education loan service companies not required to provide a year end 1098E form by postal mail?0Mr. Salman2012-11-05 00:23:21
I want to buy a home. I had money but I helped my sister, she almost lost her home. now I have no downpayment?0clint2012-11-04 19:42:18
i have no down payment to give. can the bank loan me money to buy a home?
Apart from loans and cash sales what else would be recorded in the reciept part of a cashflow forecast?0kashmira2012-10-14 16:41:45
Apart from loans and cash sales what else would be recorded on the receipt of a cash flow forecast ?
Can you form a company pay yourself and then get a home loan out based on that income?1retyut2432012-09-27 01:01:06
I have my income from a range of work I do - I run an online business , I have a few websites etc - In short I have multiple streams of income . MedlinePlus The problem is I can not get a mortgage because they do not pay me , I have a timesheet , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I was wondering if one of my companies had paid me , is it possible to get a mortgage with that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in New Zealand - and I have 22 years .
I had a car loan in india and i lost my job and i defaulted on my car loan for a year,?0Joeis2012-09-06 05:42:03
i vacated my house and therefore the bank does not draw me I have a good job and want to take my car loan.Will the bank agree with me.for example say I owe the bank 3 lakh 1 lakh which is interest then I can ask them to settle more than 2000 rupees say six months? banks will do this ? settlemet is possible? or should I go to a lawyer and have them talk ? please give me inputs.I am from India
Where to put the home loan ( section 24) i.e.Rs.150000 in ITR form to file the income tax?2matherik2012-09-06 09:35:28
I am unable to find the log in section 24 - E income tax return. I want to present the return line . I downloaded the file from the site xsl income tax , but can not find the section for my mortgage deduction ( Rs.150000 )
Has anyone else been denied the home buyers tax credit because of a unsecured sba loan that filed a 1098 form?0Huy2012-10-11 01:00:27
This is not safe because I did not own a house . so how I can do to see that I did not own a house . They 1098 is the problem . Why the issue sba one 1098 if not secured by a home ?
May home has lost value.?1Brendan2012-08-29 20:21:14
I bought the house 3 years ago in 350k . Now its worth about 245K . I live in Florida. My mortgage is divided in two. First At present I have 10 arm with a fixed interest rate of about 5.75%. second is a HE 10 LOC arm, with an interest rate of 5.25. Given the drop in value is worth keeping the house or look to short sell the house. I have to look into doing a loan modification plan with a company that charges 3.500,00. Those who have better sense to keep as a long term and trying to pay late or what to do with this property?

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