Waiting till financially ready to have children vs wife wants to start Now?

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My wife wants to try to start a family immediately so I can quit work and be a housewife, as she has always wanted, but I think it might not be a bad idea to wait another year to pay the debts of some more so can afford to live on my salary alone. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We've been married three years and done I have children, but both definitely want to have children, I just want to wait until we are ready. Im 31 years old and have a good job making decent money, but maybe not enough to pay all the bills on just my salary only, including home mortgage, utilities, credit cards, student loans, both for me and my wife and two car notes all on just my salary alone, even though I almost double my wife does now. My wife is only 24 years old and work as a teacher of the valuation of the asset, but has always wanted to be a housewife. In fact, we have always agreed on was good for her is a housewife, in principle, going back to when we started dating when she was 19 and in college, and would like to talk about having children in the range of "3-5 years after marriage." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My wife has always dreamed of being a housewife, I think it's great, I know that my mother has always worked all the time and had wanted to stay home. Im trying to be diligent in the household budget and keep track of finances so they can live sustainably on a single income. At this time, we will probably have to reduce debt by about $ 1000 per month to live only on my salary alone, and still be able to provide the level of expected life of my wife and let him be a housewife as you've always wanted. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard that "if you wait until you can afford children, then you will never have children," but I do not know. My wife wanted to start a family just a few months after we were married, and about a year later started to get "baby fever." We still have to pay your student loans, and pay the note for its new SUV 2011, Im ok with that, it just takes time to pay these debts down. After a few of his friends have had their first child, she is getting extremely impatient waiting and can stop taking birth control next month if I like it or not. Not to sound as unsupportive of a family at the moment, but I'm being unreasonable wait another year or so before you start?

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