Will they let me through the Canadian borders, I have a Canadian Permanent Residence card? related questions

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Will they let me through the Canadian borders, I have a Canadian Permanent Residence card?0RAJAN2012-10-13 14:55:35
Okay so here we go , I am a permanent resident in Canada , I have been for two years , I have my green card and social Insurace number and my health card and everything , I'm still in student loans and study at a college at this time , the thing is that a year ago I met a guy online American , he came to visit , but had to return , but he wanted me to be the U.S. and stay there with him , I knew I had to have a visa , so I bought a gray hound ticket to the U.S. and took the bus to the U.S. , however , I was denied entry to the U.S. border because did not have a visa , this American guy wanted me there so bad about what he called the border and told them that my parents were abusive and that I had no one to go to but he thought his lie would the inhabitants of the symathize border with me and left me in the U.S. without a visa , I did not know that until it was too late , after a while I went to Egypt , my homeland , for a visit, but when I returned to Canada , the type of border asked me many questions , as if were trying to illegally cross U.S. borders , her boyfriend was trying to reach the U.S. illegally and so on , I thought I would leave in Canada , but finally did, after giving me the third degree , and now I will have to return to Egypt to get my transcripts from my school there, if they refuse to give my man, I'm worried that the guys from the border can not leave me behind in Canada , I have a reason to worry or what?
Canadian student who wishes to have a green card in the US?0efran2012-11-06 03:25:23
My friend who is a canadian citizen currently living at toronto, wishes to one day attend st johns university in new york for their pharmacy program. She will try to get private student loans, but she wishes to get her green card as soon as possible, so she can get federal aid and or fed. loans. How soon would she be able to get her green card, and what are some options for her and things she could do to help her. Some extra info: after college/university she wants to work and stay here and one day become a permanent resident. -her parents dont have the means to pay for college which is why shes taking the private student loans
How and where can you get canadian credit card or loan with bad credit?1vannesa2012-10-04 16:20:03
How and where to get Canadian credit card or loan with bad credit ?
Does anyone know about banks in Taipei that lend car loan for foreigners with permanent residence in Taiwan ?0blanca2012-08-20 11:12:02
I have permanent residence in Taipei and I have household incomes nearly NT $ 2,000,000 per year . I have my current car and get a better
How does a Canadian become an actress?0YASH2012-09-26 03:25:05
I'm in the first year ( of four) of the University . I am studying International Relations . I have not decided if I want to minor in Political Science or Drama . I love acting and a lot of people have told me that I could be successful at it . MedlinePlus I have no idea how to get involved though. The only thing I can think of is to go to Los Angeles , but I can not afford that and I want to finish my studies. MedlinePlus Are there any good agencies that could handle online to find and set up auditions for me without charging me a lot? MedlinePlus I'm in debt so do not want to have to pay a lot to get to this. I think this would be a fun way to pay my student loans .
Can I get a Canadian Student loan, even though I have a car?1Nikesh Patel2012-08-10 11:23:03
My car is worth 15000, I still owe a little on it. I do not need to work ( I work or respite residential care for adults with disabiities ). I get a Canadian student loan . I'm in Manitoba. I can apply in June, but do you think Id be able to get one even though I have a car? I heard that if the value of the car is over $ 5000 I pose to approve a loan. Is this true ?
Moving in PA and taking my Canadian car along. ?0Star :)2012-10-11 15:17:31
PENNDOT request proof of ownership ... What do I ask because I do not have titles here ! Also, when I ask exactly what that test, the bank where I have a car loan or the dealer where I bought the vehicle . MedlinePlus thank you
Canadian Political Parties?0Dylan Hughes2012-09-17 14:33:03
This next election will be my first time, and I'm really confused about which party to vote. The only four I am voting green, NDP, Liberal or Conservative. I made a dozen online questionnaires to determine which party is closest to my beliefs, and usually end up being either NDP or Liberal. The thing is, though, many people think of the contests to be a lot of cr * p. This is what I think: MedlinePlus 1) The health system seems really fucked up right now and not what it's all meant to be. If possible, I think every Canadian is entitled to free medical coverage, regardless of whether it is a serious operation or a routine checkup. Also, the government should do more to help Canadians who can not afford prescription drugs. MedlinePlus 2) The Canadian military is underfunded and needs to be updated. I think war is never the answer and I am proud that Canada is recognized as a "peacekeeping" country, but with all the instability in the world right now, we need to be able to take care of ourselves, if ever necessary. 3) Poverty is a serious problem and must be addressed seriously. I think more institutions should be created for people off the streets and keep them. MedlinePlus 4) Small businesses need funding in order to succeed and get to the track. MedlinePlus 5) All Canadians deserve free insurance that promises to help in case of unemployment. People also need a reliable pension plan that will help them in the future. MedlinePlus 6) Students need to be helped to pay the loans and in the case of doctors and nurses, I think that the loan should be forgiven in order to get more people in the medical field. MedlinePlus 7) You have to start looking at the development and introduction of new energy sources, which are eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. MedlinePlus 8) Canadian wildlife should be protected, as well as placing greater emphasis on the preservation of our natural resources like water. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are just some of the things that I think need to be addressed. I wonder which party best matches my beliefs.
Canadian Consolidation, Is It A Scam?2Chocolate:)2012-09-18 19:15:04
The boyfriend of my mother received a letter in the mail saying he would solidify any kind of loan, but you would have to deposit $ 1,000 . The company is located in Canada . My boyfriend called Bureo moms business better , and they said they havent had any bad report of them in the last three years. But they can not find a phone number for them . They put a number on the letter , but my mom and her boyfriend have only called late at night or on weekends bc that's the only time they are together. My mom said it should be open on the weekends or late at night , because when the phone call just rings and rings . Annnd not in the directory . I guess he needs bc hes got bad credit . I think it sounds like a scam . What do you think ?
Canadian Economy Survey?1Ninja :P2012-11-03 07:28:03
I'm doing some work on the Canadian economy and its effect on the family . If you could please answer the questions as best you can , would be greatly appreciated . MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus Rebecca MedlinePlus ( You can copy and paste the survey in your reply or simply reply with your selection ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Phase 3 MedlinePlus Interview / survey MedlinePlus This test will be used in my society and families in an Independent Study Unit diverse society . The objective of this work is to investigate and analyze the current Canadian economy and its immediate effect on families and subtle countries. MedlinePlus 1. Gender: Male __ Female __ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. Age : __ 15-20 __ 21-25 __ 26-30 __ 31-35 __ 36-40 __ 41-45 __ 46-50 __ 51-55 __ 56 + MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. Marital status : Single __ Married __ Divorced ______ Widowed Common Law MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. Annual revenue: $ 0 __
I am Canadian, how do I clean up my credit rating.?0Kenned2012-11-02 16:48:02
I was very sick and the payments were late , but they have paid on time for the last year . I just applied for a car loan and was rejected for " bankruptcy" . I've never gone out of business , why would they show on my credit score if you never went bankrupt ? Can decide only bad because payments for a year that went bankrupt ?
Are Canadian university students too spoiled?1Whisky Ï„? 2012-10-27 10:52:47
I go to school in Canada , and pay about 6k a year ( including books ) , and I'm absolutely sick of people complaining about the tuition . It costs about a quarter of the cost of going to school in the states , however , students complain . Why is that students who complain are those who do not work during the year, insist on having a car , insist on wearing designer clothes, and insist on having a laptop ? Not to mention the other crap they spend government money on . I also wonder why people complain loans. Why borrow if you do not want a refund? Not that they were forced to go to college . Not only that, but they do not work during the year ( and a lot of people , so it's not because the courseload is too high ) .... Canadian students are generally spoiling , or just the ones I go to school ?

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