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What do i do about identity theft?1Lo2012-09-19 08:45:04
I applied for my first free checking account yesterday . my credit was stopped , and there were 3 things that I have absolutely no idea. I will pay a house in 2004 , a rental car in 2007 , and another mortgage or loan in 2009 . I have not done any of these things - in fact, in 2004 i was 13/14 years of age in 2007 16/17 and May09 was 18, but I did nothing of the sort. I tried to get my credit report , but because I can not agree with the fraudulent information , will not let me see her . I put all my information , then displays these transactions and asks me what bank you use and the amount of money spent on it - I can not answer this correctly , so do not let me see my credit report . What I can do? ! ? ! I'm only 19, I have no idea what to do with this. i filed a complaint with the FTC online , but I worry that will never contacted me to help. What should I do ? !
Possible identity theft...?!?1Carlee2012-10-23 03:49:52
I tried to get my free annual credit report from Equifax online , and after entering my social security number and other personal information , said they found my file . Just to check it was me , the next page we read : "It seems that may have taken a loan sometime around January 2004 ... " MedlinePlus I have never taken a loan ! And I've always rented ! What should I do ? Contact Equifax ... or someone else? Could this be identity theft ?
Identity theft?? what can i do?0To: Reiny again2012-08-29 06:01:04
Ok , so I'm not sure yet because it will not let me see my credit report that I had to order it by phone , but when I was trying to see who says I have a home loan in May 2008 . Never had a mortgage burden and the truth is that I lost my license and SS card together in May 2008 so I think someone stole it? What I can do if that is the case ? Thank you !
Identity theft question?1Fadumo2012-10-14 18:15:02
Well I do not check my credit report because I never felt the need to do so . Well, I guess I should have. Everything must be on my credit report are student loans , my car (1) and medical expenses . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just randomly decided to check my credit report and found a lot of derogatory things of life , especially credit cards (4-5) , another vehicle , some sort of apartment complex (I'm assuming ) , insurance and other expenses physicians not familiar to everyone. This case goes back to November 2002 ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What in the world is going on? Is this the possible identity theft or innocent mistakes ?
Identity theft victim, what do I do?!?2wheezer2012-09-15 04:28:05
I put a fraud alert out and it was supposed to send me a free credit report via email usual causes do so online . I never received it , what should I do? Who do I contact - I'm trying to rent an apartment before leaving the army 6 mths - Recently discovered a mortgage loan was made ​​on my behalf in 2.8 ! How I can fix this problem ASAP
Identity theft help please, im so scared?1asafa2012-10-21 14:55:02
So I'm in serious debt and need money so badly that I have been looking for such loans "fast " websites ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to this one site , MedlinePlus www.mycashfirst.com MedlinePlus Gave my social security , my bank account number and routing number ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now the bank account you gave me no money in it , not wanting to risk losing cash .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am concerned that soon after I sent my A LOT of info popups and ads agreements wine and things I did not want to be approached , and I fear that my information was sent and taken by a stranger .. . I do not know what to do . When I tried to click on "contact us " page , a form of thought that seemed cheaply made and would not submit so no way to contact this company . What I can do to keep my identity is stolen ?
How much trouble with this Identity theft get into?2Caprice2012-09-16 06:00:06
This is only hypothetical ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A man steals the identity of the Presidency is to: MedlinePlus Obtain credit cards , loans , etc. We also try to influence U.S. foreign policy ... tries to enter safe places in Washington DC and several military bases .
Does this signify possible identity theft?0Bobby2012-09-18 05:20:06
Tonight I tried to access my free annual credit report online . At each identity verification agencies , all correctly answered , then everyone said the information was incorrect . The questions that we did not recognize similar in each site : The records indicate that you opened a home equity loan in October 2011 , have you ever lived in these cities ( list of about 5, none of whom had previously resided . ) He was also asked to verify a former roommate . Each correctly answered me , however , was blocked from entering incorrect information . MedlinePlus Is it a red flag for possible identity theft ?
How can this be legal? (about Identity theft)?1some2012-09-28 09:02:03
Ok so someone stole my identity for almost two years. I put a fraud alert on my credit, which requires that I receive a phone call to authorize any credit investigation and have not had any problems since that solve all the problems of last year. Now, I get a phone call two days ago telling me that I owe $ 1000 for a payday loan taken out in my name. They were very rude to me and obviously I think I'm really a con when I'm back to being scammed. Anyway, here are the reasons why I'm confused as to how this could happen: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Payday loan taken over a site, no person MedlinePlus * They wrote my address in Florida MedlinePlus * It uses a bank of deposit to be made was not in my name MedlinePlus * The bank account is used in Michigan MedlinePlus * The bank account contact information and home address and my name does not match MedlinePlus * No credit check for a loan my payday MedlinePlus * They are threatening to report it on my credit report within 5 business days if I have not sent a report overnight police they MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how I can be pushed into a corner on this! I am furious. I have already filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission, made a police report, and I have done everything I've been told to do. But these people are demanding to buy a copy of my police report to send to them (which costs $ 15 at my local police station) and then pay to have spent the night. If it does today who say they will report it to my credit card in a couple of days. It seems to be so careless in giving money should be illegal ... Right? How can you let someone take a payday loan and put it in someone elses bank account, and on top of that, everything is online so there is no way to verify the identity through photo identification. I told them I'm mailing the FTC legal affidavit morning but they say that's not good enough. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second point is that these people have been torturing me for 2 years. He accumulated a decent amount of damage two years ago, then last year I learned that "piggyback" to use my credit card by subscribing to a new home cable-internet-telephony services in my name. I missed when the cracks because I already had that service provider. So do not have to run my credit card that time either. And now they are taking payday loans in my name, that do not require a credit check. So how does this story end? They could do this I always think: (And I'm trying to get a job in a bank, but I would be denied credit based on this really poor draining me of energy and I feel like giving up:. (What I do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS The logical thing to do is ask for help from the police, right? Well, only if the police were willing to help, they are not: (
Can I sue my mother for Identity theft and how would I go about doing it?3Yc20122012-10-20 11:15:58
I went into foster care when I was 13, because my mother took us to the school for three years . I was in foster care until he was 18 years old , for the reason that he wanted to graduate from high school and I was able to trust my host family . When I turned 18 , I received a call from creditors and was told I should by a $ 150 phone bill . I went to the police (this was in PA ) , and was told that because the bill is not high enough it would be a waste of time trying to go after her for him . I also did my credit report and apparently also had three apartments in my name and may for a loan and a credit card , but the credit card and the credit does not appear in the report . I'm trying to save money to buy my first car and where I live now ( I moved to Virginia ) , you need a good credit score and mine is bad with my mother has done . Can anyone tell me what to do and how to go about doing it . My mother has done this with my other brothers and sisters , but are willing to pay because they want to be put threw those things and are afraid of it . I just need someone who can help me in this, my mother needs to be taught a lesson .
How can i protect myself from identity theft?2Donnice2012-11-05 10:56:02
I gave all my information in an unsecure job interview a few weeks ago , they asked my SS , DOB suchlike . I have fear of becoming a victim of identity theft , I have heard that these thieves not only opening credit card accounts in your name . They are also abusing their public services , the use of counterfeit checks , ATM withdrawals by electronic , take out a loan , get your driver's license with his own image , obtain government benefits . how I can protect myself . If I open account credit reporting companies like Equifax , Experian and TransUnion , is it useful?
Identity theft and prosecution question?0Leez2012-09-22 07:47:05
So basically, in order. About 14 months ago, I was struggling with depression and hair loss is one of the key elements in this. So I consulted a hair transplant surgeon, it was the best I had done in my life, gave me the knowledge and how to plan a great front court against my hair loss. That to this day I'm glad I did, because my hair is 90% better than 14 months ago. Now the case. The surgery costs a good sum of money to carry out, I was currently employed at the time and went to work, so I did not have a car payment and expenses of life for many. I approached my mother possibly together with the signature on the loan, care credit from a commercial bank to GE. She agreed with extreme hesitation, and finally allowed me to get on with it. The two were living in separate states in time, she was in PA and I was in Florida. GE Money Bank allows you to complete both parts online information and then gives confirmation of acceptance. So a few days later called his life saying that closing ask her report, she freaked out and told them I wanted no more, did not find anyway to contact me, and I had already made the down payment and scheduled appointment with the doctor, much the night before my grandmother told me to call my mother, was nervous about the surgery, so I did not, I imagined that I was wishing luck and so on. I had the surgery, and that was it. A few months later, I lost my job and had moved to Pennsylvania to find work in a casino. What I did, and ironically it was the best job of my life. Unfortunately I lost that one in a very short time, when I was young, only to learn the lesson, and now I'm in Delaware with another opertunity, and trying to hold balance. So getting to the point that the loan was in collections and lock life contact her again. Now he's saying it's fraud and going back on his word and trying to say that I took your SS number. Extra info me and my mom barely speak, but I have no reason to hurt. She has always been crazy, but successful. So now me and says lockout is threatening life will take me to court I said I will do everything possible to make payments, but has lost faith in me, because my last job and they lost everything see is the only way to get your credit will take me to court. I talked to her about it 4 times what I do, which is almost dead set on doing this

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