Should Muslims be exempt from tuition fees, due to the fact that they don't believe in Interest? related questions

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Should Muslims be exempt from tuition fees, due to the fact that they don't believe in Interest?0Flo has issues 2012-10-13 09:17:45
maybe if Christians , Jews and atheists students pay an extra 1,000 p / a to cover for them , that's ok eh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus funny Muslims companies seem to have a problem accepting credit card payments huh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus >> Muslim student leaders say changes to tuition fees in England could violate Islamic rules on finance, which do not allow the charging of interest . MedlinePlus The coalition government plans to increase tuition fees up to a maximum of
How do Muslims pay Tuition Fees?0berts2012-11-04 03:33:22
In the UK, the introduction of collage/university tuition fees mean students need massive loans to pay for their education and often leave with tens of thousands of pounds of debt. However muslims aren't allowed to receive or pay interest... so how do Muslim students fund their tuition fees?
We want to know in detail how Muslims regard non-Muslims, and how they should deal with them according to Isla?6Bettye2012-11-02 06:41:02
Praise be to Allah. 1 - . Islam is the religion of mercy and justice 2 - Muslims should call non-Muslims to Islam with wisdom and good exhortation and debate in a way that is better. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) :
Muslims, I know that paying interest is consider Haram (I think)....?0BBF2012-11-04 10:35:53
My friend is a Muslim and he doesn't deal in any situations where he would have to pay interest on something. He doesn't speak English too well, so I have a hard time asking him about it. The thing is, in Western countries one needs to use credit in order to build up their credit scores, to that they can get better rates on home and car loans. I imagine Muslims would not involve themselves in any situations where they would need to pay interest, but I don't understand how they can do that. Homes and automobiles are very expensive purchases and it is very difficult to pay for them up front. I know there are some banks, like HSBC, that offer "Muslim loans", but those are not common and are a fairly recent creation in the Western world. How do Muslims cope with buying a home for their families or buying a car if they aren't able to take out a non interest bearing loan? I make a pretty decent salary and I have been saving now for 5 years so that I can buy my house without having to take out a loan. I am doing it for different reasons, though. When I was very young I got into a crapload of debt and I vowed that I would never owe anyone a dime for the rest of my life. And I try my best to stick to that the best I can.
Do Muslims Get Interest Free Loans?0☆Ethan2012-09-29 15:25:03
Under Islamic law , or sharia is forbidden for a Muslim to pay interest on a loan . I can understand ? Borrow without interest ? If you do not believe me , just read the Koran or search online .
Do I repay SAAS tuition fees?0majenta2012-09-28 04:27:02
I've been looking all over the website, but have not found the payment plan , or really anything that relates to it. Does this mean you do not have to pay me or not just looking hard enough ? the only plan I've seen is a student loan. Please help .
Re: Tuition Fees. What should the LibDems have done instead? (Please read details below before answering)?13jalal2012-11-05 13:00:42
Before going any further - I agree that the Liberal Democrats were wrong to do * that * undertake first. Nick Clegg, has also gone on record to admit that he was wrong to do so. However, what people seem to overlook is that the promise was made in 2 parts. The promise was: * To vote against any increase in rates in the next (ie this) Parliament And * To pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative. Perhaps it was naive to make such a promise, but once the proposal had been made by the Conservatives, making choice of any of the LibDem Members of Parliament? Vote YES, and break the first half of the garment? Or vote NO, and break the 2nd half of it? He said: "I want a higher education system, accessible to people because many of the funds of many possible as possible" (sic - images from YouTube). That's what the coalition has provided! The Liberal Democrats favor a different approach to improve access to college - but rejected * this time * to open the possibility that the poorest people go to college, which then ? * Return the fiscal graduate labor? The labor policy (see above!) Would put a college education out of reach of all but the wealthiest in society. No matter how talented, no matter how hard they work - if you do not have a colossal amount saved, and / or parents with a massive disposable income have no chance . With the reduction in the number of jobs entry level - which in practice mean that a generation would lose their jobs simply because their parents are not fully charged . * Alternatively, they could have pushed the policy they had in their manifesto. But it needs the support of 269 other members of parliament. Most MPs are labor or history, and therefore there was no chance of success there. The end result - stick with the status quo. The universities can not fund themselves, and have to follow the courses of retirement as they had been in the past year reign of the work. Effectively then, there were 3 options: 1) What they did, it would support the proposal to increase rates, but: * Ensure that the threshold for payment is raised to allow graduates to earn a salary of middle class before they had to pay anything, * Give more assistance to low-income people with their living expenses * Ensure that everyone is entitled to a student loan, regardless of what course to take, regardless of which college to attend * And provide incentives for universities to take in students from poorer families - for example, that only allowed to charge the full amount in installments if you can prove that they are closing the door to students from poorer families. 2) Return the workforce plan: * Even if all laboratory and lib deputies voted in favor, to take another 11 deputies to vote for them. * The most important (in my opinion at least), it would be the price of the poorest out of college. Would it have been the "alternative fair" they promised? 3) Allow universities to pass underneath. * This reduces the chance again, for anyone to go to college. Withdrawal of opportunities for social mobility - is that "fair alternative" ? Or was there a fourth option? If so, what was - and how it has given students a better deal?
Question on Transferring from one college to another? Financial Aid/Tuition Fees?0loyd2012-11-06 01:20:00
So my question is : Can you transfer from one college to another if you didn't pay back your student loans from when you were there? I'm currently a freshman in college and I really want to transfer out. Also, would I be eligible for financial aid when I transfer? Thanks in advance
Can I claim my tuition fees as a tax deduction under the VET FEE-HELP Scheme if my employer is paying it?1sb2012-10-08 18:55:02
I recently conducted a course and have taken VET FEE -HELP loan to cover the cost . My employer has offered to pay my debt and FEE -HELP , but not yet , make all the payments on my summary sharing payments Reportable Fringe Benefits as though I'm not really sacrificing any of my salary - my salary is being the same , refunds are an extra bonus for me , because the course is to improve my skills on the job . My question is that I can claim the original registration if my employer is paying the monthly installments . I spoke to the ATO , but I'm still unsure as I said can , however I 'm not paying a dime ! And I'm not sure if employers can claim a tax deduction for fringe benefits reportable on your tax business as normal salary , but if you are and say the original rate , then it is what it claims two times ? Please help I'm so confused : (
Would UK/US banks give me loans for tuition fees as a British student in America?2Kaz2012-09-25 09:27:08
Hi, I'm a British student hoping to apply to universities in the States and I'm trying to find a way to pay . I estimate that it takes at least 150 -200K over the course of a 4-year degree . What no bank is likely to pay me ( personally , more than my parents ) that type of unsecured debt ? Is there any better way to go about funding this ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your help , happy new year.
Me and my partner have been trying to get a fast loan but have no fax and dont have the money for fees anyhelp2Avaa2012-10-24 18:20:02
My partner and I have been trying to get a payday loan but have no fax and no money to pay AnyHelp
If i dont use my fafsa grant can i still use my stafford loan to pay for my tuition?0Ti2012-10-01 13:42:03
I'm asking again because maybe I did not indicate at the beginning . I enrolled in school late .. At first I had three classes totaling 12 credits , but it was an online course for bull shit I like . my fafsa was 500 dollars, because when I dropped the class they said I owed $ 900 and will cover any financial aid. MY QUESTION I still receive MI STAFFORD LOAN AND I PAY FEE WITH BECAUSE my classes are currently on hold.

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