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How can we resolve the money he owes me?3Ellen Kho2012-09-23 06:26:02
I've been dating "Ryan" about a year ago . None of us has a lot of money. During the last couple months , I've borrowed some money. The total amount of the loans have been around $ 350. I think he intends to pay me back. But the problem is that no money. In his last paycheck , which made about $ 200 , which happened in a couple of days. Think of the full-time job again soon, which will significantly increase your salary, and he's going to take a loan of $ 1000 from your 401K , once you pay off your current loan , but I worry that will not be able pay me back. I'm not angry with him about it, but there is a friendly way we can resolve this? We can always work with a payment agreement , I'm sure he would be willing to do so , but that would make it sound like I do not trust him and I do really. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
How should I resolve my money worries?1Jeniffer2012-10-04 08:06:02
My husband has been out of work for almost a year in and out , and as a result, arrived last July procedures to take possession of our house and my car , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been in a Scottish Trust Deed since October 2007 and now lives in rented accommodation , which is quite expensive , however , my husband lost his job again and we have been struggling - so much so that we have resorted to obtaining of payday loans to cover basic expenses such as food, bills , etc. we currently have 3 payday loans out for about
What can I do to resolve my money woes?0I only care about you2012-10-09 10:28:51
Hi, I just wanted some advice on what to do. Im 24. Have a fairly new car when I was 20, took a bank loan of $ 20,000. The payments were well at the time. Moved interstate, needed money to, so that the bank offers a credit card (the worst thing ever!) Anyway, I ended up with a credit card debt of $ 4,000, $ 2,000 I gave to a friend in need, but ultimately does not pay me back (I'm an idiot), refinanced with a consolidation loan to pay for it, as I was struggling to make payments on the cards. MedlinePlus A few months later I knew I was going to lose my job, so I got another card with a limit of $ 2,000, out of work for three months so maxed to pay bills and rent. He found a job, and my boyfriend now, and was ashamed of my debt, which had ballooned to a grand total of $ 35,000. After struggling for 6 months we have sought help. Contacted Fox Symes and now I'm on a payment plan of 5 years to pay off all debts, which will make it more difficult to finance future, but it was the best option. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I work full time, my boyfriend works but just get 10 hours a week. We live well (only), but now we have a buzz on the road. My bank account is reduced to $ 0 after expenses each week and I'm so afraid I'm going to fail my future family because of my stupid mistakes. We need more money for us to breathe, but his MedlinePlus so hard! MedlinePlus I wish someone could help me clean my slate clean and change my life forever. Im so depressed and angry at myself for getting into this mess. Im a good person, just in a slump. I took advantage of credit as all of us and made too many errors .. I'm not so proud. Any ideas on what to do?
Should I sue my mom for money she owes me?2ali2012-09-16 01:49:05
About black Friday , my mother took me with her to go shopping TV . At that time , I thought it was just going to help you choose a TV and take her home , but when we were at the cashier convinced me to open a Sears credit card and charge $ 1500 tv to it. She said she would pay me $ 100 or less each week and be assured that I will pay you in June. Now is the end of May and I have not seen any of my money . In fact , she keeps asking for more because she is playing outside their car payments , but I refuse to pay any that make you crazy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Right now I'm a college student living at home and use student loans to pay because my parents did not help me and I get no financial aid . The money used to pay the TV was also my student loans . I am moving to the next school year and need the money , but she says she does not have any ( but she still betting in casinos ) . Should I sue her for the $ 1500? I am reluctant because my whole family is going to hate me , but 1500 is a lot for a college student and do not think she should have exploited me and made ​​me buy a television that does not need .
What should I do about the money he owes me?0Help me please2012-09-22 06:27:04
My boyfriend "Ryan" is the sweetest guy in the world. He always surprises me with nice things, like changing my callback tone for a romantic song that I like and makes me watch cheesy romantic comedies, even though he hates. He is perfect in every way that matters. But he has money problems. I'm just not rich. I make $ 14 an hour, and that's the only money I have. Makes about $ 11.50 an hour, and only works about 20 hours a week. He is also having 25% of your wages garnished for student loans from college. After freezing and deductions, your net pay is only a couple hundred every two weeks. I've been helping a little here and there. $ 25 for gas here. $ 30 for food there. More recently, he was late on his car payment, and that they would repo your car. It was about $ 300, and I made his car payment for him. Do not tell me that was stupid of me - was that or lose your car and is forced to leave his job. He told me to keep track of it all, and always gives me the receipts. I know he intends to pay me back. Last year, we paid about $ 400, and I paid back over about 3 months. Now, he owes me about $ 600, but still do not have a payment plan in sight. What do you think? Should I leave it open or display? He will not try to get out of it - that has always been 100% honest with me and treated me with the utmost respect. But at the same time, I wonder if and when I get paid again. He'll be taking a loan from your 401K soon for $ 1000. Should I try to get him to give me some of that? Should we set up a payment plan? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as we try to keep our relationship as drama-free as possible. I can count on one hand the number of fights we've had. But its growing debt is becoming the big elephant in the room. Thank you.
Who owes me the money?1mikecardoso1232012-09-20 07:15:02
In the past, late payments on a bank loan after being fired. Eventually , a collection company debt took over the case and over the years I've been paying them, not the bank . Late last year I finished paying my debt only to be told that the debt collection ( robbing b ***** ds ) company that had actually overpaid my debt
He owes SO much money!?4Kgothatso2012-08-15 10:15:03
My boyfriend has done a lot of bad decisions about their spending habits. Her friend helped her out a year ago for the loan of $ 10,000. He has helped to do small jobs to work off some of the money , but now it seems that he is not doing anything to pay off the loan . It's almost as if it "owns " him for lack of a better term. He still owes about $ 6,000, but each time he has blown the extra money on something else .. I could actually do without. I know it's not my business , but want to help . Apart from the cause of his money, he owes money to the bank ... a lot of money . Is your business what he does with his money, always pay their half of the things when it comes to us, but as far as our relationship goes .. I feel like I have more of a relationship with the lady who borrowed money. Every time she has something that needs fixing or something, running toward her. Understandably so, you should .. but it's like I fell like I am nothing and runs toward her. I wish you get everything paid for, but I worry how it will affect us in the future. As we are ever going to be able to buy a house together , if he is already so in debt ? Oh I do not know what my question is here, I feel like I'm rambling. (My apologies ), but any input would be greatly appreciated here ...
This man owes me money! Do I have enough evidence?0turi2012-09-11 03:19:04
A coworker / friend of mine needed financial help again in June of 08 , helped him and lent him $ 1,000 in cash! The only thing there was a verbal agreement to pay me in December 08. He never did, and I've been asking contineously , and he keeps saying he has no money . The only proof I have is a couple of text messages from him telling me that he got a payday loan to pay me back , but never did! Also I have a couple of texts saying it plans to pay me when you get the money . However, he is supervisor and have the money ! he has his taxes and his cousin , so I know I have the money ! Ive told him he was going to bring to court even though I do not like , I said go ahead you have no proof ! So I have enough proof? Is $ 1000, and I will not let it go ... Council is greatly appreciated!
Ex best friend owes me money?!?!?!?0SunnyDee2012-09-14 19:54:04
My best friend of 8 years I stopped talking when she started dating this guy (she is 20 and is 29) . They've only been dating for four months , dated for a year , for two months , was separated and got back together in October ( "allegedly " stopped drugging and drinking - I do not think so ) . Nevertheless stopped talking for a month and two weeks ago , her mother called and invited me to lunch with them to talk . Well , my " friend " sat down at the table and said no , but maybe 30 words for the entire two hours , his mother and I discussed the problem of how rude it has become for me since I started dating, and of course , her mother deffended all the time . Anyway, my friend and I bought a bike together for the summer , but since I was the one with the down payment money , the man signed the motorcycle to me. While there were some problems with the title and was told that the bike would have to be "united " so we could get the title in both of our names . The fact is , however , took the money for a down payment on another car loan they sell, so I would pay the guaranteed loan , but decided to use it for the bike and she said she would help me pay for it . Now that we are friends and I have no other proof than some witnessses she said she would help me pay the loan back to the bike , what I can do? Please .. I know it's kind of strange situation , but any advice will help!
How do I find someone who owes me money?0AMAR JYOTI2012-09-21 18:40:02
A few years ago ( when I was young and stupid ) , I borrowed a co-worker of $ 200. She said it would pay back with your next paycheck . Yes , of course . I wrote the check , cashed it , and never saw her again . I have yet cashed the check as evidence , but I can not find it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It has since been removed from their parents , and nobody knows where she lives now . Sometimes using the maiden name of his mother , which makes it even harder to find. I tried looking on the internet for it, but I havent really lucky . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And the idea of ​​how I can hunt ?
Can I still take him to court for the money he owes me?4~{Happy Face}~2012-11-04 09:31:02
Me and my ex boyfriend dated for a while now and throughout the year and a half left , lent him money to help him get his car , money to buy gifts for the family , for a plane ticket , so I left it Together essentially borrow $ 2,000 . I wrote whenever the borrowed money in a brown book that says how much you borrowed and what was taken by . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's been just over two years and he only gave me $ 200 , that was 2 years ago when we parted . I can talk to him from time to time and whenever I mention money says he has no job and pay me when you can. He has a job but just does not have much and are paying off student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know there is a statue of limitations , but do not know if it applies to me or not , but what I really want to know if it is too late to take him to court to get my money back ? And if not, how do I file a court order against him? And I need a lawyer b / c I really would not be able to afford one ?
My girlfriend owes me money?2hashm2012-10-07 15:52:02
I've been dating a girl for a while. When we met, she worked as a nurse and the proud mother of a 2 year old girl. After about two weeks, I received a call from her saying she was attacked by a mugger. Shortly after the attack, she left her job for emotional purposes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since quitting, he has not had money to use in any of the expenses you have. I offered to help her while she was out of work to ensure that she accepted. Then he said: "I am not made of money and I'm going to college soon, so I need to pay me back," and again she agreed. So I like to buy food, clothes for your child, and other random things. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, over time, has borrowed and borrowed and borrowed some more until I told him I can not help financially. I was paying about 200 to 300 dollars a week then I said I needed to start seeing the money - She agreed to repay the money MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus She has been working at a different hospital now for about a month, and I have yet to see any of the money that comes back. Should have paychecks rolling in. Besides returning to work, she told me that your tax return and she had enough money to pay (in the registry) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was very uncomfortable with the amount of money he owes me and off. The amount was just over $ 4,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recorded a couple of talks we talking about the economic situation and have his record of saying "I will pay when my tax returns COME. One way or another I'm going to pay" In addition to that statement, I asked her " You know how much money you owe me now? " to which she replied (in the registry) "Yes, about $ 4,000" I also got online bank records to show all monetary transactions that have been made that were drawn from an ATM (I rarely use ATMs and until I started dating she never used an ATM in your city .) MedlinePlus At this point, I'm alone with this girl in efforts to get my money back. Besides the money paid, I discovered some other things she has been doing what made me decide to end the relationship. I still care about her, but now realize that you can never pursue a future with her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus regardless .... Is there any way I can use these two records to use against them in court if they pay me? Or is there any advice you could give me a way to prove that I owe the money should I have to take her to court?

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