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How do I find out about free legal services in my area?1Suomynona2012-10-21 19:52:03
I live in Massachusetts. My town is in the county of Norfolk. I underestimated my income last year my state unemployment office. Rather than just pay what you owe the State, the State now accuse me of fraud. The state is charging me again in two statements. The first is $ 3,500. The second assertion follow in 30 days is about $ 3,000. This is money paid to me by mistake because I underestimated my weekly gains since last year. I can not find a way to pay what he owes to the state, the appproximately $ 6,500. I have some savings in my IRA and my family has agreed to help me. However, when asked to state on fraud, said those charges are pending. I said, "does that mean you have to go to jail?" He said no. But I would not say that money damages would be. I am also worried about what admitting guilt to charges of fraud would do to my reputation. If admitted to fraud, then I will have a criminal record that employers could use against me? Would it damage my credit history? MedlinePlus References or links to federal, state and local, county attorney services reference would be helpful. My stomach is tied in knots on this company fraud and I'm not sleeping much. MedlinePlus I'm working several part-time jobs and still looking for full time work. I do not own a home and am renting an apartment with a lease. My car is 9 years old but you pay but its only a matter of time before you need a new car and a car loan. MedlinePlus I fear that if I am accused of fraud that employers are not going to hire me with criminal records could be evicted from my apartment and my landlord may terminate my lease, can not have my credit card so damaged by this fraud that may qualify for even the smallest car loans available. MedlinePlus My last car loan, with only $ 15,000 to buy an economy car. I paid it in full.
Where can I find a lender who services the West Virginia area, for no faxing, bad credit, quick loans?0Clarissa2012-10-11 05:10:56
Again, I'm still looking for a lender . I've talked to several , and they either do not service my area or I have to fax the information. I'm not sure what else to do . Can anyone help me please?
Anyone know where I can get free forms online?Free legal forms for promissary notes?1Gersy2012-08-31 19:22:02
Loans iGive sometimes friends and family and would like to be able to develop a legal form promissary section . Are there any vacancies online where I can find this?
Free Car??? What are my legal options?0pegs2012-10-16 15:57:50
I live in Virginia . My wife had a car loan through Wells Fargo . We had the car refinanced through our local credit union . My credit union gave my wife a blank check to fill the amount of payment , which we did and sent it to Wells Fargo . MedlinePlus When Wells Fargo sent in our cooperative paycheck for details. Wells Fargo and sent 2 requests for this information . Wells Fargo did not respond to requests for additional information . ( Credit Union needed an exact payment amount from the date the check was being paid for the interest ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well Wells Fargo and my wife sent the vehicle title free of all liens, along with a letter thanking him for repayment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Because the check was never cashed by Wells Fargo did not respond Credit Union , Wells Fargo has reopened the loan and have reported late payments and basically telling us to fix it with the Credit Union . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do they have to legally close the loan , as they no longer have a lien on the title ?
Where can i find a loan shark NJ,NY area?0Courtnee2012-09-25 03:53:02
I quickly need around $ 150 - $ 200! I asked the income tax so you should get to my lump some in two weeks , so you pay the money back obviously safe . However, I am very short in some money and I need at least $ 200. I asked everyone I know and everyone is broken or dismissed. I do not want to go to a bank , so that's outta the question , I just need a lender to borrow at least $ 200 and soon I 'm going to pay you back as soon as I get my check .
How can i find a loan shark in my area?1Preeti2012-10-05 04:13:04
I have to find a lender need a loan fast and you can not get a legitimate live in Stockport and not worry about the repayment of high interest on the loan
Does anyone know where I can find a dealer that does in house financing in the SF Bay area?0jackie rios2012-09-27 01:18:03
I am looking for a car dealer in the East Bay is home doing my credit is shot financing.The reason , but I have money to put in a used car.Please no ties to loan companys I tried everyone says who already work with bad credit , but you did.
What IS a credit Union? How do i find one in my area to join and WHY would i want to?3evelynn2012-10-08 20:23:02
Can someone please tell me , in terms stupid if you will, what is a credit union ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to get an unsecured personal loan for $ 10,000 to consolidate my debt and bank denied me (I have a 675 credit score you ) . Everyone says " Go to your credit union ! " And I have no idea what they are talking about . Can someone please explain what a credit union , why would I want to join one, how is it different from a bank and how I can find one in my area ? In addition , there are credit unions to avoid it? thanks
Need Free Legal Documents for Personal Loan & Rent Agreement?3tash2012-11-04 14:14:02
I'm looking for free legal documents . I'm taking a personal loan to a friend , and I wish it to be legal documents and a payment date. I am also looking for a lease as well. Please help me find the forms online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
I am fiona on disability benefits and baby on the way trying to find a loan shark in blackpool area?7 활용되지 않는 부정사 동사 2012-11-05 18:12:02
i live in blackpool all loans in the banks reject network and yet my credit is otherwise well i wouldn ` t have checking accounts , etc need quick money for baby stuff and maternityetc if anyone has any information on loan sharks in my area , please answer me thanks
Where to find services where people with bad credits scores can share others credit to improve their score?0Katie Bunting2012-11-05 01:52:16
It is similar to credit piggy backing but not only sharing the persons credit card as an "authorized user", but sharing the "individual", such as lines of credit, mortgage, loans, etc. Does such service exist in America? I have heard it is popular in Arizona and Virginia. Thanks
Anywhere I can find free books, maybe even games?0Karry2012-09-27 00:39:07
Desperate to return to college I decided to go through my closet and dust off my old books that are in great condition one sell online to help pay for a particular loan that I could get one for school . Not expecting much I sold a lot of books and even some of my old games . I was very pleased . I was wondering if anyone might know a place in the city of New York that could give away old books and / or games that one might be able to go and collect . Not sure if this is possible , but I was curious and thought it would not hurt to ask for help because every bit as much as do extra income . Please say no and suggest another job because I have two jobs and this book of great success is the only thing I have time to do that brought some success . Thanks in advance ... :)

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