Has anyone else had financial aid problems with the University of Phoenix?

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I enrolled in the University of Phoenix in March 2008 for an associate degree in accounting. I had two math classes that are supposed to take at the end of my course syllabus, but tested for credits instead. I have tested and approved in December and classes were not scheduled to occur until February. I finished my last two classes at the end of January and both my academic and financial adviser were informed in advance. There was an excess of loan disbursement in store for these two math classes in my account by $ 2,080. My financial advisor said there was a possibility that the lender, Wells Fargo, I would back excessively. Last week I wrote and told me that the hotel was in the mail. . . not to mention Wells Fargo. Then I received a letter from the lender UOP was requesting a refund of $ 1546.38. They claim that the money sent to Wells Fargo, so I had to pay for it. I thought it was strange that I sent the return and then a separate check to the lender, rather than send the lender the amount requested and the difference to me. I called Wells Fargo and was informed by representatives of three different funds already disbursed never ask again and there is no record of such redemption request or university. My financial aid UOP representative tells me he does not know why I said that when they did request it. The bank is sending me two letters confirming our conversations. The third bank representative I spoke with offered a little insight to the odd number. He said there would be a payment for that amount at the end of February, but was never sent to UOP, so there is no logical reason that I will pay. I also said the prepayment requested by Wells Fargo are handled via letter directly to me and that the school should not be involved in the process of returning the federal loans. I do not know what to do because I'm afraid I will retain my title and send me to collections or something. Has anyone experienced anything like it, and what you did?

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