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Credit report issue (no employer)?0br0Ok32012-10-13 02:11:01
I'm trying to get a loan of 25 000 to buy a new car, I have good credit but I 721 denied by several companies. I own a small LLC company that does good and I'm doing more than enough to repay the loan. I never had a late payment on anything and always pay above . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway I was looking at my credit report and noticed that under employer says college student . I assume that this is why I am denied , I 'm going to college , but I am also self employed and make about 4 - 6k (10 % of company revenue is what they are paid ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is how I can get this to appear on my credit report ? I think this would make a difference in me getting the loan .
Will an Apartment Rental Credit App Update My Employer Info On My Credit Report?0lg2012-09-07 12:44:04
I have some credit problems that I'm trying to work through ( please save any of the righteous "just pay your bills " answers that seem to always appear - are neither helpful nor relevant ) . My credit report now shows a pattern of age a couple of years because I have not applied for credit recently . I do not want to upgrade because I do not want to start receiving harassing debt collector calls at work , or worse start calling them and tell my boss or co-workers about my debts , and some shady collectors do. Although it is illegal , they will keep calling even after you tell them you can not receive calls at work , knowing that people who are deeply in debt are not really in the best position to take them to task legally . I have 20 to 30 calls a day from collectors on my cell phone , sometimes , and no way I can deal with it at work. It is likely to get fired. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to move to a cheaper apt to help me get out of debt faster and get all my bad debts taken care , but until it does , I do not want any of these collectors harassment knowing where I work. So if I apply for an apartment , selling my current company , and perform a credit check , does my credit report will be updated to show my current employer ? Or is that the only change employer information of actual loan applications or when existing creditors report it?
i have a debt of about $ 500 for a credit card capital was so high with late fees and a car loan I have and took the car back after realizing it was a lemon. its "on my credit score, of course, and my credit score is 500.VERY POOR. The condition of both accounts are derrogatory and my only option is to pay them, and it was closed. which is bad . I'm in the 2 desperate need financing for a car . I am only 20 , but I need something '4 scul and work and my baby. Also, my contract is almost finished and I will not have a licensed 2 of that credit . How I can get money to pay this off ? How do I pay? If I bother ? is their another way to raise my credit?
I have an alert on my credit report online that there was an inquiry for a credit report on me and I haven't0kanisha2012-09-06 10:52:03
apply for a loan or refinancing one . I called the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on my account . Anyone can get a loan in my name and not be on my credit report . The survey also was a mortgage company , I found out.
How do I cure a bad credit report?? There are 2 potentially negative items in your report.?3teleisha2012-10-22 14:44:52
I have this thing on my credit report that says .. " There are two potentially negative items in your report." Now , I know what they are and they are both February 50 dollar bills doctor something I forgot to pay a little (I'm only 20 these things slip my mind lol ... ) If I pay where they go , or will stay there for 7 + years: - / . I would get a car loan . They've only been there since April 2009.
How long does a good loan report to your credit report?0Tyson Hanlon2012-08-29 16:58:03
From what I can say is 10 years , but I 've found three different unsecured personal loans , $ 1000, $ 1700 and $ 1000, they are not all the reports for XP / TU / EF . One is to inform EF and the other two are informing XP / EF . I contacted my old bank that was through these , but can not find the role of them anywhere in the system . They were open to all, paid all the same exact month , February 2007 . My score is ticking and I'm sure you have these three reports to the three major credit bureaus would help a lot . Please advise , thanks .
Credit issue--please help?0Soraya2012-08-29 22:21:13
The lease is in March 2011 . Three years ago , we have given credit cards and I have a credit score of 550 and my husband has a score of around 620. Since then we have paid a car , paid off two credit cards exist , have always paid in the three student loans , and we have the perfect rental history for six years . The current rent is $ 900. The two have worked for the state of Texas for 6 years and our gross profit is approximately 6300. I wondered what "opportunities " that could rent a house ? I thank you for your time .
Can you please help me with a credit issue?2Ruan van Rooyen2012-10-22 11:01:01
I have 22 years and I just got my first credit card three months ago , I have been paying in full each month and will continue , also just received a bank loan for a car , who co -signed with my mom . How I can get my credit score up fast? As of now I have enough credit to qualify for anything as I just started . Your advice would apprecitated !
I am looking for a unsecured personalloan Due to employer problems in 2006 credit is bad. New job good pay?1helan2012-09-17 21:51:04
The former employer must wages. As a result left work and now have a great pay . It has a lot behind in payments and want a loan to pay all Offand have one payment. Quantity needed is between 15 and 20K . Spouse also works for payments not be a problem only legitimate businesses No upfront costs are considered
Need to get a new car but credit may be an issue, need some advise.?0sereena2012-10-11 22:09:29
I want to get a car that is approx . $ 19k . I had some accounts but are paid deliguant all, the credit report says now 0 deliquiant accounts . He worked at my job for seven years , never had a car loan , I have a new mortgage for four months and two credit cards and two student loans all obligations. My Beacon score is a 591 ( medium risk ) . Not sure if I should even apply for an auto loan . ? I can be approved? If so , what would be watching in April ?
Credit issue with cosigning a loan?1severina2012-09-19 03:35:03
My husband also signed by a personal loan from your child for a car . What if you decide not to make the payments ? Does the credit guarantors screwed so bad if not paid ? Is there any way to be taken as an endorsement and let his son take the fall for the car or is there something we can do . We were trying to help him out and I feel like we're being screwed now because he has decided he does not want the car and therefore will not pay the loan . What would you do in this situation ?
Credit limit issue (Canada)?0Person2012-09-20 07:24:02
My husband and I are planning to buy our first home in the coming months . We have a good credit history (2 my student loans paid in full shortly after graduation , pay all the bills and cards on time and in full, no car payments ) and have no debt from month to month. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I was doing the affordability mortgage calculators , credit limits seem to be the big problem . I have a student line of credit and a credit card ( total limits : 20k ) and has 2 credit cards ( total 11k limit) . I'm thinking of getting rid of my credit card and his second and lower limits on the main letters 5k each. Is this advisable or if this bad image of our credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !

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