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Statute of Limitations-Colorado?0grid2012-10-12 22:49:12
Can someone knowledgeable in the law tell me what is the statute of limitations on credit card debt (I think a contract of indefinite duration ) is ? What I have found conflicting information online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, what about a secured personal loan ( a loan with a vehicle as collateral ) . Is this a contract and what is the SOL on that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Cosigners and statute of limitations?1MAI2012-10-04 07:03:03
About 8 years ago, I also signed a car loan with my brother - in-law . But two years later , he dwells in him , and filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy ( no one came for me ) . Okay, now fast forward 8 years: MedlinePlus A few days ago ( October 16 ) , I received a letter from a collection agency for a debt that is - at least according to my credit report - past the Statute of Limitations ( SoL is 6 years here) . So my big question is: does your bankruptcy has affected the safety of life of my ( the guarantor ) end . Thanks for any input you all can give.
Statute of Limitations on a defaulted car loan.?2anAYA2012-10-26 08:21:01
I'm in Texas , and a court has just issued a default judgment in an old car loan . I've been researching the laws / rights and I 'm asking this. MedlinePlus 1. What is the SOL of them sueing me ? MedlinePlus 2. Does your state (Ga. but the original company is in New York is a collection agency now ) wrong? MedlinePlus 3. Introduced in a county that never lived in. I do not know who submitted . Does that matter at all ? MedlinePlus 4. If the sun is out ( I paid the last payment to the original creditor in approx . 2003) I can file for a mistrial and the case dismissed all? MedlinePlus Other notes . I was served in October 2007 . The case apparently went to court last week and the collection agency granted a default judgment for my absence . Never was notified by the court or other counsel of the court date . Also , the day after we receive the service in October , called the atty otherwise. to ask for proof of oweness , who pledged to send but never actually did . Should it matter? The loan of $ 12,000
What state's statute of limitations would apply?5bere2012-11-06 06:16:02
Hello - My husband defaulting on a car loan b4 we met. He bought it at the same time have a license from IL but lived in Ohio. This is where your payments are suspended . He moved to Florida, and in 2003 he voluntarily told them reported + told them where I was. He is now married and lives in CT and have started calling again. Although you should pay - they want $ 20,000 for a 91 Plymouth. So we are on the Ohio, Illinois , Florida, or the state of CT of limitation for debt in writing . The last contact I had was w / the original creitor December 2003 when he told them that I report . Please do not hit , it was a fucking moment in your life ....
Is there a statute of limitations for collecting on a loan?0JoshelaT2012-09-09 19:34:03
In 2005 he took a loan of $ 3000 for my boyfriend , while , for a business venture . At that time , the agreement was verbal and was supposed to make the payments. Made about 1 1/2 and stopped. The business never hit it off and ended up rescuing her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since then , they have been divided and moved across the country and remarried . I every time , as the loan , we talked about the return has always been committed to begin making payments as soon as he stood up , and of course , I'd give him the benefit of the doubt because I knew that their situations , and wanted it to stand up . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , now its full employment , but his excuse is that he has another child on the way . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Of course , I know it was my fault I never got anything in writing , so totally be my word against his . But if I decided to continue doing a lawsuit in civil court , you still hear me, or is it too late to make even an attempt ?
When does the statue of limitations begin in colorado?0Baby D2012-10-11 04:17:30
Hello , for many years dwelling in a car loan and the car returned to the lender . Now just received a subpoena from the debt. I hope the statute of limitations has expired for this debt . It was October 2003 when I first went delinquint on the loan and it was served in November 2009 . I never made payment arrangements other after 10/2003 . Has the statute of limitations expired yet?
What is the statute of limitations on a car loan debt in Florida?0Pam2012-09-29 18:10:02
My mother bought a car for my brother on his behalf , in September 2007 , and lost his job soon after and could not pay for the car . Only a few payments were made on the car before it was seized. Debt collectors have been calling for years , but can not afford to pay for the car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have read that the requirement of debt by a written contract is 5 years is Florida , so I have two questions : MedlinePlus a) Is the car loan considered a written contract or some other type of debt ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus b ) What is the date of commencement of the limitation period ? The date the car was purchased ?
If the Statute of Limitations is up on defaulted bank loans does that mean I don't have to pay?0Ker2012-10-25 23:13:33
I default on a loan nonfederal . The last payment was 5/2002 . Colorado Statute of limitations is 6 years . I started having a collection agency asking for money . If you go up to 5/2008 does that mean that only goes, or I'll be taken to court then?
What is the statute of limitations for personal loans in Ohio?0ranujan2012-09-15 00:30:06
I made a loan of a few thousand dollars to a boyfriend in October 2008 . We did not sign a promissory note because we had been in a relationship for 6 years , lived together , and I trusted him. This money was to pay off your credit card . The day I gave the money , said in turn , would make the payments on my credit card every month until he paid me in full. He has never given me a penny . I reminded him several times over the past year and I must confirm that he is angry but (I guess he thinks he is entitled to it ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That $ 2000 was a loan I took for my college expenses of life , but he convinced me to give it to him because it has a very high interest rate and I do not . I'll have to be paying this when I have 30 years ago with him . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, we left our apartment a month ago and now I have really afraid that you will not see a dime . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm thinking of having a consultation with a lawyer to see if I have a case ( as it was a year ago , without written payment plan ) . My only proof is in my bank account that only displays the check #, date on which he was acquitted , the amount , and the beneficiary ( your credit card provider ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think I have a chance to get my money ?
What is the statute of limitations for collecting on a car loan with a bank in California?3David Chaney2012-09-30 07:07:02
What is the statute of limitations for collecting a car loan with a bank in California ?
Would a delinquent mortgage that has not been foreclosed on for over 2 years hit a statute of limitations?1Anita Gunter2012-09-24 21:02:03
I was curious after reading an article with some people who had made no mortgage payment for over 2 years and the bank had started foreclosure proceedings . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that the statute of limitations is different in every state , but I wondered if the limit applies to secured loans and mortgages .
What is the statute of limitations for money owed on a personal loan?1Nichola2012-09-19 04:54:02
No written agreement for repayment . It was a housewarming gift of $ 1,000. However, there is no evidence that it was a gift , so there is no record of it . It was a check that was written for me , and now she has her boyfriend calling me telling me if I do not start making monthly payments , they will take me to court. So my question is , when would the statute to collect a debt exhausted ? If the law is gone, it looks like my best argument against out of this situation MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for everyones help .

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