How to get a car loan if you are a self-employee, make about 6-8k a month but have a poor credit? related questions

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How to get a car loan if you are a self-employee, make about 6-8k a month but have a poor credit?1kailin2012-10-27 09:51:02
my ex boyfriend has a car with my name on it and I'm just trying to refinance in his name . Thanks for your help
I owe 30 thousand in child saport it is 600 a month i make about 2500 a month i pay 1000 a month rent?1Shenae2012-10-15 22:32:02
I have a woman who has a son allso I have car insurance and bills dr 100s is hopless I kill myself or is there a way that my wife did not make much money either i allso be in student loans I Dont wat know what to do ! i cant bankrupsy file in most things Thuis i work long hours to make this lil bit so I can not go to school . aaahhhhhh !
Where can an employee saving $1500/ month, get unsecured Loan in US? Wats the max. loan and APR?1vole2012-11-06 06:56:02
Where can an employee savings of $ 1,500 / month, unsecured loans in the U.S.? Wats the best . loan and April ?
The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held?4Pengu2012-10-04 20:20:03
The boss wants the employee to reach it for the paycheck so he can cash it and get some money from the employee . Is this legal ?
I make 1200 a month can i afford a 600/month apartment?0?, hard to Him. -2012-09-27 14:40:03
only a run in my accounts I have a car note 256/month , 2 student loans $ 50 each , $ 200 a month car and gas $ 35 every 2 weeks with utilities and all I can afford a 600 per apartment month? im 21 and want to move out of my parents house , but I do not know if that's a smart move , what do you think?
Will getting a new Credit Card now make it harder to get an Auto Loan next month?0FAIZA2012-10-07 14:06:12
I'm thinking of buying my first car next month , of which funds 75 % of it. ( I have 22 years and I have a student loan under $ 6000 I 'm paying off and a credit card with a limit of $ 2500 that I keep balances low and is currently paid ) . I have a credit card offer in the mail that I can not pass , but I'm not sure if the opening of a new facility so close when I go to apply for a car loan will help or hurt me? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that opening a new credit ding my credit score a little, but a new line of credit ( if approved ) will help me . - I do not know how to have no payment history on MedlinePlus he would hurt me ? MedlinePlus Besides, I have not checked my credit report yet this year ... I do not want to cause unnecessary bumps , but would it be smart to pull it before trying either ? - I'm not sure what a " good result " should be approved for a car loan .
I need a $5000 loan ASAP. I have poor credit, but I make $70,000 a year working full-time. What can I do?1Englishstudent2012-08-26 05:30:18
My credit rating is in the 500 high , mostly due to being an idiot during my college years . However, I can receive paychecks of about $ 4000 a month, but I am in desperate need of a short term loan of $ 5000 for this month. I would pay $ 6,000 in February on a loan of $ 5,000 received in a week from today . Do I have any options ? I've looked at the payday loans , but only offer up to $ 1500. I have also explored the options of family and friends, but really could not afford $ 5000, even with a guaranteed return of $ 6000 in 40 days.
Are there any lenders willing to make loans for people with poor credit?0traivonn2012-09-25 10:54:03
because medical conditons between my wife and I in the past two years , our credit rating is in the earth . I had a stroke and my wife had four surgeries for cancer. Having too many payments and not enough money to pay all without some way to consolidate . any help out there ?
I have unsecured loan at 12,600. I pay 388 a month. it was to consolidate credit debt. Did I make good choice?2Rabia2012-08-31 10:47:03
I have this only four months . I hate it . But I had a debt to pay through the years of child costs . Any suggestions ?
Car loans for people with no credit that make around $800+ a month?0Altagracia2012-08-18 04:29:03
I make $ 200 + a week and have no accounts at all .. so you can afford a car payment , but I have no credit history ( I'm trying to build something - but it will take a long time - the car is falling apart , I need a car now ) .. Where I can get a loan that I remember?
Are there banks that consolidate your credit card debt so you can make just one payment a month?1Seth2012-09-01 20:17:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I am a student and I'm getting nervous about my credit card debt ( $ 5,000 ) . Such is the hassle of paying on each card each month . I want to consolidate all the debt and make one payment each month and start paying them . It's hard bc I'm a student and have no income . I have school loans that I use while in law school . Any suggestions ?
What mortgage lenders will make loans to people with poor/bad credit but have good paying jobs?0hello问候2012-09-30 05:14:02
What lenders make mortgage loans to people with poor / bad credit but have good paying jobs ?

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