Can I lose my home due to unsecured unpaid debt? related questions

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Can I lose my home due to unsecured unpaid debt?0kick2012-10-12 09:58:47
We have a house (which is paid in full . ) We have the credit card debt and personal loans that have gone unpaid because of unemployment . Can my house be taken to satisfy unsecured debt ?
Can an unpaid unsecured loan result in having your home taken.?0molly072012-10-13 11:01:38
my neighbors held a
Can an unsecured loan if unpaid result in your home being taken?4di-di2012-10-11 19:08:02
my neighbors held a
Can a first time homebuyer with a lot of unsecured debt get a home loan to also cover the debt?2Dunca2012-08-11 05:49:02
I have 30k of credit card debt . I wondered if I could consolidate that into a mortgage. I have never applied for a mortgage before. Have you done this people in the past?
Unpaid unsecured loan?1Kiephier2012-11-05 18:00:01
if I did not pay an unsecured
Going to lose my home, what can I do?0Ashley2012-10-15 11:11:56
My parents opened a business together, chimney sweep, my mom works for my father is really free because the money for the family. Well recently went to a gas station girl, that it has been trying to pay the bills that he and my mother started here, but he has to pay rent new girlfriend. Now is going blind and maybe has a year left eye sight, the business collapses and my mother and I have tried to find work. I'm not kidding when I say that I have applied everywhere for day shifts and night and give me any program. But no one will hire me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now summer is coming and it does not take a genius to guess that it is a low season for a chimney sweep, people have begun to cancel the job well ordered and not the money he deserved. We stand behind the bills. If you do not reach $ 1386.72 by exclusion begin Friday. MedlinePlus At the end of the month in which the power was cut and the Internet, both are necessary to run the business. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have asked family and friends for a grant / loan, they simply do not have the extra money around. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've never been more stress or fear in my life, I'm so scared my mom will end up on the streets because of his stubbornness, she does not want to impose on anyone. MedlinePlus We have a neighbor who said he would take me until I can get through school, but he wants me to work really do not mind working, but their idea of ​​work is hard work farm. I can really only cook, clean and do some yard work, that you can actually do a lot, but compared to what is very clear MedlinePlus His neighbor in the hood so it still will be "home" but did go to see him today, but I was stressing so much that I gave a very high fever, all I wanted was to go home. I fear what will happen when I can not really go home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know how to stop stress and I do not really know how to pull me and my mom out of this. We are selling our swimming spot for $ 800 hoping someone will buy it along with my father and rotating that could help pay the bills. I feel this is a long question, but I am very scared and wanted my situation fully explained. So what I can do to help? What I can do to deal with all this and I can not stress how? I keep trying to calm me down, but I "m on the verge of hysteria, all advice is welcome.
Are we gonna lose our home?1que-3席 ≥2012-09-30 23:32:04
They bought a house for $ 350,000, the tax assessment is now $ 308,000 , but the houses are not sold in our neighborhood , not even for $ 200,000. We are about to go 30 days late on our mortgage payment . We've been shooting almost $ 1500/month of our credit cards from September with the hope that we would be able to understand finance and working hours are collected from my husband , but they have not done , what credit means debt is now up to $ 30,000. I have student loans totaling $ 48,000 , the $ 30,000 loan payments directly expires in February ( after 6 months forbearance) and the other $ 18,000 private loan just approved by the patient until October. We have a payment of $ 375 monthly car and a 1 year old . Also got sucked into a timeshare in 2005 , with a capital of $ 9,000 and costs us about $ 180/month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SOOOO , what do we do ? We can not afford our lifestyle , but have cut back on all unnecessary expenses , including telephone, cable and internet. We have become the loan documents to assist both our first mortgage holders (80 % ) and second (20 % ) , but those who take 30-45 days to even be prosecuted . Meanwhile, my income has taken a hit $ 300 a month , even though I stopped contributing to my retirment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Question: Is there any hope for us ? Or do we have to sit and watch our credit score ( currently 760) fall into hell and our credit report stained with 30 - , 60 - , 90 - day late ... MedlinePlus Should I stop paying credit cards and make payments on the house instead? Which is better in this economy , to stop paying credit cards or stop paying the mortgage ?
Will i lose my home in the divorce?1Abby2012-10-23 23:42:02
My husband and I are thinking about getting a divorce and this is our offer : wants our two children and two cars and nothing else . the rest as the house and the money in the joint account will be given to me. and this is my problem , the house has both of our names on the mortgage , want to change or refinance the house to my name , but I do not think I will qualify on my own behalf . He said he is willing to help me refinance to reduce monthly payments and keep your name on the loan. If I do, the judge will signal me to keep the house ? I am planning to bring my mother and other family members to help me with the mortgage . So worry, I do not want to sell the house and divide in half .
Can a debt recovery company attach unsecured debts to your home?1Yennis2012-08-10 23:49:02
I thought the unsecured loans mean exactly that, but someone said the debt recovery companies have a way of uniting these debts to your home, what then becomes secure at home, is that correct ?
I wondering if its possible to get a home loan, but at same time consolidate unsecured debt?4Niño Luther2012-10-23 17:07:02
I'm paying a lot less than the appraised value of the property , and even after consolidation , will 30-40000 under the value of the property .... Jus not know if lenders allow this to happen ?
Can anyone tell me if you can role your unsecured credit card debt into a first time home loan?10Sawha2012-11-06 08:18:03
The first time home buyer here . My wife and I have good credit and make good money , but our debt to income ratio is quite high . I was wondering if you can finance a home with an agreed price of 200,000 to pay 175,000 for unsecured debt ? Actually , we save about 450.00 a month if we ablt do that . It would kind of be like a second mortgage , ... but no. Any input would be greatly appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C
How can I get a home equity loan/line of credit with lots of unsecured debt?0ankit2012-10-12 03:19:55
I have about $ 75,000 of equity in my house . The housing market in my area is stable , unlike the rest of the country . I want to get a home equity loan for $ 25,000 to pay off a credit card . ( This is only part of the debt of my credit card for the family. ) We have good plan to pay our debt , but can not do without this kind of help . We are current on everything - we have never lost a month and not have creditors calling us . The problem is we can not pay the debt without the loan and can not qualify for the loan debt . I think this is really unfair because we've never been , so late, and people across the country are filing for bankruptcy / exclude the left and right. How do you qualify? Is there a place that can help us ? (We will not declare bankruptcy . )

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