I loaned $800 to my aunt. How long should I wait before asking for my money back? related questions

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I loaned $800 to my aunt. How long should I wait before asking for my money back?2 호격명사 2012-11-04 09:50:01
Apparently my aunt who used to be very good position has been having financial problems because she is a housewife, her husband was in real estate , and she could not afford expensive child schooling . We were never told the details , but some time ago my aunt called and asked my mom for $ 4000. My mom had 2500 and asked if I lend him money . I had saved about 1,500 of my min wage job and school loans and I gave that to my mom . Over a year later, my aunt sent us our money . A few weeks later Aunt calls back and asks 3000. My mom told me no, that would not be able to do that again . So I decided to call me and ask me for my money because I guess they think that college students are charged and still buried in credit card bills and student loans. He called several times and said he had no money . My dumb a $ $ So I decided to ask for a cash advance for $ 500 with great interest because this was best I left and I added $ 300 of my own money I did not tell my mom about it because she knows no would be very happy to hear this . She promised to pay soon , but I really need my money now . I do not know how to ask for my money back because I heard you've been asking other people for money. I do not understand . She lives in a nicer house than the rest of us , their children go to school more enjoyable than the rest never went to ... Why are we asking for money , and how and when we do it again ?
My aunt always wants money and acts like its owed to her...suggestions? Sorry its long?1Kassidie2012-08-16 16:23:02
I have an aunt who has had to take a cut in hours and is now receiving partial unemployment. Her boyfriend, who lives in years, was fired. He also is receiving unemployment. I do not know how you are receiving unemployment, because she had asked for a cut of an hour, but that's not my question. Since they have been laid off (about 3 weeks) are constantly asking for money. You have reached the point where my mother, sister, or I will not answer the phone. First, my aunt said she only needed $ 30 to get some groceries. (My mother and I just lost our jobs, but fortunately has a very small business and an apartment building that keeps us afloat) My mother said things are tight for us, but that would give $ 30 but she needs it again every time my aunt could. My aunt agreed. The day I dropped the money go to my aunt who was very angry that my mother only gave him $ 30. After we got home my mother received a message stating that my aunt did not pay the money.Later, I checked my messages and my aunt had left a message saying he needed money. If I could give her a little and give a little sister and my mother to give a little more, then it would be good. My husband said no, not after what he did to my mother. Besides that, the message was not asking for money he demanded money. It was a bit rude and angry almost shouting into the phone. My mother and I had a business meeting in Harrisburg with a Governor. It lies about 150 miles away. My aunt knew of the meeting. That night, she started calling asking for money, because if we had money to go to Harrisburg, then we have the money to give (not lend, but to give) to it. She demanded to know what we spend our money in that said simply said that we also have bills and not a lot of money. We had to reduce some of our luxuries. My aunt constantly complains about her boyfriends mortgage (you pay for, but again is another issue) and how one of their paychecks and part of another. I suggested, since only he and she may rent the house and get a small one bedroom apartment with utilities included. He was frightened at the thought. Tonight, my aunt started calling again. When you have not responded to my grandmother started calling. I unintentionally missed calls from my grandmother. So I called my mother to ask if he had spoken with my program was something wrong because he would not leave a msg, but had to be called. My mother said that my aunt and grandmother had called my sister and my mother. My aunt wanted money and my grandmother wants cigerettes because my aunt had smoked all of it and none of them had money. I quit smoking 4 years ago. My brother smokes and one day I picked up some cigs when I was in Wal-Mart cost $ 7.40! So my grams wanted to go buy cigs then lead to it (we live about 50 miles of it). What about these people? I'm so angry with them. What makes me even more angry is the fact that when we do help them they refuse to return the favor, or pay us back, or if something we do, just be polite they are ungrateful and act as they should. My family is and that is why we moved further away from them. For example. When I was 18, my gram had to go to Pittsburgh for an operation so I offered to drive. I had a lot of money working 10 hours a week, earning $ 5.15. I asked him to go halves in the gas. My car has excellent gas mileage and only took a tank of gas down and back. He was a gentleman, so they have a large tank either. My mother went along and provided the hotel room and meals for us all. (My surgery grams was at 6 am, so we stayed the night before) Just weeks after the outpatient procedure, called me asking for my g's back half of its gas, and it was just a loan! How should I approach this situation? I'm willing to cut all ties with them. Suggestions plz!
Loaned out money, doesn't look like I'm getting it back. Should I let it go?9Karen2012-11-04 01:55:02
I have a friend I've known for 10 years. He lives down the street from me with his girlfriend and their children. Recently, Myspace, told me he had run out of gas on the road, and they were broke and had no money for gas. I offered to loan $ 20. He agreed and said he would pay me within 2 weeks. I picked it up , took him to the gas station with a can of gasoline, led to his car, and gave him twenty dollars . I heard from him last Monday, when he said he would pay me "on Wednesday or Thursday ." I had not heard anything so earlier this week, I emailed asking if I had the money, and if not, it was fine, but I wanted to know what was happening, as it had not heard of it . I wrote back and I know he has been online, and has also said in my "Sent" folder where you read the message. I was trying to help a friend and his family and think I screwed. How should I treat this (continued )
How can I get back money I loaned to my ex boyfriend?0Charlette2012-11-04 21:48:22
I loaned my ex boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) $500 cash. We've broken up and its been about 6 months and I haven't seen any of the money yet. Is there any legal way I can get the money back? At first I told him he could pay me $100 a month, but that never happened. I really want the money back because I am fixing to go off to college.
I loaned a friend money, how do i get it back?0majenta2012-10-10 06:14:56
I lent my friend
If I loaned someone money and they aren't paying me back?13nonna2012-11-04 05:09:02
? I can take legal action ? We only had a verbal agreement and I paid cash. I just want what I should , but it's been a while and I have more bills to pay now .
I loaned a co-worker a large sum of money, and now I need it back! ?1enya2012-10-27 21:41:03
How I can recover the money lent to someone ? I let a coworker borrow a large sum of money that was having financial difficulty. We had a verbal agreement to pay as much as I could as fast as he could. 3 days after our operation , my husband lost his job . I would consider this person a good friend and I hope she understood that I was in trouble . Our payday following the loan , wait until the end of the day , but never said anything about making your first payment for me . Any idea how to get my money back ? Or am I just screwed? !
If you loaned someone money with a check, and they are delaying paying you back what can you do legally?2Bree'Anna2012-10-20 13:37:57
I loan someone some money in a bank check . It was written to, and the cashier had we both sign the back. I wrote a post dated check , but later said he did not have the money at that time. We have delayed the payment of any money twice . This was the money was money he was saving for a car . The check was given to me to pay cash . With the exact amount lent . It was a nice sum of money for someone who does not have much . I really need and want my money back. What should I do about it?
Can auto dealer keep my truck, title & money if they loaned me a car til they find me one, I want mine back!?2Kerry-Ann2012-10-26 20:49:03
I used to Excel wanting to change my truck . I have no perfect credit , but say they found a lender willing to work with me . They had nothing to suit my needs , but to lend me a car (which I made ​​clear that I have a spinal injury and need a truck that sits low ) until I found something that worked for me . I did give them my title , truck, and down payment . I did not sign the title or anything except a paper saying I borrowed the car and if anything happens to her, I have to pay the dealer for it. I've only had the car since this morning and I hate it and want my truck , the title and money . Do you have to return it or can I keep ? What I can do if they refuse to give it back ? I am low income and can not afford a lawyer.
How can GM have paid back it's loans to the Govt using Govt loaned money?0sabola2012-10-03 09:36:08
And that, in fact, not paid , not close ... TURN ON THIS IS MAKING ME DIZZY ! (leave the lies , I want to get off ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extract ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In short , GM is using public money to pay the government money to get more government money . And at an interest rate of 2% on that. This is a nifty scheme to refinance GM's government debt - not pay again MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GM boasts that, because he is doing well , is paying the $ 6.7 billion five years ahead of schedule , and that was not due until 2015 . Thus, there will be a rapid return on investment rest $ 49.6 billion? No. That goal has been pushed back , as it is . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The General Accounting Office , meanwhile , remains deeply pessimistic . Concluded in a December report (which an April newer has said nothing to contradict , despite media manipulation otherwise ) that: " The Treasury is unlikely to recover its entire investment in Chrysler or GM , given that securities firms would have to grow much more than they have in the past. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Stratagem recovery rescue Whitacre is a desperate attempt to retrieve the car buying public deeply disgusted by the spectacle of GM rattling its tin cup before Uncle Sam . But the fact of the matter is that the company is still deep in the hole . It could make its way back
How should I go about asking my aunt for money?6Juleana2012-10-21 16:27:03
My wife got pregnant unexpectedly and had to rest in bed . We were doing well financially until then , but once she had to stop working , we lost a lot of revenue . I got behind on our bills , and had to use credit cards to pay for essentials. Now I have more than 400 a month in minimum monthly payments alone , not including mortgage payments . I ask my aunt to lend us a considerable amount of cash to pay our credit card debt in a period of four years . How should I ask , or should I ask everyone ?
What legal actions can I take to get a loaned car back, if they won't get it back?2afo2012-11-01 20:12:02
I bought in August 2008, and have let my daughter borrow for 4 years. I can ? Back , even if she is not willing to give back ?

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