I loaned $800 to my aunt. How long should I wait before asking for my money back?

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Apparently my aunt who used to be very good position has been having financial problems because she is a housewife, her husband was in real estate , and she could not afford expensive child schooling . We were never told the details , but some time ago my aunt called and asked my mom for $ 4000. My mom had 2500 and asked if I lend him money . I had saved about 1,500 of my min wage job and school loans and I gave that to my mom . Over a year later, my aunt sent us our money . A few weeks later Aunt calls back and asks 3000. My mom told me no, that would not be able to do that again . So I decided to call me and ask me for my money because I guess they think that college students are charged and still buried in credit card bills and student loans. He called several times and said he had no money . My dumb a $ $ So I decided to ask for a cash advance for $ 500 with great interest because this was best I left and I added $ 300 of my own money I did not tell my mom about it because she knows no would be very happy to hear this . She promised to pay soon , but I really need my money now . I do not know how to ask for my money back because I heard you've been asking other people for money. I do not understand . She lives in a nicer house than the rest of us , their children go to school more enjoyable than the rest never went to ... Why are we asking for money , and how and when we do it again ?
Answer1bennieAnswered at 2012-10-13 16:08:05
You should have dicussed that when he gave the money and should not have taken any loan to help .
Answer2Mom and daughter need helpAnswered at 2012-11-04 09:48:11
This really isnt gonna answer your question, but i would ask for my money ASAP
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