Possible to trade a vehicle for another vehicle that has a loan on it? related questions

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Can you trade in a vehicle for another used vehicle at a car lot if you still have a loan out & paying on it?2NENAS2012-10-15 03:31:02
Can you trade in a vehicle to another vehicle used in a car lot if you still have a loan out and pay for it?
I have a car loan on a vehicle, but want to trade it straight up for another vehicle. Is this possible?2gopher2012-10-10 18:30:02
Trade is not a dealer , is a private transaction . So basically will only change owners. How I can or I can go about this ?
My vehicle was repossessed. Now employed, I have a vehicle. Can I trade it in w/bad credit for something else0Rella2012-10-07 03:41:11
When I got divorced I lost a lot of things . I really want to know if there is anyone out there that will give me a loan for about $ 20K for a used car . I searched the net for everyone tells me not to . Any help will be appreciated . thanks
Possible to trade a vehicle for another vehicle that has a loan on it?1gena2012-10-22 16:14:03
Hi I'm looking at possibly trading my car for another car both of our cars are worth about the same price only problem is that is that it 's still a loan and I have nothing owed ​​on mine I have my degree in hand MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , I do not know how something like this would work , it is possible that trade and I get the title of the car to other people and somehow the loan is transferred and my car is what you have to pay ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Live in PA if that makes any difference
If I have bad credit, can I trade a used vehicle for another used vehicle?0Brendan2012-09-06 04:44:03
I'm assuming a credit check will prevent me borrow the money , but as I and I have a car loan in good condition , could really get a different vehicle ? I want to change an avalanche of further Suburban one or two years , with approximately the same value .
Is it possible to trade one vehicle in for two?0skate2012-10-12 10:24:27
I know this may sound like a strange situation , but I have a Jeep that has about $ 4- 5K in equity. What I really need to get out of this situation is 2 vehicles with approximately the same monthly payment . A new vehicle and then another older that is in an acceptable state ( basically going to get from point a to point b ) . So I guess my question is ... I can take my Jeep ? A dealer and exchange it for 2 vehicles ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that the best solution would be to sell the Jeep myself and then take the money I make to pay cash for older car and then just go and get a loan for the new car, but I was expecting something a little faster ( you never know how long it might take to sell a vehicle on your own) ....
Should i trade in my vehicle?0dillon2012-10-27 08:11:47
I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 . I'm upside down on my loan . I still owe $ 9,000 in the same orriginally leased for $ 16,400. I love the truck but sucks on gas. I use my car everyday gf as im driving 200 miles per day. Should I change my vehicle ? Im stuck in payments , but need something more fuel efficient. I have my eyes on Toyota Corolla .
If I trade in my vehicle to buy a more expensive car, can they roll in my old loan into the new one?0Dark Cloud 2012-08-13 10:25:38
I owe $ 2300 on my truck to my local bank, and is worth over $ 2500 trade-in value . If I buy a car from $ 5000, and trade - in my truck to the dealership , which are capable of handling the reward for me, and I start again with my new loan? Or do I have to come up with the money set aside to pay the truck before I could change it? How does that work ?
Trade in upside down vehicle?4michael clayton2012-09-22 21:15:03
I asked the other day, but will ask again and provide a bit more detail. MedlinePlus My husband took a very bad decision and bought new June 1 Subaru Baja Turbo which has about 40k on it (he bought 12/06). In addition to his full-time job that offers pizzas about 25 hours a week (that works this amount to pay for the Baja). He must be about 18 k, we can not afford to pay the extra capital. Still offer pizzas after was worth it because you like to have $ extra. He gets about 20 mpg aiming for his p / t work and budget, considering also that he uses 93 octane gas for the turbo. MedlinePlus Our second child is due in December, and after that I will not be working full time outside the home and. (This was all in the 'plan' stupid when he bought the car). I've been saying that it was impractical from the start, and now with the economic instability and gas prices all over the place, you're starting to see that and talk about trading your car into something smaller, cheaper fuel effiecient and payments, as a Kia Rio or Hyundai Accent. MedlinePlus The base price is around 10k, and you will have about 5k neg. Lower equity, so that will be financing almost as much as it should now. I did some research and according to all the online calculators on financial websites and automobiles, which will cover the cost in about three years. MedlinePlus I talked to my smartest person I know financially, and he said he would not, but if we did, the only way I could make financial sense would be to continue to pay the amount we have been paying in the Baja to pay faster and pay less interest over time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But all financially assist the news is saying "keep ur gas mileage because they have no resale value" and "not taking new loans you do not have to", etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now all that being said, what would you do? ? ? ? I do not want to make another bad decision, because there is much more at stake right away that there was almost two years ago. MedlinePlus
Can I trade in a leased vehicle?0Santha2012-10-27 07:49:22
I started leasing a 2008 Lexus IS250 in Jan 2008. I did a 36-month lease ( ending Dec 2011) , where at the end I could buy , or on foot . I want to trade , I have found my ideal car for the perfect price . The price of the new car is $ 15,000. I pay $ 469 a month for my Lexus . If I were to buy the Lexus today would be about $ 25,000 . If I wait until January would be about 21.000 to 22.000 . I want to trade , and I know I'll have about 8 months left to pay $ 469 , I would have rolled into the lease . My question is if they take my Lexus as a trade worth $ 25,000 , and my loan for the new ( with residual payments ) is around $ 19,000 , what happens to the other $ 6000? Below are used as a down payment and put the $ 13,000 loan ? Or is simply thrown like that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that when you operate a vehicle that owes nothing in it will help reduce the loan , so if the car is worth more than a new car loan works the same way?
Can I trade my vehicle with someone else and take my auto loan and transfer it to the car I traded with?1Veronica2012-09-22 12:37:02
So I want to change my car with my friend for your car . I have a loan on my car while I do not. Is there away we can trade and have my loan transfer to your car ?
If your not finish paying off a vehicle loan, can you still trade it off at a dealership?0Afifa2012-11-04 01:07:51
I'm in the military and I just bought an SUV. I have decided not to reenlist, and instead go to college fulltime. It is highly unlikely that I will be able to continue with the notes. I will have half of the loan payed off by the end of my contract. Will I still be able to trade my SUV off at a dealership or anywhere else for a vehicle of lesser value?

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