My ex-wife defaulted on a car loan, now the bank wants me to pay, is that legal, she won the car thru divorce. related questions

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My ex-wife defaulted on a car loan, now the bank wants me to pay, is that legal, she won the car thru divorce.10Kimberly2012-08-29 15:15:14
My ex - wife won the car through a divorce in which I agreed, she was responsible for all payments , taxes, insurance . He let the car payments are late and then repurchase the car and now the bank is coming after me for the rest of the loan is legal , she never had the car out of my good name has been 16 months since our divorce was final . the bank told me that while she had the car and was making the payment sh was responsible, but once the car was repos, I was responsible for the remainder of the loan, also said they had to assist at that the court had decided, banks are above the law while not have to follow what the court rules .
Post-Divorce Legal Question, How to make ex wife comply with the terms in the Divorce Decree.?6Ronasia Mcbride2012-10-03 04:13:01
Recetly 'm divorced, the divorce terms give responsbility sole support of your car and your loan. However, she will not refinance the loan, so it remains on my credit. She already was 90 days late with a number of payments, and continueing to hurt my credit card. What should I do ? State : Texas State of divorce : Completed Loan Type : Vehicle
Can wife take loan on our car for divorce money?2brain2012-08-24 04:02:02
We meet the wife took a loan in the family car to pay a lawyer to TPO and divorce. I have no money for lawyer and did well without pawning our car. How can this be? ? She is using the marital property that I hang to dry.
If my wife and I divorce will I remain liable as co-signer on her car loan?1annaiiz2012-10-11 06:33:02
We live in Texas and have two cars . One is in my name and in your name . However, I co - signed for your car loan . If we divorce can judge me from that debt and likely will? If the judge is not going to remove debt ? I can refuse to pay and let the finance company to recover your car or if the judge will force me to pay for it ? If you can point to a line section of Texas family law that defines this situation I would like to see it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
In a divorce, the ex wife was court ordered to get the husbands name off of her car loan?6joshkia2012-11-02 02:06:02
The ex-wife has fucked ex husbands credit because she does your car payments on time. It is a court order for her to take her name out of this , but since the bank will not refinance because they do not make payments on time, so if you can do something about this? It sanyone else had this happen to them and if so could you share your experience? Thank you very much .
Wife ask for divorce, what should i prepare...?13TINA52012-10-19 08:29:59
1. We have common home loan , auto loan , joint savings account , my personnal benefeciary sure your name. How to avoid tying my name to her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. What if I do not remove it , what happened ? ( The biggest headache) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help me to share their experiances , guys . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thx .
Going to get a divorce from my wife iam in the military, i dont want anything but the car?2Elie2012-11-05 15:19:02
iam in the army and going to get a divorce , have been married for less than one year and not exercise , the car is in both our names , but under a military loan to pay of my paycheck each month , im willing to buy a car that is not just out of a vehicle does not want to get stuck paying for a car that is not mine, I have to know what you might get from the divorce , we are now set to rent out im wondering if I would just go back to the baracks or stay out of the base to the divorse is final . MedlinePlus i can change the banking information easy all I want is to make sure the car i will pay 100% mine. MedlinePlus i also like to know about how to protect my personal information ie social security number , and other things that she knows about when the divorse is final , if I go through a military tribunal will eas
I'm worried about legal ramifications for my son because of a title loan he's defaulted on.?2afo2012-10-05 16:50:03
She is 26 and was fired from his job two years ago . Unable to find a job I decided to go back to school and try to get by on student loans , so short of money left for a title loan and took 800 provide. After nearly two years to pay 200-250 per month , which owes more than a thousand dollars! All went interest only payments . In short a couple of months ago , I said I was not paying these thieves another dime . Although co car title title has even had a car and has hidden in a group of friends . I fully understand why you are so angry - the areas should be closed . They are nothing but thieves ! But if you have the car title is guilty of theft ? I have no idea, but very worried about him - all advise appreciated!
Wife filed divorce papers served?1Ronnie2012-10-21 10:30:03
Ok my wife has filed for divorce and served me papers. I have no $ 3,500.00 to hire a lawyer. He left a 5000.00 retainer fee. Now he says he wants a divorce is uncontested if we can agree on things together. She said her attorney told her that I would pay $ 350 a month to support husband and I would pay $ 225 in child support, but she is opting out of the child support if I do not participate and do not ask for support spouce. She said that cancel each told. We have two boysages 12 and 6. I make a tear 25000 and 55,000 a year ago. EU would also like to try to live together and keep going, or children, but not tell you how long.We along great as friends, but she wants sex and marriage broken by divorce. I have 51 and she is 42. I know no other man. She is not happy and we fought a lot about sex and money. So far we Benn able to agree on the terms of paying the bills and house payments. Now I can afford to 1000.00 house payment and she paid me 2500.00 and pays most of the bills, but it helps if I'm behind them. We split the cost of food. I just need to know if I should ask for spouse support and custody? She is very much against this. I think I could afford a two bedroom house or apartment anyway so my children every day six months at a time. Could I ask for custody instead of 50 percent? If we live together after the divorce may be only for a short time maybe two years to recover the property or home before selling. I love my house and does. Will be awarded 50 percent of their 401k she says his lawyer says. She has 35,000 on it. Will this be paid if we still live in the same house after divorce? We also have a boat and camper who wants to sell and use the money to repay their loans? I said I will have to split the money after selling or letting'll keep the trailer and I will keep the boat. If I have a lawyer can she be awarded the boat and trailer and not give half of your 401k? I just do not have the money to get a lawyer. She used her credit card. We have separate accounts long ago, when she moved with the children one year ago but has now moved back home and is now filling the divorce. I need very good advice. I love to live as friends, because all landfills is gone, but we get along great as friends and mom and dad. And no one is bringing home women or men if we agree on it and you just say and respect each other and the family ....
A Utah Divorce: How must I divide assets with my (soon-to-be-ex) wife?2panda2012-11-02 03:47:02
No children . 8 years of marriage . The owner of a home with $ 124K owed ​​on the loan , evaluation (according to her ) for $ 150K . She wants the house , so you have to buy me out , as I understand it . She also says that to buy me, has to pay half of the capital , which would be about $ 26K , less fees realtors " 5% ( our man would only take 2% ) . It also includes other charges would bring the net amount of about $ 15K . way to buy me out , she says , she owes me $ 7,500. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My goal is to keep our car , we would have to pay $ 4,000 , also had divided his 401K ($ 2000 when charged ) . In my view , that means I should net $ 4,500 house + 401K ($ 7500 + $ 1000) less the car ($ 4000) . But she seems to think that essentially can "force " to accept the property in lieu of cash. In other words, she could give me $ 4,500 worth of furniture and appliances in place. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want that, I need the money . This seems wrong to me . Is it? Is there anything wrong in this scenario ? Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Again - this is Utah.
His ex wife refuses to follow through on what the divorce papers say and?2shain2012-10-24 23:39:02
I have a big problem with this MedlinePlus . They divorced in 05 , were married on February 07, when a car financed together I found out that your ex never refinanced the car that got in the divorce , so my husband's name is still on the car loan . It also closed a credit card , but later reopened and charged over $ 2,000.00 in him, and his name appears on the credit card . MedlinePlus He says that I am over reacting and I should not
What rights do I have if my wife cheated and wants a divorce while I am deployed?1lcaude2012-11-06 04:09:25
52 days to redeployment and my wife let me know that she has been cheating on me, wants a divorce, and she and our children (Ages 1,3 and 5) are living with this man. I have quite a few questions hopefully someone can help me with. 1.I have lessened the allotment to her bank account. I now only give money for our children and not her. Since she still has a POA, can she get into the accounts with just my name on them and take all my money? 2. My name is on the title to our minivan, but both names are on the loan. My wife has been letting the other man drive this vehicle to work. I have already taken her name off the insurance policy. She said she talked to a lawyer and since they are still married it is shared, so I have to let her use it. Is that true? 3. I want my mom to get my personal items out of our house on post. If i give her a POA, can she go on base put my belongings in storage, or does she also need permission from my wife since both our names are on the lease? 4.The oldest child is not my blood-son and my wife never sent in the paperwork for me to adopt him while I was overseas. He has been using my last name since his mother and I married 3.5 years ago. Do I have any parental rights to him? 5. I should be home soon from my deployment and would really like my kids to be waiting for me to get off the bus. If she is not willing to bring the kids to Kansas, is it possible to get a court order that she must bring them or that my mom can bring them down? 6. My sister thinks I should tell my chain of command what is going on. As of right now, I have only talked to the chaplain about it. I feel embarrassed, but is it important I tell them anyway? When I first found out about all this, I wanted to work things out with my wife, but it now seems impossible. She had no intention of coming back out to Kansas when she went to go "visit family" on July 4th. My children are the most important people in my life and would like to fight for custody of them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know that being a single father in the military isn't the optimal situation, but my family is very supportive and willing to help out in every way possible.

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