Anyone can do anything if they are determined and have will! Want me to show you?

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My father started a small business in 1993 with $ 500.00 ..... no government assistance , no loans other than a line of credit for times of need . This year , the company made about $ 8 million . He employs 31 people ( most have been with him for 10 years) , with generous salaries , health insurance paid in full and offers profit sharing through a 401K program . He gives generous Christmas bonuses more envy and rescued many of their employees out of the hard times they have faced without asking for reimbursement . He works 12 hours to 16 days , six days a week and faces an incredible personal risk if something goes wrong in one of their jobs . He has never disappointed the government has no offshore accounts , no deductions can pull in air ( as most people mistakenly believe ) , thousands of charitable giving , lives in a modest house , drive a truck, American made , and is one of the most humble men you can find! He is a hard working man from a poor background who had a desire to do better for his family , no college . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last year , after expenses ( payroll , building materials , equiptment , compensation insurance , liability insurance , health insurance , maintance equiptment , gas , utilities, insurance , insurance , insurance , etc ... ... ) , your gross income was just over $ 1 million . He paid the government a little less than $ 370,000 without complaint .... Mesh him about $ 650,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the profile of the many who have small to medium enterprises . If you honestly have to pay more than it already does to our government ?
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No, it should not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I grew up in a lower middle class home . I bought my first car at age 14 for $ 700 . Built up by two years . He worked in the garage of my father from the age of 14.Nobody gave me the keys to a car , or pay for my education . It's good that you were able to grow in that situation .
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