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How a car trade in work if I owe 22900 on my current loans and the dealer gone to give me 18000 for my trade. ?0kaka2012-09-20 14:44:02
And the new car loan 39 000
How a car trade in work if I owe 22900 on my current loans and the dealer gone to give me 18000 for my trade?0sesikanth2012-09-17 17:30:02
The new car loan is 39000 2012 Dodge Durango Crew
If I trade in my SUV for a car of lesser value do I get money back? Need help with trade-in values!?2helppp!!!!2012-11-04 22:53:02
If change in my 07 Ford Expedition for an Acura TL and say the Expedition worth , I receive actual cash back? How is my loan paid Expedition ?
Got a new car with trade in then loan got rejected... After dealership sold my trade in.?2hakuyo2012-09-19 22:56:02
Someone I know recently bought a new car , trade in one of their own vehicles (15,000) also . Long story short , he entered the car dealership with its own funding approved , however , the dealer told him he was going to beat him a loan approved by one of its lower loan interest rates , as well as taking your car . Fast forward three weeks and now the bank sent a letter stating that the loan was rejected , but the dealership has sold and marketed by car . What are the legal aspects and complications regarding them sell the car ? Besides , why let him off the lot without knowing fully the loan let alone passed trade sell ?
Can I trade in my car?0sarah123452012-09-17 03:39:03
I have a 2000 Dodge Durango 4x4 that I bought three years ago . I was very silly and I paid 17,000 for it, I still owe about 15,000 to the credit union that gave " my mom " the loan because I have bad credit . The car is worth much less than you owe on it , and I sometimes can not make the payments , which only set me back even more . Right now my car is not moving in 5th gear . ? I can try to buy a different car , using it as a trade, and still get lower payments on the car I want to buy ? Given that my mom would be using to sign on my behalf . I just want to put myself in a situation financially much smarter when it comes to this car .
How do you trade-in a car?1nan2012-10-15 08:37:03
I bought a car in December , and promised a couple of weeks later . I realized that trying to pay for this car and saving for the wedding was not possible, so I decided to look into getting a cheap car . I have a loan on this car for about $ 17G . I know I can bring it back to the store where it was purchased to work some numbers , but if we have cheaper cars I like, what else I can do? ? I can get another deal for trade -in? MedlinePlus If I sold it to a private buyer , I would have to get the full payment in advance , pay the loan and then sign over the title. And then start over. Right?
Should I trade my car?2Halie2012-09-24 18:28:02
I have an Infiniti G35 2003 , it was for only two years , and got almost 100,000 miles on it and I'm thinking about changing it for a 07 ' G35 . I'm calming pay the auto loan for the car, but I want to change . If change is going to get less than it's worth and I have to pay the difference if I get less than it's worth ? How I can go about this and how this trade thing ?
Should i trade it in?1Moon2012-10-21 04:27:02
I broke up with my boyfriend and no longer be able to pay my car payment tall. I'm new to car loan and I'm not sure what my options as to what is our trade refinancing. I've had this car for a year . Any suggestions ?
Should I trade in Car or Pay it off and then buy?5Hilary2012-11-03 06:04:03
I have a 2004 Nissan still owe $ 3,000.00 on. I plan to buy a Nissan Rouge 2010 . Should I negotiate at this time. Or should I pay off my car loan in a few months ( possibly February) , and then use it as a down payment for the new vehicle ? I was thinking of buying a car in September , I've heard it's the best time to buy , and you start getting in the car next year and try to get rid of the old.
Should I trade in my car?0zafir2012-09-19 08:06:03
I have a 2006 Scion TC. I have a year on the loan, about $ 4,400. I would lower my payments to 200 or so or less :) but not sure if it would make sense as it only has one more year of the same. I simply can not afford to have all noticed him while paying this fee, since they no longer have the same job I had when I bought the car. I bought it new. All maintenance is serving more than breaks. There are some cosmetic things, like a couple of dents on the passenger side door of someone (very old) to kick a couple of years (without paint off), and I scraped the tires really bad the first two years I that b / c that was used for a tire size SUV, and recently I have noticed some small spots of rust on a wheel well, which worries me a lot. Also I have a squeaky wheel. Oxide, the wheel, and the brakes are getting looked at this week, and that depends on what you think the mechanic (a friend) that should have set first, what is done at the time. I'm trying to decide whether to operate this vehicle after repairs or if I do not get the rust (and the dent is not fixed for a while yet) immediately if I would trade in what is done correctly b / c they would like to benefit from her? I'm looking at getting a CR-V. (Honda), it would not be the person I could talk to a car salesman in anything, b / c although I know that some of the cars, I'm no expert, and I would like to make the best decision. (I have a friend go with me) Or you could sell private part and start the list price as KBB says and see what I can get for it. I have only experienced some opinions. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or should I try to extend the loan? It was originally a loan of 72 months, I bought my car in late 2005. My credit has dropped about 60 points of some precious medical bills (no health insurance). My father co-signed at the time, but I do not ask him to do that for the loan extension. Honestly, most of my monthly income for the last year and a half has passed my car and living expenses, in reality there has been no extra to pay med bills or fix anything. I would like a new car with a lower payment, but I'm worried about getting a lemon. I love my car, very reliable, I am concerned that it will not be able to take care of the rust before it spreads over the brakes, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for any advice.
What happens when I trade my car in for another one?1the man2012-10-09 13:27:02
I traded my car in a truck dealership . to pay my loan from that car . and now I have this loan for this truck . that 's fine with me becus we needed a truck and not a car and this was the only way to do it . but since the dealership pay off my car loan , woudlnt that appear under my credit that I paid an auto loan ? I hear that's a good thing you have a car loan appear on your credit paid . but now I'm hearing from others who, under my credit will show I have two loans out and would be more difficult to buy a house . which is true ? Do I agree with what I did ? or my credit is bad now ? help!
Can you use a car that you owe on for a trade in?2Silas2012-09-07 15:49:03
I will not limit myself to two car loan payments you want?

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