Need to find a FAST AND EASY payday loan!?

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Yes , I know it is not a good idea, but I do not , I have no family around to ask. I tried to find sites through search engines , but when I go to a site to fill all the information and then just keep bumping me to another site. Does anyone know of one that is faxless and NOT just brought me to another place, and then another ? I'm getting a little annoyed . I thought these things were supposed to be easy to get! haha. Thanks in advance for your help
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Are you aware that the interest rate for payday loans is around 600% ? Some states have banned payday loans . If you happen to be in one of these states , you will not be able to get a line . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also a very bad idea to give out your personal information and again to these online sites . You are really open to identity theft. It sure sounds like a scam to steal your information .
MedlinePlus Instead of looking for a payday loan , find some other way to get to the box - some effort , have a garage sale , selling blood / plasma , get a second job. It would probably be cheaper to pay the fines for delay in some of their accounts take a payday loan .
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