Someone i know offered to let me take over the payments on his car? related questions

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Someone i know offered to let me take over the payments on his car?0andreanna2012-10-11 11:12:26
I can not get a loan . that is, the car has to stay in his name for 3 years. and through a bank.he says he will draw up a contract . for us to sign . So do you think it will be a wise decision ? as I will not be building my credit? and be technically self untill i pay the loan . so does anyone know this legal
A credit card was offered for making timely payments on my auto loan.Would accepting this card help my credit?11Oliver2012-11-04 19:09:02
I have bad credit, but I managed to buy a new car with a high rate of interest. My car loan is through Capital One. The credit card offer Capital One is because I have made timely payments for the loan for 1 year. Would accept the card to help increase my FICO score or make it harder ? I thought that applying for new credit cards low score.
My mother had offered her help.?1Silence replace all2012-09-15 09:49:05
My husband and I have been waiting to buy our second home for a while . Bt realize that patience is needed because of the current recession. MedlinePlus My mother and I are very close and talk on the phone on a regular basis . I do not tell the details of our objectives , as they are things my husband and I keep to ourselves . MedlinePlus My mother has continued to offer help , either with money, he said that if she wanted to pay car loans and we could pay her back slowly . Then she said she was going to pay money for a down payment on a house , and she recently said he would co-sign for us to get a house at a very cheap price . MedlinePlus So many times I have always refused help and said thanks but no thanks . She remained persistent. MedlinePlus About five days before he finally took his offer and said mom okay will help you get into a house . As I asked who has canceled his visit on Sunday , and has not returned my call. MedlinePlus I feel so stupid and embarrassed now . Why my mother offered her help and not serious. I do not know how to deal with it now and if I should even call. I've never asked anything of her help and she acts as the first time I act . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ..... I'm not mad because she 's not helping , it hurts me that she offered to help and she meant it . I do not feel like it was sincere when she offered. : ( MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any thoughts from anyone.
I have been offered a secured loan of 0AR2012-10-14 06:59:12
I think it would cost
Do I need to take the loans that UCSC has offered?0tyron2012-10-04 01:04:37
This list of awards the school has offered me : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Scholarships - Loans - MedlinePlus Pell Conditional - Conditional Perkins Loan $ 5,550.00 - $ 1,200.00 MedlinePlus UCSC Conditional Grant - $ 18,241.00 Direct Loan Conditional - $ 3,500.00 Conditional UC Tuition Grant - Loan $ 732.00 unsubsidized Federal District $ 2,000 MedlinePlus Parent loan option MedlinePlus Online- $ 1,300.00 Work-Study $ 1,500.00 and received both Cal Grant A ( $ 12,192.00 ) and Cal Grant B ( $ 1,551.00 ) . Do any of these grants cover room and board? MedlinePlus 7 hours ago - 4 days to respond to MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus If I can take loans to pay after you graduate or after each year? Also, the sum only all grants is $ 38,200 . The estimated cost of assisted living on campus is $ 34,023.00 . My FAFSA must I be a full-time student living on campus
I need some advice - i have been offered an amazing opportunity...but...?0makeda2012-10-05 06:37:53
not sure if I'm good enough to do it ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , I have always kept reptiles and exotic animals and I love it . I was invited by a friend who has a very successful reptile store to participate in a franchise . He has the finances and lawyers and all creation , and we are looking for premises . I would store manager , but all the finances / taxes / staff development / marketing , etc. can be done from the central office . They are putting up most of the money and would have to get a small amount of a bank as a business loan , and have already had a business plan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is like my dream come true and all you 've done is worked regular 9 to 5 - I work in customer service at the moment but I'm biting off more than you can chew ? I guess it's different because I will be getting help, but no one has done this before ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any advice would be great - we are looking at possible facility today ! eek ....
Which Leather Products are Being Offered by Wholesalers?12021-06-25 06:36:34
Is there a way to review and opt out of online loans that you have been offered?0LaNaya2012-10-08 16:04:43
I've been shopping around online for the most money and the amount of the fee for a personal loan . After a few sites I realized the amount offered was declining and when I returned to sites that had already been offered a loan that was not offered a new loan. Is there a way to check all offers of loans outstanding and not participate . I think it may seem like you have several loans retired and that's why I'm running into deals unattractive or none at all . THANKS !
I was offered Stafford loans for financial aid but I have bad credit. Will I still get it?0Beka2012-09-16 16:13:06
I looked at my financial aid awards and says : MedlinePlus Unsubsidized Stafford loan offered ..... ..... $ 1,000.00 MedlinePlus Subsidized Stafford loan offered ..... ..... $ 1,750.00 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 19 years and my credit score is like 605 .... and my parents have bad credit too. I can still use these ? Stafford loans even though I have a bad credit score ? I can not afford the tuition without them .
Should I accept all money offered as financial aid in college?3Thanh2012-11-03 08:06:02
I was offered a Pell grant , which covers the cost of tuition and books . I also offered a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan . No I have a lot of extra time to work and my availability is mixed through the week to work , so I really could use it. I worry about the amount of the monthly ... What have others done ?
My credit union has counter offered my loan....?0Hi.. Please help2012-10-15 10:42:39
For a little background , I have 26 years and filed Chapter 7 about 6 years ago . It has long since been discharged. Since then I have done a lot better with pay all my bills and do not miss a payment . I have a couple of credit cards, a car loan and school loans . At this point , my credit score has increased to about 620 I know it 's still not the best , but better than it was . MedlinePlus I've been with my credit union for about 5 years, and have applied for a loan for $ 3500. I had asked for an unsecured loan 36 months. Here is their response : MedlinePlus " We are in a position to approve the loan as required . 're Going to be able to help in the terms set forth below. MedlinePlus Counter Offer : MedlinePlus Main Reason ( s ) for Counter Offer : MedlinePlus - Bankruptcy schedules necessary to verify debts discharged MedlinePlus MedlinePlus fee levels apply - Requires proof of all income MedlinePlus - Be considered adequate collateral " So I wonder what exactly staggered terms ? I really have no security unless you consider my car .
Guys.... What does it mean for you if you offered to loan a young lady $250.00 to get her car fix?7Keaton2012-09-22 07:24:03
I offered this girl I've been dating for a couple of months $ 250.00 to get your car dose not get paid for another two weeks, and now my children are clowns say I 'm sprung , and that no man offers of money or loans unless young cares. I care about her, but I'm not suspended or anything . So what would it mean for you if you offered to lend a girl $ 250.00 to get their fix car? Also my sister told me I have to be expecting something in return , but we've been dating for a while , and sex is already , so what could be waiting for change , because they want you to think I'm waiting for something.

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