When does the statue of limitations begin in colorado? related questions

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When does the statue of limitations begin in colorado?0Baby D2012-10-11 04:17:30
Hello , for many years dwelling in a car loan and the car returned to the lender . Now just received a subpoena from the debt. I hope the statute of limitations has expired for this debt . It was October 2003 when I first went delinquint on the loan and it was served in November 2009 . I never made payment arrangements other after 10/2003 . Has the statute of limitations expired yet?
What is the statue of limitations on my GA car loan?0Luuka2012-09-12 12:12:06
I bought a car on December 21, 2006 . On or about October 16, 2007 motor vehicle exploded at that time could not afford to repair. I called a voluntary embargo of that vehicle within a month of the engine failure. In February 2010 a repo agent shows up at my newly purchased house asking to look in my garage for that vehicle. Of course , it was not there . Then lean holder call and ask about the account and explain my situation . They say they never found the car workshop and are trying to collect the loan balance me. They have even threatened court. Is there a SOL protect here ? Am I responsible if the vehicle is not recovered ? Your legal department keeps calling me rude recording in 2011 all conversations . I refused any communication with them .
What is the statue of limitations on a car loan?0R.T.2012-09-06 02:45:05
What is the statute of limitations on collecting a car loan in the state of Kansas ?
Statue of Limitations for tuition debt in PA?0Genesis2012-11-04 05:49:04
I have an old debt from when I was 17 years old. I had attended a University and had a portion of my tuition that I did not pay due to illness. I tried to work out a payment plan but they wanted it all in full and would not accept monthly or even bi-weekly payments. I received a summons to appear in court today via sheriff that arrived at my dad's house. They had tried to send through certified mail however I am out of state and they would not allow my dad to sign for it. A friend had mentioned that there was a statue of limitations of four years that someone can sue for a debt in the state of Pennsylvania. As of October 2009, it has been four years since the debt was owed. However, does the statue of limitations apply to this? To clarify--it is NOT a student loan owed rather money to the actual university. I have records and documents supporting the fact that I tried to work out a payment plan. However, I need to know if the statute of limitations applies to this and if it is really "time-barred". If it is, what do I do next? Can someone please clarify this for me. Thank you.
What is the statue of limitations on a sba loan in florida?0pinkpolkadots2012-09-26 20:55:03
loan was secured by my house
Statute of Limitations-Colorado?0grid2012-10-12 22:49:12
Can someone knowledgeable in the law tell me what is the statute of limitations on credit card debt (I think a contract of indefinite duration ) is ? What I have found conflicting information online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, what about a secured personal loan ( a loan with a vehicle as collateral ) . Is this a contract and what is the SOL on that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
What is the statue of limitations on bank fraud and embezzlement?0gramemar2012-10-14 19:15:21
My brother is going through a divorce. He and his ex have been in court for four years on the property. She works in a bank and opened for 23 years. 18 years ago she learned that she was stealing their house payments. She would come into your house payment on the computer and save the receipt, and then pull it out and write herself and check and keep it nice. She stole about 85k doing this. He is actually caught her - controls found hidden in a closet. He went to the bank and told the manager and he borrowed the money back and pay again (again!) She stopped working at the bank for a while, but then again (why they hired her back is more beyond me, but let me know there is something wrong there) After she wrote hot check after hot check and never charged or arrested for it, (again rare) finally divorced after he left , he learned that his house had a second mortgage against your loan against small loans here and there for herself out of the red in ACCT control (he had his own, she had her own) and that amounted to approximately 43,000.00 (once the bank had never notified that a lien (that was paying the note out of his own paycheck, (never saw) until she left him and stopped paying out of their control. NOW-recently while cleaning the cabinets, found an envelope with four checks totaling $ 9,000.00 were falsified. checks were made in cash and had forged his name on it. ACCT this was a business that she was. How long ago was the responsibility of this bank is going? mean and she is wanting more of everything they have. legally entitled but can go after this bank? they have said that this is a personal matter, and that was their home loan involved, but never also notified the FDIC with respect to any of this and she is still working there. Anyone have any advice on this?
Minnesota statue of limitations? Small claims?0raleigh2012-10-15 01:24:40
5 years ago , I was dating and living with my then boyfriend . Who was doing and two great spirits and our relationship became addicted to methamphetamine and became abusive, so I left . Throughout the course of our relationship for two years , was co - signed a loan for a car for me , and gave me a $ 7,000 personal check . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Many times , he would give me a blank check and tell me to write , either to myself for cash and sign it or to the store ... because he was too drunk . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now almost 3 years later , I received a summons in the mail, I will denounce him , small claims , suing for money , says I won by stealing your checkbook and writing checks to myself ! He also claims that forged his signature on the loan documents ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anything I can do ? Technically , I did forge some of the checks , but only because he told ! As for the loan , who lived in a very small town and I was allowed to take loan papers to sign their work , but did not sign your name !
Statue of limitations on debt collections for a car loan?3Tseday2012-11-04 19:30:01
25 years ago co - signed a loan for my then wife , shortly after separated.She takes car back to Ford Motor Credit , filed for bankruptcy , and yesterday I received a letter to Ford Motor Credit attorney stating that if no has started the payments would start garnish my wages and so on . Can they do that ? Is that legal?
Does the statue of limitations apply to your student loan repayments?0Earlene2012-09-25 23:47:06
ie if I do not make any refund for six years and never chase her, not amortized debt ?
I need to double check the Statue of Limitations in Ark. for collection of debt leftover after reposession...?0Golkhadi2012-10-11 03:55:55
I found several websites that contained the statue of limitations in Arkansas by a written contract ( car loan ) at 5 years . I have to make sure it is correct .. My husband's ex-wife had a veh . repo'd for 8 years and never heard anything about it , but we just received a letter saying that we had 8000 for the rest of the debt after the vehicle was auctioned ... But that was eight years ago ? ? ? ? So I'm right on the Status of five years ?
What is the statue of limitations on a verbal agreement of a loan of cash in the state of mississippi?0jazmeen2012-09-11 13:44:02
What is the statute of limitations on an oral agreement for a cash loan in the state of Mississippi ?

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