If I move to a foreign country what happens to my debt amd student loans? related questions

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If I move to a foreign country what happens to my debt amd student loans?0kashmira2012-10-11 00:32:42
I live in Texas , but I 'm moving to Australia next year. I have about $ 70,000 in unsecured debt, medical bills and student loans. Does this have an adverse effect on my new beginnings in a foreign country ?
What can creditors do if you have debt in a foreign country?1Adri2012-11-01 20:05:02
Hello , MedlinePlus I lived in the UK with a work visa for two years . I had a credit card and car loans in the UK . I have moved back to Australia and continue to pay these debts back , but I am experiencing financial difficulties . I have contacted the creditors , but moved habit . What could you do if I stopped paying until they could afford ? Are there issues of jurisdiction or only affects me when I return ? MedlinePlus Thank you.
If you move to another country and become a citizen of that new country, what happens to your credit/debt?0Vanilla2012-10-08 14:43:09
I just saw Sicko , and it really inspired me to look at moving to another country (maybe this momentum can not last , but still I wonder ... ) what happens to your debt here in the U.S. . States . or your credit score ? In other words , you can move to another country after becoming a citizen of that country , could you just start fresh ? Start over ? Leave it all behind ? So if I just left my apartment and car and student loans to be repossessed and ruin my credit score , what matters if I became a citizen of another country ? Please answer this question for me :)
Stuck in a foreign country?1emath2012-08-22 12:16:23
so I'm stranded in Indonesia sorta my family brought me here to study what I said id check after a month of cold showers and bathrooms that had to squat over them i said id much rather just go to London and they said not work i almost cried on the phone for about two hours before I realized that I had left all other identification other than my passport ( my driver's license , safety card and my card barcalys ) is in London and yelling at them was a waste of money and time because they want me to stay here , I just got back from the British consulate with a letter stating that basically im me , im not sure what good it would do, but I have , oh and the man at the center of calls for barcalys not going to give me my account details for security reasons , is that they are anyway I could get a loan online or something, I'm unemployed 20-year- age and in a foreign country with only a piece of my passport ID .
How to get money when stranded in a foreign country?1JessC.2012-09-30 00:26:03
One of my friend ( who lives in Australia ) is stranded in Manchester in the UK from a flight . And he spent all his money and can not go home , and he missed his flight . He has to reschedual flight, but you can not board the flight unless you pay the fees reschedual flight. Besides that , he had to pay all the remaining money for rent and food , and fast runs dry . He asked me to help him and send him money , but I can not send money because I have a lot and I have my own bills to pay . It was recommended to apply for a loan in the UK or Australia . And it was rejected because there was no money has come into its own for 2 months so rejected by banks . Then I recommended that it be applied to online brokers Laon and again was rejected . Money is needed as soon as possible because their costs are the sum of their funds and the left are little early to go . How can my friend get enought money to pay for the flight so I can go home ? The flight charges are around 500GBP think ..... can anyone find a solution to your problem ? ?
How do you go about getting loan to start a business in a foreign country?0Alarice2012-08-20 08:05:05
I'm looking to start a small interior design business in Ukraine , Georgia , Romania , Bulgaria or . I have all contacts with suppliers and a business plan , but I have to find the capital . Any idea ?
What legal actions can a foreign bank take against me in my home country?0Redbone2012-11-06 07:14:16
I left Dubai last year with an 80,000 Dh personal loan . I was able to pay the first year amortizations. I am now 3 months behind my installments and has no capacity to pay. The bank has emailed me and threatened to take legal action against me, including a travel ban. What actions can the foreign bank take against me in my home country?
Does foreign bank gave personal loan to people that resides from other country.....pls advised...?0Rodolfo Brown2012-11-03 00:26:04
If you incurr debt in abother country, will it be on your credit report in your home country?0jere2012-09-29 01:30:04
Someone asked this question , and I * think * I know the answer , but I'm not 100% sure. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Suppose you live in a country (eg England ) and visit another country for some kind of long-term Visa . (eg, U.S. ). Say you incur a debt (student loans, car loans ) and then go home . Are debt appear on your credit report in your home country ? Or will you have a credit report on each country separately ? Are international credit reports ? Do Experiean and Equifax in Europe ?
If I stop paying everything and move to another country, how will that affect me?3i love you2012-10-12 18:03:02
If I'm still paying my home , auto , student loans , credit cards and I and move to another country , how will it affect me in my new home ? .... Assuming just stop paying all those things, that is . Will my credit drag ? Does the U.S. Government come get me ? MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Will my credit record follow me if I move to another country?0Lashay2012-10-01 21:40:04
I'm from Europe and I'm thinking of moving to the U.S. . MedlinePlus I borrowed which is not amortized som yet and prolly will not be for long. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it possible for me to take a loan in the U.S. once everything is green and you will see that I have bad credit in Europe ?
If we file for bankruptcy in the United States, how will it affect our credit if we move to another country?0kariga2012-09-12 16:49:03
My boyfriend and I are currently living in the United States and is considering filing for bankruptcy . She is quite deep in student loans , I'm still paying my car , and our combined debt credit card is more like $ 30K . She has been looking for work for over a month and I was fired last week. Our situation seems pretty sad , but I think that bankruptcy could be an opportunity for us to start over and do things right . However , I am concerned because it seems that living in the U.S. would be extremely diffucult with bankruptcy looming over our credit report for the next seven years . What if you filed for bankruptcy , but then moved to Canada or New Zealand for a while? Does our failure to follow a foreign country ? Will our creditors we pursue ? Will we be allowed to return to the U.S. after 9 or 10 years ?

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