Bad credit question. car loan and car sales people please answer? related questions

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Bad credit question. car loan and car sales people please answer?1glydhel2012-10-12 20:54:02
okay. here's the deal. I, like many others, was crushed when the U.S. housing bubble burst a few years ago. I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy four years ago. Since then, I restarted my life with a new job and pay my bills and do more than they did before. but my credit is screwed for another 6 years. that is the bottom. Now here is the question. ? I can get a car loan with this scenario: I want to get a Mini Cooper S. 2011. is approximately 25,000. mini, which is owned by BMW, has a financial interest (I think his name choice motorist) where i pay the first three years similar to lease payments and then you get a normal car loan to cover the significantly lower (by 3 years of payments) Cost rest. Now I have like $ 15,000 in cash. using its payment calculator thing says to put the maximum $ 10,500 per'll pay like $ 48 a month for three years. this gives me plenty of time to save enough to pay cash only for the remainder of the loan at the end of three years, if I do that or just get a traditional loan for the rest. making it likely that I can get approved for the loan? I will be covering most of the amount so it looks very low risk for the lender not? or do you factor in the plan of having to get a traditional loan in 3 years? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I can drive my car for a long time (current car has been since 2000). so please do not tell me this is a bad idea to possibly pay a loan for 7 years, if I do not pay at the end and get a normal loan of 4 years to repay. I'd love a mini sales representative or sales representative to answer that BMW have experience with BMW finance. if it is a complete fool and will never approve the loan I want to know now before I laughed at the dealership. thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this.
Why do people hesitate to answer this question?2hokoslavia2012-10-12 11:12:02
Do most people buy cars on the road? which is more common ? loans and financing? or is it more common to buy the car in cash in full?
Would I qualify for a car loan ? finance managers or sales people please?0Bess2012-09-30 04:00:03
Hi.Im 20. I can earn about $ 500 a week home . I have two negatives on my credit $ 1000 cingular ( I am currently disputing , idiots ) and about $ 60 as back in the day lol Columbia House. Anyway , I'm an insurance agent , and I've heard of people walking with new car dealers by far the worst things in your credit like car repo and trash. Do you think I could qualify for a loan of 21k ? Oh yeah , and I'll try to make it work with 1k plus my old car as trade in what could be worth about 1k too.
What is the car allowance for sales people in melbourne vic?0bick v2012-08-27 16:58:16
Hello , I have a current car allowance of $ 12,000 pa plus $ 55,000 annual salary , I think $ 12,000 pa is not enough , but I'm not sure what the average car permit is in Melbourne Vic , I'll ask for a raise subsidy of my car , but I would like some advice on how much you have to ask . MedlinePlus My expenses are: $ 373pm loan repayments, Reg $ 518pa , pa insurance $ 545 , around $ 8000 - $ 95,000 pa in fuel MedlinePlus Now I realize that my expenses are more than what my current assignment is , but I want to ask for a raise and want to know what is a decent amount to ask? MedlinePlus cheers
When you get sales people ringing you at home, trying to sell you something you don't want, what do you do?20douglas2012-11-05 18:39:02
I had someone ring me tonight , trying to get me to consolidate my debt ...... I explained that I had ! She would not listen , so I kept saying, " I do not want a loan , I do not want a loan , I do not want a loan , I do not want a loan , do not want a loan " until she hung up on me ! I felt better .
Please answer my question please!! it's about my credit.?2Christopholees2012-10-02 11:43:02
I just received a report of my credit report online and do not see anything good. I have bad credit is all messed up I have a car loan that you never miss a payment I sometimes pay late and I have a credit car balance I owe . The problem is that in September , I'm going to school full time and you have to get a loan . How can I get a loan if I have really bad credit ? I mean is there any possibility that I form be approved because it's for school ? I'm trying to fix my credit at this time how long it take to get better ? thnks . MedlinePlus If anyone here has experince credit in your reply will be highly appreciated. Thnks .
Credit-car question please answer?1Chandni2012-08-23 23:51:02
ok i just turned 18 in February , but I want to finance a car , but I have no credit ... so I know they do not give me a loan , but is there anyway I can build my credit fast or have atleast good enough to buy a car thanks ......
Please answer this question about cars and credit?0Alisha M2012-09-24 20:33:02
I have bad credit , but found a dealer with a bank approved me for an auto loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to know if the approval of a car loan itself actually affects a credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My fear is that it will hurt my credit more because I have more debt now , but again it shows that was approved so maybe not ( ? ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that after making payments or get hurt or help my credit card depending on whether I'm on time, but I wonder if one's approval to change my score .
Bought car with no sales tax 3 months ago, Moving to a state with sales tax. Will I have to pay?0zulma2012-10-09 04:28:49
Three months or so ago I bought a car in Oregon $ 20,000 from a private seller . I have a loan for the car now that I'm paying off. I just moved to Washington state , which has an 8 % sales tax . Will I have to pay sales tax on the car when I register the vehicle ? MedlinePlus I heard there that if the owner of the car enough in the state prosecutor does not you will not have to pay the tax when you move. Anyone? Thank you !
Why is it like pulling teeth trying to get a quality answer from people on this site?3help, help-r2012-10-22 08:01:03
I graduated from high school and have been trying to decide which college I go. The thing is that time is running out and I 'm struggling to get financial aid, because universities are undergoing taxes last year and my mother did much more than last year this year , so I 'm kind of screwed there. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I work on the metro and have worked there the last two years of high school and he just turned 18 and are about to start hiring for m managers.I 'a very good worker , do not miss the work , and I just got a raise . And the local university in my city allows you to take night classes . It is a four-year college if that helps. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is should I apply and try to become manager and try to get a degree online or taking night classes or should I borrow and try it at another university ? I'm not sure what to do .
I have a loan question please. If anyone can help me with the answer please.?1yy2012-10-22 10:44:03
Hello , I have bad credit , as does my wife . my credit score is 551. I have to get a personal oan around $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 for debts and overdue invoices . I had called a few places and was told hat bird need a higher score. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus some of these online sites are a little bull shi # and to be honest with ya I do not trust the network MedlinePlus , MedlinePlus I live in southwest Florida and wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get these funds also do things I have to do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please only serious answers only, because I am trying to get me and my family in a better place at this point in our lives . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus i have a ten month old and a wife . betwee and the two of us is a little difficult to raise a child with the support of his family . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just need to know if anyone has the name of a person and # big loan that bypasses credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks and remember that this is for the best answer.
Car Loan... who can answer my question?4nelle2022-06-06 08:20:26
Hi .. I have a car loan from HSBC . Unfortunately I have not got enough money last month and not pay ( so I skipped a month ) , but I'll pay double later this month. ( as if last month loan , plus loans this month ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But I'm not so sure. I do not know much about this. What do you think would happen ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus By the way , I never skip any payments before - this is the first. Thanks in advance .

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