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Need Home Equity Loan Information - online vs banks?0jindi2012-10-10 12:20:15
Wondering what are the differences between online providers of mortgages and banks - is it fair that the interest rates are better in the bank ?
Home Equity Loan...How easy to get based on this information?0thumper092012-09-22 09:36:02
I originally tried to get a regular mortgage and refused .... but the following happened ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I bought a house ( now closed ! ) For cash of $ 16,174.10 ... the house is actually assessed at $ 38,000. I have to get a mortgage housing to get an oven ( the only thing you need at this time is important according to the inspector . ) I can get a home equity loan for about $ 10,000 but was rejected before a mortgage? ( It turned me down because my credit score was 575 and my debt ratio was 42 % . ) My credit score could be a little higher and I would have no debt now because I pay my car loan and have no mortgage. MedlinePlus Thank you !
Do banks discount Home Equity Lines, if you pay them off lump sum?0Khulood2012-08-12 16:14:02
My parents have two of Bank Loans on U.S. mortgage on your principal residence . A loan is $ 77k and the other is $ 143K for a total of $ 220k . They are experiencing financial difficulties. They are unable to pay the minimum payment and have not done in 2 months. I do not see the situation is improving. I can not keep helping her financial every month. I have about $ 100 000 ( after taxes and fines) in my 401k that can be cashed out . Do they take payment BOA $ 100k $ 220k Fixed ? If not, go into foreclosure. I'd rather do this then have monthly mental stress .
What are the guidelines that banks are using for Home Equity Lines of Credit?1Rosedala2012-09-28 22:03:03
I asked this question in a different section and have only gotten a response that is not at all what I'm asking , so I 'm asking again. I would like to consolidate some debt . I know that banks are having a difficult time right now. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were getting HELOCs guidelines ( equity lines of credit )? My husband and I started new jobs recently, but both have excellent credit ? Any idea what the debt - income ratio is that they are looking for and if all banks are making loans complete documentation? I understand how a HELOC. I used to work at a mortgage company . I just need to know what the current guidelines and qualify . I know the questions to ask lenders. I do not know how all things happening in the economy has changed the guidelines, and I worked there (1 1/2 back). Specifically : Combined 1 and HELOCs will be 80 % loan to value. How many years of employment is not required? That can be overlooked by the fact that we both have a physicist in the mid- 700 ? Not all lenders to prove your income now rather than go stated income ? What debt to income relationships need to qualify?
Can I transfer a home equity loan from my bank to a credit card offering a lower APR. My banks says no.?1Daca2012-11-05 01:48:01
Can I transfer my balance equity loan ( $ 10,000 at 8.25 % APR ) through my bank to a credit card with an APR lower value (eg a balance transfer card by 1 , 9 % APR for 18 months) . My bank says no .... not without a cash transfer . Why not ? I have excellent credit and this will save me to pay interest for a year and a half . By then , almost all would be paid $ 10,000 too (I put in about $ 700 a month ) . Any advice ?
How can I get a 75,000$ home equity loan fast when banks won't give me a loan?good job, want to fix my life,0SHAREEN2012-09-22 19:55:07
How fast I can get a $ 75,000 home equity loan when the banks will not give me a loan ? Nice work , I put my life ,
Home equity loan online?0Valentine2012-09-24 13:36:02
Can you get a line of home equity loans ? And if so, what information needs to Submit and how long it takes to get the loan and how much can you ask for ?
Which is better? Refinance, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit? To buy a car and remodel home.?1taleen2012-10-06 01:43:03
Which is better ? Refinance , home equity loan or home equity line of credit ? To buy a car home and remodeling . ?
Home Equity Loan, What is an quick,secure Home loan site online that can be trusted?0Samee2012-09-07 22:27:02
Equity loan , what is a fast, secure Home loan online site can be trusted ?
How can I find my home equity loan statement online?1Farzan2012-09-04 14:13:02
No longer receive a Home Equity Loan mailed statement . How I can check my information online? What should I look at ?
Is a Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan used to buy a second home tax deductible beyond $100,000?0confidence2012-11-03 06:41:28
Would a Home Equity Line of Credit or loan used to buy a home be considered a Home Aquisition Debt instead of a Home Equity Debt?
Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans online?1Vision/ Help2012-10-13 18:03:03
Wheres a good place to get a fixed rate mortgage loans money online ?

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