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Do I have to get a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift?0kieron2012-10-10 09:22:10
I'm tight on cash . My roommate is getting married , we're friends , but not great friends , I am actually closer to her boyfriend who is also my ex . ( Friends , but not great friends or anything. ) She does not have a lot of friends and invited me to her bridal shower. I'll go with a gift , but I need a wedding too? It lent a lot of decorations for your wedding ( plants, lights , etc of my own home )
She owes me money do i still buy her a gift... bridal shower is in 3 hours need answers fast plz!!?0Paige2012-10-15 09:05:16
my friend needed money for a security deposit when she and another friend of mine moved into a new house . i paid him $ 125 five months ago had paid 50 then started talking about how she should resoponsibility roomates to pay the rest . has since left the house and got the tank . she talks about other ppl pay again then she calls and asks about 200.00 to go to a concert ! I said no, of course , but now she 's getting married . the shower is today! I write only a note saying she did not have to pay me the 75 and I do not think they ever bad back .. Is this right?
Bridal Gift?3Ms. Lisa2012-09-24 22:04:02
My friend has a wedding party , and I want to get a gift. I am a student , and with virtually no income , in addition to what my parents give me and school loans . This week I have to buy a suit for the occasion as well . But most importantly I have to buy my friend a gift. I have no income (and I'm out of work ) and a kind of guilt to ask my parents, as they were in a strong position at this time. What I can buy for 20dollars ? That's all I have left in my bank, after payment of school fees , textbooks, summer school fees extra . But my last $ 20 , I need to buy a wedding gift . Any ideas ? and please post a link to the stores selling these items ( must be a Canadian store ). oh yea no online order of things, which are often too expensive! Or just give me some ideas: -P, a lot , thanks!
Using wedding gift money wisely?1Candi2012-09-21 03:00:03
We have received about $ 3,000 for wedding gifts . People have been giving us cash because they own our home and do not need much more for our home . MedlinePlus We have been at odds over how to spend the money . Part of us wants to spend as fair , shopping and a little vacation and have some fun with money (which are usually pretty frugal and tight on cash due to student loans , children , mortgages , etc.). MedlinePlus The other part of us wants to spend caring for the little bit annoying bills , ( we have several small bills outstanding for a total of about $ 4,000 - amounts paid montthly in them ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We're thinking " Never has money to spoil ourselves or children , you spend it ! " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then , the next day we thought " Oh , it would be nice to not have these small bills ! " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think , and if you have been in a similar situation , what did you do ? MedlinePlus We are leaning more and more towards the idea of using it to pay bills , which saves us some $ interest , and a little money each month because we will not be doing a lot of small payments ... I think that's the best idea, my husband is more about planning on how to spend spend spend! We're not really argue about that , just discussing what would be the best idea ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks for the help !
How should I spend this $10,000 cash wedding gift to better our circumstances?1Melbut2012-10-25 03:45:02
1) I owe $ 1,275 in credit card with 23% APR. The minimum payment of $ 39 per month. MedlinePlus 2) I owe $ 8500 on a credit card with 12% APR. Minimum payment of $ 166 per month. MedlinePlus 3) rent house 2 bedroom for $ 1100 a month, utilities are $ 600 a month. We each get $ 350 a month for gas, food, pet food, haircuts, toiletries, or $ 700 a month total. MedlinePlus 4) We make enough money to meet our needs and provide $ 300 a month for savings / emergency (however, this includes dental bills, car repairs, etc.) MedlinePlus 5) Our cars are 10 years old, but reliable for being so old. MedlinePlus 6) We have a total of $ 15,000 for retirement in IRA. MedlinePlus 7) I have student loan payments of $ 275 a month, currently patience MedlinePlus 8) We have twins on the way, and I'm a SAHM on a tight budget MedlinePlus 9) I have a credit score of 650, largely due fraudt because I'm having difficulty getting removed from my record. MedlinePlus 10) The hubbies credit score is below 400, and although I think he owes around $ 12,000, I'm not sure about that. MedlinePlus 11) Its use is very reliable, but is unlikely to receive a sudden influx of cash like this again. He earns $ 45,000 a year, but we have great medical benefits and a 401k 1% matching. This comes to $ 3000 a month after medical, 401k and taxes are taken out. MedlinePlus 12) I owe $ 2000 in taxes this year, but in the coming years will have to pay in taxes. MedlinePlus 13) The amount of savings available we have now is $ 2000. MedlinePlus 14) You will get enough of a raise each year to at least cover inflation. MedlinePlus 15) Hubbie is 46 years old, I have 32. MedlinePlus 16) I will start working again doubling our revenues in five years, but until then there will be almost no chance to stock pile cash. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My thought is that I must pay $ 2,000 in taxes (I worked as a nanny and not paying my taxes at work), and that the $ 1,275 credit card by 23% naturally. That leaves about $ 7000. I'm tempted to put at least half of this into something very available (as our savings account) to buy a new (probably used) vehicles in the near future. I am tempted to use the money to start paying credit cards hubbies that are years old and would be happy to agree sweet to see some green on him after nearly a decade. He has a decent credit would be very, very useful, allowing us to buy a house, finally, get a loan for a car, etc, it is quite impossible for us atm. Or paying my student loans now ... or payment of almost all of my Discover card account. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think we should do with this money to improve our situation given our circumstances?
Wedding present question: which couple should get a pricier gift?1Larry2012-08-09 09:08:43
1 . # 1 niece and her boyfriend are in medical school . Because of their massive student loans that can not afford a wedding. They escape , so that no one in the family attends a wedding. Newlyweds move into a small apartment near the university cheap furnished with hand -me- downs from their parents. 2 . Niece # 2 is a corporate executive, and she marries a billionaire. We invite the extended family , and 1,000 of his friends and business partners for a wedding that costs at least $ 200 per plate. The bride and groom own a fully furnished house . 3 . Ni - you receive a gift of the same dollar amount . The genesis of this question is a trend that I observed in the Wedding forum . Brides who are planning to run away have asked if you can create a record. There seems to be a groundswell of support to the idea that couples who elope or have very small weddings do not always deserve gifts because their families snubbed by not throwing an event. There is also a growing faction that seems to believe that a guest is obliged to give a gift of sufficient value to cover the cost of the dinner reception . What do you think of this?
Wedding present question: which couple should get a pricier gift?2Gygy2012-11-05 05:46:02
Scenario for consideration. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Cousin # 1 and her boyfriend are in medical school . Because of their massive student loans , they can not afford a wedding . They get married before a justice of the peace only with their parents in attendance. Newlyweds move into a small apartment , cheap, close to university furnished with hand -me- downs from their parents . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. Cousin # 2 is a corporate executive , and marries a billionaire . They invite the extended family , and 1,000 of his friends and business partners for a wedding that costs at least $ 200 per plate. The bride and groom MedlinePlus each homeowner fully furnished . MedlinePlus 3. Neither - get them a gift of the same amount of dollars .
FHA mortgage, gift letter and paying the gift back?0Chatwin2012-11-04 01:47:07
I have applied for an FHA mortgage; the lender just called me to ask if I ommitted any accounts on the application because I don't have any reserves. The only reserve I would have had - the ability to borrow from the vested bal of my 401K plan - is going to be gone because I need to borrow the down payment and a portion of the closing costs from it. If I had a relative give me a gift of the down payment, and then sign a gift letter - I am completely prohibited from ever paying that person back? As in I don't take the 401K loan, I get the gift and gift letter, and then I take the 401K loan at some time in the future to repay her???
No save the date/last minute invite for a wedding..should I give money/a gift?7Terrence2012-11-04 23:04:02
My cousin is getting married in less than a month. Looks like a shotgun wedding . I received an invitation via text yesterday. Do not save the day . No formal invitation. The room was not even book yet . I have two other wedding next month , a baby shower , and a vacation to come. I'm broke and my budget is stretched very thin . I live on my own, pay their own rent , car , insurance , student loans . We are a very small and I expect at the wedding . I'm not sure how much I can afford to give .. or can ... and I'm just beginning to stand on my own feet . Oh I paid all my credit cards and cut them into pieces . What should I do ? I'm so stressed .
Is it OK to gift money as Christmas gift?0Cristal perez2012-08-27 22:03:02
I have the intention of giving my BF $ 2,000 to clean your car loan as a Christmas gift . I am also giving other small gifts . We are in a ratio of 3 years and we have engagement rings. What do u think ?
What would you do if you got a gift of $15,000?0bharat2012-10-12 04:36:12
If you have a : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Mortgage = $ 20,000 @ 3.99% MedlinePlus Federal student loans MedlinePlus = $ 15,000 @ 4.5% MedlinePlus No other debt . No credit card debt , no car loan , etc. There is a tax credit for student loan interest. The mortgage interest deduction depends on whether or not you itemized .
How do I thank God for his gift?0Mondrea2012-09-30 05:01:03
I know this may sound crazy to some. I have always believed in God, but never had any real faith until recently. A few days ago I began to realize that my life was not improving. I was expecting something to happen, but realized that I'm not making things happen. I have not been able to find a good job because of my past. Nothing horrible, but I did spend some time in jail, that was a mistake I made when young I thought I was in love with my first girlfriend that just hit me later. That was 6 years ago. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Today I work from home and make online sales. Recently, sales have been slow. I want a better life, so three days ago or so I've downloaded the Holy Bible in audio book to my iPod. I would listen in bed before going to sleep. I can understand when reading for me to read it myself. I kinda lost when I read it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, today I knew I had a payment of 3 days late. I did not have enough in my account. I thought the only way was to get enough to get a small loan from a camera of my family members. I took the camera this morning, but I snapped out and I realized what I'm doing. I remembered the Bible tells me to have faith that God knows what I need. So I said I would not do it. I started to go home. As I left home I decided to call my own to make sure they still had the number that I knew was there. To my surprise there was more in my mind! Almost $ 100 more! I began to mourn a bit in my car. I thought that somehow an order should have left, I began to think that God had sent me an order online. I rushed home to see what it was that someone had ordered. To my surprise, once again, there was no order. Only the extra money that had appeared in my account. I called to see if there might be an error in my account, but was told it was not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the first time something like this has happened to me. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a gift from God. Some have told me it's just a coincidence. I think not. I am a full believer in the Lord. I do not even feel that I deserve this gift you have given me today. I thank God for this gift, but I'm not sure what to do. If any of you have ever had anything like this happen to you, I believe him! What to do to thank God? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And yes, I'll keep listening and following the Bible every day. I feel God has answered my prayer and help me change my life.

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