When a person brings an item to the pawnshop to obtain cash the transaction is considered? related questions

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When a person brings an item to the pawnshop to obtain cash the transaction is considered?0bejoy2012-10-10 07:26:31
a collateralized loan b MedlinePlus custody loan c MedlinePlus an unsecured loan sale agreement d
Selling item at a pawnshop?0sammy boy!2012-08-24 03:30:04
Some time ago , I took my old ipod to the pawn shop and claimed back / cash loan paid before the month ended, but now I 've realized that I do not need it anymore. Do not know anyone who wants to buy and it is older, there have been no serious offers to buy online . I was wondering if I could sell to a pawn shop ( the same place or difference ) if I had committed once?
Can you buy an item to pawn for cash?0taize2012-10-04 07:09:06
My boyfriend has lost the job and is now living on the street and need 500 dollars to go home . He suggested that I do this to help you get back on your feet . MedlinePlus He sugessted I can buy an item on credit to pawn for cash. Unfortunately , I lost my job and am living with my parents . I have borrowed money before , but now I do not know another way to help .
What’s a Cash App Transaction History? 02022-04-08 05:43:59
What’s a Cash App Transaction History ? we are going to discuss cash app transaction history is where all your payment transactions, sent and received, are stored. It’s grouped by month and contains the details of every transaction you ever made.  In Cash App, transaction history and account statement mean the same thing. Also, your monthly account statement is available within five business days of the new month. for more information visit us our blog: Cash App Transaction History – Can You Delete It 2022?  
What is the APR for a loan where the cash price of the item is $1300, they require a down payment of $150.....?0economyst2012-10-05 19:42:09
What is the APR on a loan in which the spot price of the item is $ 1300, which require a down payment of $ 150, and you make 24 payments of $ 62?
Can you sell an item at the pawn shop and just get cash the same day for it, and i dont mean a loan?1arindom2012-09-20 15:21:04
Can you sell a product in the pawn shop and just get cash the same day for him , and I mean a loan ?
Has anyone done a "fast cash" (payday loan) transaction? Advice/reccomandations for someone considering it?0Terrae2012-10-15 19:57:35
I have to do this, but I prefer the contributions of people who have .. both positive and negative experiences welcome .
Who owns the car? The person who's cash pays for it or the person who is down on the logbook?5Lorie S.2012-10-14 08:03:03
My former partner bought a car with a loan from the bank specifically for that purpose. But his new partner took his cash down and got his name on the register . Now about to break and he is saying it is to keep the car , but he belongs . How is she tries to keep your car and stop him from stealing it ?
Why cant a person with poor credit (580-600) obtain a loan even with a cosigner with great credit?2Lucky 42012-08-27 18:16:02
I have good and I have some bad on my credit. Negative debt is less than $ 1000. I have a car in my name always pay on time . I can not get a mortgage , a consolidation or a personal loan , even with a cosigner . They all say that both people have to have good credit . WTH is a guarantee then? Should I refinance my land contract and can not because of this. I thought that while I consolidate my car and use a little more power couple pay medical bills on my credit. NOPE
Explain the process of starting an online pawnshop?0ramin_1637 2012-09-27 11:42:03
hello , my name is John and I'm 18 . After graduating from high school, I just discovered a passion for the operation of a business. I generally have had difficulty following simple instructions in school , but also has intelligent ideas on how to solve solutions , and has the ability to think creatively out of the box . I had the idea of ​​an online pawnshop where I would take my current capital of $ 6,000 and pay a portion of it so you never need in exchange for an article of yours that would be used as collateral and is equal the value of my loan , and either pick interest in the future , or if not I still would enforce contract and resell the article . All this would take place online that imply a convenient way to make easy money . my earnings come from interest received, the resale of items that I have received through interest payments failed , and the sale of advertising space on the website . My inventory could be in my college dorm room , or my storage room in my house . While I have the ideas and vision , I admit that lack of logic and common sense step by step process to get this started . any expert out there who can give me either the answer or even suggestions on how to get this started ? Thank you.
Is it considered "paying cash" if you buy a car with a auto loan from a bank?0mhkjuvhyg2012-10-09 23:19:52
Let's say you take out a loan of $ 8,000 from Chase and give me a check / wire me the money . Then take this money and tell a dealer " I am ready to buy with cash ." Do I get a discount or that banks issue a car loan directly to a single supplier ?
If i get a loan on a vehicle and take the check to the dealership, is that considered to be the same as cash?0Fitzgeral2012-09-27 13:13:05
trying to buy a new truck . I passed through my credit union , but do not want to spend what the seller wants for the truck . I think it would be the same to them . They are not funding anything for me and get the full amount in advance ... get them off their books and serving . Only needs clarification.

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