I need a car loan, but my credit isnt good enough!?

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Wells Fargo has the lowest interest rates , but my credit report guy fucking my husband because of his debts in the past ( grr ) . Financers you care abut your credit report usually have crazy interest rates . MedlinePlus My credit score will not go up to seven years , I have learned , and am buying an SUV , so I need an auto loan . Is there a place out there that will accept bad credit , but does not have huge interest rates ?
Answer1EvaAnswered at 2012-10-26 02:48:03
There are so many options now to finance a vehicle . First go to a big dealer nonnegative beneficiaries . Lenders like HSBC are willing to take a risk . Make sure that the interest rate will be high , but after a year you can set up an appointment to have it changed to a lower rate . A high interest insnt year will hurt both . It is only temporary to get your foot in the door . I did one year of your vehicle payment without missing payments actually works in your favor. Plus it also up'd my payments for 5 months and then had to return to normal. That helped me ... After a full year you can have re - assest . And interest rates will be reduced at a good low price you can live . Come next time you will get the interest rate you want. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also make sure that the name of her husband is not on the loan . They look at the social security number ( security number ( if I remember correctly states that is the correct name for it) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You want to rebuild your credit . It cost a bit , but ultimately worth every penny .
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