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Private student loans without a cosigner? UNIQUE QUESTION!?1ramin_1637 2012-10-12 01:04:02
I hope that last part was at least something that catches your eye. MedlinePlus Now that I have you, I want to explain my situation . In short . MedlinePlus I am a junior in college , the first two years were paid by my parents in the community college. My first semester at my new university has been paid (I was able to do this in monthly b / c it only took 3 classes ) . MedlinePlus For my last three semesters , however , I would take 6 classes per semester to graduate on time . MedlinePlus NOW . I can not apply for FAFSA far as I know , b / c he refused . I would have to report the income of my family at home , it appears falsely inflated b / c of a large sum of money that was left by my late grandparents . This money belongs to my uncles as well , but simply have not yet been distributed . So on paper, we're rich , but in reality , this is totally false MedlinePlus . My parents will not pay tuition around, nor will co - sign . Do not want to ruin their perfect ( literally ) the credit on my wishlist absurd little for education . MedlinePlus SO , I am left with only the option of taking a small private loan to cover at least half of my tuiton . IS IT POSSIBLE ? ! Am I , in fact, eligible for FAFSA even though they seem to have a lot of money ? MedlinePlus I have a full time job and earn an annual salary . I have not much credit , however , being so young . Just drive and telephone payments . THANK YOU VERY EXPENSIVE .
Private student loans with bad credit and no-cosigner??3kristie2012-11-04 08:39:02
im entering my first year of nursing school . , Which is quite expensive . I have no job right now because school and need a private loan . I have Stafford loans , but not enough to cover all costs . Not sure about Sallie Mae . Does anyone know of any private lenders that deal with bad credit and no guarantor ?
Private student loans with bad credit and no-cosigner??1.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2012-10-11 15:38:03
I am independent , working full time , and went to his first year in college full time paid it out of my pocket , but stopped for a while, because the cost is too much. MedlinePlus I'm going into my second year of flight school . , Which is very expensive . I have Stafford loans , but not enough to cover all costs . Does anyone know of any private lenders that deal with bad credit and no guarantor ?
I need to consolidate private student loans without a!?0murrali2012-09-25 15:02:04
So I'm trying to consolidate my loans studnets and learned that cosolidate to my private loans I need an endorsement . Since we do not have anyone to cosign for me this will be a problem! My question is ... Is there any company / company / bank that will consolidate private loans without a cosigner or is there any way around this ?
Can you receive private student loans without a cosigner if you have good credit?0inny2012-10-26 10:22:14
see above
Are there any private student loans that accept applicants with bad credit with no cosigner?0By Lana2012-09-22 09:54:03
I have exhaused my options fededral loans for the year , I have co-applicant credible , not poor enough for grants ... I'm trying my hands aa few scholardhip awards , but I need the money before September. I work on my credit rating , but it takes a while ... The solutions / answers ? ? ... I'm thinking personal payday loans , but that would only create more debt that I do not want .
Desperate for a second chance at going back to school and denied private student loans, don't have a cosigner.?0Blythe2012-11-04 23:48:10
I went to a private college for almost two years when I realized I was wasting tons of money on Bible credits I would never use, so I decided to take a year off and figure out a great school to go to with a Music Business major. I set my sights on The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, MN. Everything has been going great...except for my student loans. I have about half of tuition covered my Stafford loans the only thing is, the school isn't an eligible school for several student loan companies. My adviser has been giving me several different ways to get private loans and I have been denied by three places, and twice with a co-signer. My parents have the worst credit right now due to their specific jobs that aren't doing well in this economy. I fell a little behind on my student loan payments from my past private school but have communicated things with them and have set up small payments each month, but I am still being denied these private loans due to my credit score. Please help, I couldn't be more desperate in finding a way to pay for my tuition and this school. Classes start July 27th and I have been working non-stop trying to find new ways of getting there. Thanks!
Federal Student Loan Question... If a cosigner or guarantor passes away, are the loans forgiven?0zane2012-10-19 14:33:29
Please reply . If you have a test or an online reference ... Can you take an online response ........... thank you very much .
More question about private student loans?0Delneisha2012-11-03 16:56:44
I need private student loans for this upcoming fall semester. I already did my FAFSA, but I know for a fact that they probably won't cover at least half my tuition. But my one main question is, if I start signing up for a private student loan now, would that affect the amount of other financial aid I receive? For example, if my school gives out need-based grants, and see that I have private student loans, would they give me less knowing that I have other forms of aid? Or does it work the opposite? Do the financial aid office first determine how much they will lend/give me, and then the private student loans determine how much I'll need to borrow from them after the amount I get from other forms of aid is determined? Is there anything else I need to know about private student loans before I sign up? Is there like a good book to read about it or something that can prepare me for it? thanks in advance
Question about private student loans?0Ellio2012-10-26 14:41:06
I'm going to Kent State in the fall and I need private student loans . Under the new health plan that passed I will still be able to get private student loans ...
Private Student Loans Repayment Question?0CRR2012-08-06 23:29:47
I have about $ 50,000 in federal student loans , and consolidated. But I have another $ 70k in private with two lenders who can not get consolidated. I tried several times and if you can still get a positive decision, the interest rate and payment is too high ( thanks recession ). And right now, full payments each month are enormous. I spent periods of interest only payment . So I'm thinking about this. Sending a $ 50 fee for each private loan for the rest of my life , like it or not. I have read online of $ 50 a month keeps you out of default and the legal ramifications . Now I know will trash my credit card , but at least , keeping the federal to date , can not get my annual tax returns or make attachments, etc. . So basically , I would put in a kind of private payment always forced . Anyone know if this will work ? Or how it could be a success.
Quick question about private student loans?0toponymy2012-11-02 07:18:33
I just found out that due to a screw up, I will not be receiving my federal financial aid in time to accept my classes this Fall, but I should be getting it (unknown amount) sometime during the semester. My fees are about $3,800; I don't have that laying around. What's the best place to get a student loan in about that amount that I'd be paying back fairly quickly? I know many banks offer private student loans, but which one will be the best to work with in terms of being approved, the amount of money I can get (minimum and maximum), etc? Basically, what has been YOUR experience?

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