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How to finance pilot training?0AshLee2012-10-09 19:15:14
Hello, MedlinePlus I am a native Austinite (Austin), I am also in high school (or something) I more than likely to change soon online courses. I recently started investigating local training programs for pilots and ways to pay for them. He previously worked as a technical support representative. for companies like Road Runner, Frontier, and HostGator, I have been working with my family since I was 13. Now I have almost 17 years and seeks to realize my goal of becoming a commercial pilot. I know I can get my private Cert, IR at 17 and had a year to get my commercial cert anyway when I would be eligible. I will most likely do the construction time with my chosen school after earning my CFI and CFII. During the construction process while attend Austin Community College and transfer to a four-year college after my stay in the ACC. This will also allow every so often build while I pursue my degree. I will have a Bachelor of Science in a related field and try to get a job at a regional airline. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So to my problem, AAoA ( has an accelerated program and I fell Sally Mae. I did my parents would be able to get a private bank loan (not to mention not qualify for a credit card that does not have credit and a minor who has terrible credit.) Http :/ / sounds well aside from the high interest and the fact that it would be difficult to pay and the fact that I get all the flight certificates in a row. I have no problem leaving the city and going to the ATP for accelerated program except that no one in Austin and I will be 18 to 150 days, so it would not be enough to not private certs / IR. I do not mind leaving the city to go to Dallas, I have family there and can easily take care of my own needs. I might be able to have another family member co-sign but if I do MedlinePlus'll have to be sure of the "best" way. MedlinePlus I can wait and go to ATP in Dallas 150 days before my 18th birthday (approx) gives me time to concentrate on my studies. Then I could use their funding and go to college with scholarships and loans typical. Money is tight otherwise I think I have the details of "where" and "how" to solve. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Open to suggestions, and please tell me if any of the above is wrong. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Brian B.
Are there any airlines who sponsor pilot training? Or who give sign on bonuses that I can put towards my loan0Zach2012-09-29 11:06:02
I've heard of easyJet , British airlines cathay sponsor help, but I do not qualify for easyjet ( and is still $ 60k ) , did not find any information on BA and Cathay is a jip . I've found a fast track program where I live commercial pilot and private part of all totaling $ 69,990 in 5-6 months ( ATP ) . Is there a better deal out there ? Or something for the same cost that includes a title ? Spring, TX
Service job for pilot?0Iva2012-11-03 21:34:46
I was wondering if anyone knew if there are any public service jobs for newly minted pilots? ... ratings are private, instrument, commercial multi and single, cfi and cfii.... Was wondering about student loan forgiveness and service work?
Becoming a pilot in India?0Opanyin2012-09-16 11:13:08
hi guys ... I'm a sophomore b tech .... Interested in becomin a pilot .... totally sick of ENGINEERING ... after some research on the net i see coming 2 da dat u need 2 learn disburse around 6 lacs for gettin a PPL and 20 for a cpl in flight schools as Rajiv Gandhi da academia etc in India ... nw dats a huge amount, but I 've got 2 knw dat r bank loans in these institutes offerin .. i wanna knw ... MedlinePlus 1) Do I need 2 hav a lisence students or sth like dat jus institutes or exam score gives way and join da inst ... MedlinePlus 2) wt abt da da kinda loans available and payment options ... 3) Approx gives career opp ? I heard frm d packets go 80k for fresher lacs to 3 or 4 per month for an experienced pilot .. And hows da da placing Indian Institutes ... MedlinePlus 4) I heard dat u can get a PPL and cargo planes fly den and single-engine airplanes and gain experience as U give more flight hours U can request a compl ... but I guess the quality of jobs fr gives a PPL holder dat is not good ... Neways weight possible opportunities rd ppl a headline ? 5) Approx qualifyin da exam ... hav heard dat og is gk and iq questions and questions based on navigation , etc. .. meteorolgy ? exact details I can give ? MedlinePlus And more information is very helpful b ... MedlinePlus Thanks in advance guys ...
Tell me about becoming a US military Pilot?1Deidra2012-09-03 18:30:03
Ok , a little background information. I am a greater increase in the mechanical engineering degree and have a GPA of 3.45 major / general. I feel at the time I graduated I can bring up to 3.6 or 3.7 . For some years , I have taken an increasing interest in joining the army after graduate.A professor of mine told me about the Navy BDCP that, after speaking with a recruiter, is closed at this time. I guess what this post is about is to get information from people who know . I have a realistic chance of making it through the selection process and in flight school with my qualifications and technical background ? I've been working 30 hours a week while attending school full time during the last 3 years, if it has any bearing on the decision ( work ethic? ) Apart from the ASVAB , and ASTB , what other requirements must be met before entering flight school ? And also , what happens if sent to the government school, and then elected not to go on the road aviator. Can you assign a new " profession " by the lack of a better word ? The Navy is the way I'm thinking of taking at this time due to the amount of repayment of loan will I get compared to the other branches. I'd rather pursue a career as a driver load / support in a fixed wing aircraft , helicopter aviation but is something I'm seriously considering. All resources would be helpful ! Thank you !
Question for poor pilot graduates?2 Love `` tiank , Percent, 2012-08-17 13:45:31
This is for flight instructors and pilots from regional airlines : I'm about to graduate from college with a salary of flight instructor (you know what that means ). I have about 85 thousand in student loans, I need to get a car . Does anyone have trouble renting a car or getting a car loan on a used car has a black hole in your credit? Any information on how to help finance a new car, pay rent , student loans, and other expenses? thanks
Is a pilot (ATPL) a rich persons job.?0peter lynch2012-11-05 17:38:47
Iam in the uk london. I applied for a Bsc course in Aerospace Technology with pilot studies. But i know the cost of becoming a Professional pilot is around
Opening small business as a pilot?0heatherly2012-09-12 00:13:05
Hello , Since the days of youth who always dreamed of becoming a pilot . Now I just graduated and I can not decide what to do more . The thing is that I really do not think I can qualify for ATPL and work for companies Airlines . So what comes to mind next is to go to Australia (now im living in Lithuania ) and get surveyor diploma because there seems to be a need for them in Australia . What happens is that I do not want to do that for the rest of my life . My plan is to work in the inspector until I can earn enough money to finally do what I start . What comes to my mind is to open a small business with my own airplane . I think any type of work including flying a plane would be fine for me . My questions are: 1) What is the best country to obtain the CPL ( money is the top priority issue ) ? 2) What type of business would be cheaper to fly in open ( parachutes , agricultural operations , other ) ? 3) What country are opening small businesses could fly cheaply as possible ? 4) Can you get a loan to open a business ? 5) How much will the plane? 6) Is it possible to do business with planes marked as "experimental " (say parashuters drop) ? 7) Let's say you live in a temperate climate zone and work on a farm or as parashutes dropper , what to do in the winter ? Is there any benefit for non- season time ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your answers ,
Army Helicopter Pilot (WOFT)?0Gweedo82012-08-14 08:29:02
Hello I have 23 years and I'm talking too much about a reqruiter WOFT join . I'll give some background. I will be completing a degree in health administration in December 2010. I have not much community service or nothing. I would love to do and that is WOFT about the only way I would also be in the army. I talked to reqruiters navy and air force, and my GPA is too low for consideration in their flight schedules . I was the captain of the successful sports teams and I think this could help with acceptance. I would like the opinion of someone who has gone through the process WOFT , that I might know of someone who is not a recruiter. I have some questions I would like answered by someone who has. 1 . Are my good chances of being accepted ? ( I think I can do with all the physical requirements and pass the academic tests . ) 2 . What kind of lifestyle? 3 . How old do I have to sign up for college loan repayment ? 4 . Like it?
Can anyone recommend a credible helicopter pilot school in southern california?1alannah2012-10-11 20:54:03
I live just outside of Los Angeles , so it is preferable to a local school . Also, I can get a student loan to cover it, and a student loan to cover the payment of my car , or do I have to sell ? Where did you go and what you recommend ? must be PPL , IR , CPL , CFI , and CFII . Thank you !
I wan to be an airline financial condition is poor.can i get bank loans without mortgage?reply fast?0sahmit2012-08-31 20:57:02
I 'm being an airline india.i pilot.but my financial situation is poor , I have loan.i bank mortgages have searched for the sponsorship program , but does not suit me.I do not want to go through military or air force . please help me help me faster.which aeroclub for bank loans without mortgage ? awaiting reply.can i borrow money from anyone ? or any other organization ?
Seeking an educational loan .I've to finish my Flying course Commercial Pilot level .Will repay 100% Intrest0Akhona2012-09-11 00:24:03
Would be in a position to pay at the end of a15 month duration course

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